Special Victims Unit

Chapter 1

It's been two years since Alfred joined the force and has seen his share of gruesome, painful, sad, and ugly crimes. He currently was in a stake out with Arthur, since this guy was accused of raping a little girl and burning her body while she was conscious. They had been trailing this guy for weeks, they were going to have insomnia after this case.

"So what week is this".

"Week 6, I'm tired". Arthur said with a yawn.

"You can sleep and I'll watch, promise to not tell Ludwig".

"I-I can't do that, what if you fall asleep".

"I won't, I can stay up for a while". Alfred smiled at Arthur. "I'll wake you up if the guy moves". Arthur gave up and leaned his seat back, a few minutes later he was asleep. "Sleep tight".

Alfred stayed the rest of the night but the guy never came out of the building, Alfred started giving up hope when the man walked out. He was wearing a big coat and a scarf. "Arthur-Arthur". Alfred said tapping Arthur's arm.

"Hm". Arthur let out and opened one eye to look around. When he saw Alfred's face he remembered where he was and shot up.

"You take the wheel I'll follow in pursuit by feet". He said and got out of the car and Arthur switched seats. Alfred began walking as Arthur drove past him and blocked the street ahead. He waited for the man and Alfred, but that never happened. There was a explosion down the street and Arthur jumped out of the car. He ran down the street till he found what was left of the man and far away was Alfred laying unconscious.

"ALFRED". He yelled and ran toward his partner. When he managed to make it over to Alfred he notice the cuts on his face. "Alfred love wake up". Arthur slapped the boys cheeks, but he didn't even twitch so Arthur grabbed his phone. While it rang he check Alfred for a pulls and breathing.

"911 how may I help you".

"I need a bus on Nyo street, officer down I repeat officer down and non responsive". Arthur hung up and laid the Americans head on his lap. "It's alright love, just breath alright". This was the third time Alfred had gotten hurt first it was a knife to the shoulder, then a gunshot to the thigh, and lastly this one. Once the ambulance came and the two rode to the hospital, the next day Alfred was awake and Arthur right next to him.

"Hey Artie".

"TWIT YOUR SUPPOSE TO STAY A DISTANCE AWAY". He said and smack Alfred across the head.

"I was but then he turned around and bam".

"You got hit with the blast, he had a bomb".

"That's a new one". Alfred said and sat up.

"Boss wants to talk to you". Arthur said and called Ludwig. "He's awake". He gave Alfred the phone after listening a bit.

"I vants you to take a few days, a veek or two, go visit Matthew and your Aunt".

"Are ya sure".

"Positive, oh and I need to tell you somezing in private. Can you come to my office vhen they release you".

"Uh sure, but what it about".

"Your father".

"Oh-what about him".

"I think it's best if you come in and Ve talk".

"I'll come now, if he's out".

"He's not…you just need to come in". He said and hung up.


"What's wrong". Arthur asked seeing his partner as he had four years ago.

"My dad, I need to go to his office". Alfred started to climb out of bed, scaring Arthur.

"Alright, let me get you out of here". Arthur left to sign Alfred out of the hospital. After painfully putting his clothes Alfred walked out the door and ran into a nurse.

"Oh Detective Jones, your boss has ordered a blood test". She said and with a raise eyebrow Alfred sat down, he rolled his sleeve out and waited for the woman. She brought the tray from outside the door in and had a needle, connected to a tube, and into a test tube bottle. "Hold still, you'll feel a small pinch". She said wrapping the rubber strap around Alfred's arm. Alfred flinched as the needle sank into his delicate flesh and blood started leaking into the tubes. "There you go, all done". She said and sealed the tube, bandaged Alfred's arm, and rolled the tray out, passing Arthur. Arthur raised an eyebrow as he walked in to the room to see Alfred rolling his sleeve down.

"Ready to go Jones". He asked and Alfred ran over to him.

"Ready Artie". He said and they walked down the hall. "Ludwig said I am to take time off and visit my brother, so I think I'll do that".

"Well have fun you fool, don't get your ass blown up, shot off, cut up, etc. you understand".

"Yes sir Mr. Artie sir". He said as they climbed into the car. "When I come back I want a cake".

"I'll order pizza". Arthur said and hopped in the driver seat and Alfred climbed in the passengers seat. They had a long conversation about the dinner they're going to eat when they're done filing. The drive was over with only majorities of bumps and gasps as an affect from the injured boy.

"I think I don't like bombs". Alfred said as they walked into the precinct and split ways, Arthur going to his desk and Alfred to Ludwig's office. Three heavy knocks on the door and a call to come in put Alfred at the spot he was now.

"Aw Alfred, shut the door". He did as told and took the seat in front of Ludwig's desk. "I'll get right to the point…Alfred your Vater has HIV". He said and Alfred's eyes shot up widely.

"W-What…does that mean".

"I had your blood drawn and taken to the lab, bad news is ve von't know for six to 13 veeks so I vant you to go visit your bruder".

"Uh, alright when".

"Now, go home and pack up-first plane to Canada". He handing Alfred a plane ticket.

"Alright Ludwig, I'll gather my stuff can you mark me down".

"Already have". He said and Alfred left toward his desk.

"Alfred, what do you want for lunch". Arthur asked as Francis poked him.

"I have to go, I'm on vacation time".

"Well what did the Captain want".

"My dad had HIV so he had me test, that's why I'm going on Vacation".

"Oh I hope you won't have it love". Arthur said with a small smile.

