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Mariah Hillson, 37, was found dead in her own house last night after a neighbor called the fire department when she saw her friend's house in flames! Witnesses say that they were horrified when the police announced it was an intentional fire set to hide a possible murder.

Makima Hillson, 13, was also pronounced dead because neighbors also noted that they saw the girl enter the house about an hour before someone saw the house catch fire.

"We were able to find the mother's body," commented fire-chief Watkibs, "but we couldn't find the young girl. We fear that the fire consumed her completely before we could save her."

Family members and friends were heartbroken when they received the news! Ms. Hillson was a well known astrological scientist who also recently studied in reversing mutation affects from nuclear explosions. Makima was well liked at the local middle school near the Hillson's home and was on her way to becoming a martial arts champ in the state competition that is to take place next month.

The funeral plans are set for next week….

Michelangelo felt his stomach drop as he walked away from the others; he just couldn't take the pain that was aching in his chest. His brothers started to go after him, but Master Splinter held up a hand to stop them:

"Let him be my sons, we have all suffered a great loss."

One month later: National Martial Arts World Championship.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the final round of this year's NMAWC," shouted the announcer at the NYC Stadium, "so far we have seen some amazing talent from all over the globe, but it's now down to our final two contenders! All the way form S. Korea... it's Shang Chu-Quinn! And this year, representing the U.S.A... it's our own... BLIND ANGEL!"

The audience erupted as the two fighters took the stage. Shang was a young man at the age of 19 with crop-cut black hair, tan skin, possibly 6'1 and menacing dark brown eyes.

The young girl known as Blind Angel was quite a shocker to the audience that had followed the entire tournament. She was 18yrs and 5'10 with long dark blonde hair and had one green eye and one sea-blue eye; however, when she fought, she really lived up to her name because every opponent she fought, she fought them blind-folded. Although people questioned whether or not she was simply cheating, it was proven that she trained that way because heightened the other senses.

"Let the final round begin!"

The two fighters bowed to each other and Shang made the first move; Blind Angel felt the air shift around her, and she ducked as her opponent's leg went over her head. She took the chance and kicked Shang's other foot out from under him, causing him to lose balance, but he did a back-hand spring and both of them repositioned themselves.

The audience watched in anticipation as the young fighters continued for ten more minutes; when it looked like Shang was about to beat the girl, Blind Angel did something that no one saw coming! She ran at Shang, jumped over his shoulders and pulled a mid-air Snapping Dragon's Tail causing the boy to be kicked out of the ring.

"WINNER: Blind Angel!" shouted the ref.

The whole stadium erupted once again in shouts and clapping; the young girl took off her blind fold and went to help her opponent to his feet.

"That was a great battle Shang," she said pulling the young man up.

"You are a worthy opponent Blind Angel," he said walking with her to the center ring, "perhaps the best in the world."

"Didn't I just prove that," she said laughing innocently.

"I suppose so!"

They were presented with two medals: silver for Shang and gold for Blind Angel; they were also given a bouquet of flowers and cash prize checks. They were then led off stage into the waiting rooms where the contenders' families were awaiting to congratulate them. The only person that was there for Blind Angel was her father and sensei; he hugged the young girl saying he was very proud of her. She smiled up at the man who had taken her in and taught her everything she knew.

"Is this your family angel," Shang asked walking over.

"Yeah, this is my dad and teacher," she replied.

"Anthony Heart," her dad said shaking the boy's hand, "you have excellent potential Shang, but watch for what is blind to the eye…anything can be used to your opponents advantage."

"Thank you very much Sensei Heart," Shang said bowing to the man.

Mr. Heart and his daughter were walking out the door to their hotel when she heard someone calling her back. She saw Shang running up to her and told her dad she would catch up.

"What's up," she asked.

"I know this is gonna sound weird," he asked nervously, "but would like to hang out tomorrow? My family and I are going to stay in the states till the end of the month."

"Sure," she answered, "here's my cell number. And maybe I could train you a bit; you were a little slow on that last move."

"You're so funny," he said sarcastically but he did smile, "it would be an honor to train with the world champ."

"Great! I know a place across the river that's deserted so there won't be any distractions. Meet me at the antique shop on 22nd Street at 6 on Friday next week and then we'll go train. until then, we can just hang out and get to know each other better."

"Okay! Um, would mind telling me your real name? It's kind of weird to keep calling you 'Blind Angel'."

"Well then, I guess we should reintroduce ourselves since you're 'asking me out'."

"Alright. *ahem* Hi, I'm Shang Chu-Quinn."

"It's a pleasure Shang. My name is Makima Heart-Hillson!"

They started walking towards the hotel and they were holding hands.

i wonder what will become of this?! will Kima go with Shang? or will her past catch up to her?

Find out in the next installment of: TMNT: Michelangelo's Angel!

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