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Summary: Jerry's death upsets Andy more than it should. Why? Because they were cousins. They were best friends. Except no one knew, except for Frank.

A/N: The beginning of this story is mostly the conversation from the beginning of 3x10. It has been modified for this story.

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Loss of a Friend

The funeral had just ended and Traci was kneeling in front of Jerry's tombstone. Noelle, Sam, Nick, Chris, Dov, Oliver, and Andy were all gathered around as well.

Williams says, "The service was beautiful."

Chris adds, "Amazing turn out."

"Chief spoke really well." Dov mentions.

"Yeah, yeah, amazingly well. I almost didn't know who he was talking about. What a noble death, what an outstanding citizen. Just the thing is no one was actually talking about Jerry. Jerry..." Oliver explains.

Noelle mentions, "Jerry, who liked to go for pedicures with his mother."

Andy adds, "Jerry, who vouched for me with the under-covers."

"Jerry, who proposed to me by engraving it on the back of a knife. And this is Jerry." Traci says. "Oh my God."

Noelle mentions, "I gotta go guys, Frank is in the car with the baby."

"I'm going now too. See you guys at the station." Nick comments.

Sam puts on his cover and then walks away from the group.

Oliver, Chris, Dov, and Andy knelt down next to Traci.

Chris mentions, "We can stay here all day if you like."

Ollie agrees, "Yeah, yeah, cause you know what today's a good day. It is. It is. Tomorrow is going to be a mu...much different day. Yesterday we had the wake, today we had the funeral. Tomorrow there is nothing left to do. Tomorrow we are going to wake up and the world's going to expect it to be like any other day."

"Yeah, but that is the thing. It isn't just any other day. It is the start of many days with out a fellow officer. With out my best friend's husband..." Andy trails off, "I gotta go. I'll see you guys later." as she quickly walks off.

Dov asks, "What's up with that?"

"Same as the rest of us." Ollie supplies.

The next day Andy was making sure Traci was alright and that she was going to eat before heading into work. She arrived and headed for the locker room to change, but all she could do was stare at the uniform knowing the last time had worn it Jerry was dead because her and Sam checked out a dead end lead and Jerry went alone. She couldn't be there today, so she left the locker room and went to find Frank.

She saw him in his office and walked up there, then tapped on the door. A few moments later he signaled for her to come in. Frank asks, "McNally, how you doing?"

"A lot better than Traci is." Andy comments.

Frank mentions, "Jerry was your cousin."

Andy agrees, "Yeah, except no one knew. Which is why I know I can't be here today around all the officers with their I'm sad for Jerry faces."

"That is understandable. You are suffering a loss too. You need time to mourn the loss of a friend, the loss of a family member. You two were close except you never told anyone." Frank goes on.

"We never said anything because he didn't want anyone here or higher ups to see it as a conflict of interest. Jerry always looking out for me. He was looking out for both our careers. It wasn't any coincidence that I ended up at 15th." Andy states.

"Sam and Ollie?" Frank questions.

Andy says, "We kept everyone in the dark. Traci doesn't even know. You are the only one."

"Don't you think you should tell them?" Frank asks gesturing at the officers filling up the parade room.

"Maybe later, but right now they are all feeling for Jerry. So I can't add this to their emotions." Andy mentions.

Frank states, "Maybe you are right. Telling them would be the wrong move and I know we can't possibly understand what it feels like to lose your best friend and cousin. The two of you left together twice a week and no one thought the relationship was anymore than a ride since you guys lived in adjacent apartment buildings. But it was closer to a brother sister bond if I've ever seen it. Take a few days and clear your mind. Sam, Ollie, and Jerry they were brother by bond, but the two of you are bonded by blood. It has gotta hurt."

"It does. We were both head strong, which is why we butted heads sometimes. If I had just listened to him and gone with him to check out the cab driver none of this would have happened." Andy says.

"You don't know that." Frank replies.

"Do I?" Andy questions as she walks out of the office and then out of the station and into The Black Penny.

She took a seat at the far left end of the bar. She sat on the stool that Jerry always sat upon when he came in with Sam and Ollie until he parted ways with Traci.

Liam looks at the only customer in the bar arriving at 9 in the morning. He has a look of confusion of his face, but then slides a beer onto the counter in front of her.

Liam asks, "Tough day?"

Andy answers, "Tough week."

"Wanna talk about it?" Liam asks.

"I'll pass for now." Andy replies as she pulls out her phone and reads the last text she received from Jerry for what seemed like the billionth time. Two simple words. Help cuz. But she and Sam arrived too late.

About an hour later Oliver wanders in through the front door of The Black Penny. He walked straight in and sat down somewhere in the middle. Liam pulls out a beer for Ollie and places it in front of him. Liam says, "The only thing that I can think of that brings two cops to my bar at this time in he morning has to be the death of a friend. Jerry was just that kind of man."

"Two?" Ollie questions.

Liam points to the end of the bar. "Got here about a hour before you did."

Ollie picks up his beer bottle and heads down towards where Andy was sitting. Andy notices someone else's presence next to her and looks up to greet their eyes.

Andy says, "Ollie, what brings you here?"

"I should ask you that." Ollie states.

"You know why." Andy mentions.

"Actually I know why I'm here. Jerry was my best friend, well beside Sammy. Couldn't afford to be around all the people mourning his death when they barely knew him, or the people just moving on like nothing happened." Ollie explains, "Now what brings you here Andy?"

Andy pulls out a couple pictures from her pocket, "Jerry never told you guys. Frank is the only one who knew. Jerry is...was my cousin. Never told anyone because it looked like a conflict of interest to have us at the same station. He was my best friend. And now he is gone."

Ollie picks up the two photos. The first one was of a younger Jerry and Andy. The second was of them, probably from a few months ago.

"I'm sorry Andy. I had no idea." Ollie says, "To our best friend." lifting his beer bottle. Andy does the same and they clink their bottles together.

A few hours go by and Noelle comes into the bar carrying her baby girl in her arms along with a brown paper bag. "Frank said I would find the two of you here. Thought you could use something to eat."

Andy offers a smile and Ollie says, "Thanks."

"Question, why are both of you already drunk and its barely noon." Williams comments.

Andy answers, "Easy. Jerry."

"Can't be around all the people mourning him who barely knew him or that are already moving on." Ollie supplies.

Williams encourages, "And there is a piece of the story we are all missing her, isn't there?"

Ollie and Andy share a look. Andy nods then Oliver slides the photos closer to Noelle. Noelle picks up the bent photos that were on the bar. She saw that both were of Jerry and Andy. She flips them over and sees Jerry's writing. They each had a date and said me and cousin Andy.

"You two are cousins?" Noelle asks.

"Yeah, his mom is married to my dad's brother. My uncle." Andy replies.

Noelle adds, "Can't imagine this is easy."

"And that's why I'm drunk and it's barely noon." Andy comments, "It's not easy for anyone."

"How long did you know him?" Noelle questions.

"Practically my whole life. The picture there is from my 14 birthday. My dad was working and uncle was out of town, so I virtually had no family to celebrate with. That's when Jerry knocks on the door. Had a box of pizza, some chinese food, a half gallon of chocolate ice cream, and a 6 pack of beer. He drove up from the academy that day. Spent the night having fun. Best time of my life then. Always talked about you guys too." Andy explains.

"And to his credit he never mentioned that you guys were cousins because of the way higher-ups would have ran with it. Turned it against you guys and made it into anything it wasn't." Noelle states.

"Right you are." Andy mentions.

It wasn't too much later that Gail and Traci came in and took seats next to the others.

Back at the station Chris and Dov had been clearing out Jerry's desk. They had boxed everything and were at the door of Frank's office. Chris gave a light knock on the door and waited for Frank to wave them. When he did so they set the two boxes on a chair in the office.

Dov begins, "Everything has been boxed. Is Traci coming by later to get the boxes? We can save her a trip."

Frank shakes his head, "They weren't married yet so everything goes to his next of kin."

"Who?" Chris asks, "We can drop the stuff. No need for them to come out here."

"I'll take care of it." Frank responds.

"Are you sure, because it is no trouble at all." Dov adds.

Frank pauses, "Well actually, I do have this paper work I gotta finish before heading to meet Noelle at the Penny. I guess it could save me a trip. His next of kin is his cousin, Andy."

"McNally?" Chris questions.

"Yes, thank you boys." Frank adds going back to the paper work. They pick the boxes back up and go to put them in Chris' car before changing.

While in the locker room Dov asks, "Did you know they were cousins?"

"Andy never mentioned it." Chris adds.

"Wonder why?" Dov says.

Chris adds, "She must have had a good reason for not telling us. You see the way higher ups always look at Gail because of her affiliation to her mom or dad or brother. Same thing they already look at her because of her dad, Jerry probably didn't want the same thing happening."

"I guess that is true." Dov says.

They both head for Chris' car and then he drives to the Penny.

The guys walk into the penny and see that everyone is pretty much already there minus a few that were still hung up at the station but would be there shortly.

The guys head over to where Andy was sitting next Oliver. Chris says, "Andy, do you think I could get a word."

"Sure." She says very drunk. "Ollie I will hurt you if you touch my beer."

Oliver moves his hand back from the bottle he had almost picked up.

Chris, Andy, and Dov step outside for a moment.