"Yah me too, I'm going to visit my brother for a few weeks. See ya when I get back". He said and grabbed a bag, running toward the down elevator. "SEE YA LATER GUYS". He said with a wave and hopped on the elevator. As the door closed the other elevator door flew open and a boy dragging a blonde girl in by the hand waltzed up to Arthur.

"HEY VASHIE". Gilbert yelled and the boy glared angrily at him.

"Sir how may I help you".

"I vant to report rape of my schwester". He pointed to the girl hiding behind him.

"Alright come with me". Arthur said and showed the two to the conference room. "When did it happen".

"A-A few nights ago".

"Alright do you know who attacked you".

"I peaked, I wasn't suppose to but I did".

"Alright I'll get a sketch artist". Arthur said and walked to the door. "FELICIANO COME HERE".

"SI ARTHUR". A small Italian jumped into the room and almost knock Arthur over.

"Sketch the perp she describes".

"Si". Feliciano sat down and pulled a sketch book out of where ever.

"Well he had square glasses, and kind of empty eyes". For the next hour they took statements and drew the picture, then two other came in complaining of rape a few nights ago.

"We'll call you in when we have suspects". Arthur said to Lili and sent the two toward the elevator.

"Excuse me". A woman yelled running up to Arthur and she was crying.

"Miss what's wrong".

"I-I was just raped". She said and Arthur decided to take her to the hospital with Feliciano, this was going to be a long night.

"Please describe him señorita". Feliciano said sitting next to her in the hospital.

"Well I didn't see him, but I saw his eyes. They were so empty".


"Blue, ocean blue". She said in a daze.

"Well that matches the others detail of his eyes".

"Lili's the only one with a good enough description to actually do I visual line up". Arthur said outside the room to Feliciano.

"Si I'll start gathering suspects".

"You have to wait till DNA test come back and I don't think that's going to happen soon".

"Ve- Why",

"B-Because Alfred had a test done and it will take a while to process, though I can ask for a rush on the DNA".

"Ve~ sounds complicated, what kind of test".

"HIV, his father had HIV so he's checking because of being born with it and all that rubbish".

"Are you worried". He asked opening his eyes.

"Pfft not for that twit".

"Don't lie". Feliciano said and ran off.

"FELI". Arthur yelled and ran after the Italian.


It had only been three days and Arthur missed his partner, he was starting to think he should take a vacation. Arthur was currently throwing darts at a dartboard with a picture of Francis on it in the lunch room, suddenly Arthur's cellphone rang. He boredly picked up the phone and answered with a bored 'Hello'.

"Hey Artie, hows it going". Alfred's voice rang through the phone and Arthur's lips were pulled up into a happy smile.

"Well we've had a lot of girls come in calling rape, they've all said the person had empty blue eyes".

"The only empty blue eyes I know is Berwald, but there's no way he's a bad cop".

"I know…your test isn't in yet".

"Are you worried".

"Well I don't want you to die, frog face would be my partner".

"That's cool".

"So how's Matthew".

"He's alright, he's got an audition for a club coming up".

"That's great…how are you feeling".

"Great, my bro has been waking me up every morning".

"Sorry about that love but it's not my problem".

"You're mean…well I got to go, just wanted to talk see you in a few weeks".

"Alright twit, see you then". Arthur said and hung up before returning to his darts. Francis walked in on cue as a dart hit his picture.

"Ow". He said rubbing his cheek.

"What froggy".

"Nozing, just checking up on you. Who was on the phone, was it Alfred". He said with a wink.

"Yes it was froggy and-". Arthur smarted off to the Frenchman and this caused a silence to be made between the two. Suddenly the silence was interrupted by Arthur cellphone ringing in his hand.

"Oh~ is it your partner again". Francis said with a perverted tone, getting a glare from Arthur in return. Arthur held up is phone to Francis and glare.

"It's an unknown number". He said and answered it. "Hello Arthur Kirkland speaking, how can I help you".

"Cop scum stay away from my sex life, or I swear you'll become the main focus". A husky voice said and then hung up.

"Uh-". Arthur carefully lowered the phone with wide eyes and began to shake.

"Oh". Francis notice this and ran over to his ex-partner. "Mon Chéré what 'appened, who was it".

"I-I think I just got threatened…by our rapist…on my cellphone". He said still shocked that he got threatened on his personal phone.

"Oh-stay 'ere, I'll go get Captain". Francis ran out the door and down the hallway to the captains office.

"I think I'm going to be sick". Arthur said as Francis ran back into the room with Ludwig.

"Arthur Vhat happened". Ludwig asked putting hand on Arthur shoulder.

"I got an Unknown caller and when I answered he told me to stay out of his sex life or I'll become the main focus".

"Francis take him home tonight, don't let him go alone got it".

"Yes sir".

"D-Does anyone have Lili's file". Arthur said and Ludwig held it out to him in the pile of files.

"Ja, here you go".

"I think I'll take the rest of the day of and read this". With a nod from Ludwig both males walked out to gather their stuff and then leave for Arthur's home. Once at his house Arthur shut the door in the Frenchman's face and went upstairs to the bathroom. It had already turned five in the night and he was taking a bath before eating. While he drew his bath he covered all the windows and locked the doors incase the froggy got in again. When he started to unbutton his shirt there was a crash in the den next door. Arthur quickly grabbed his gun from it's holster and slowly exited the bathroom. He slowly moved to the right, approaching the den he slowly put his hand on the doorknob. Within second he had ripped open the door and switch from left right. After detecting it was safe to proceed he turned on the lights and saw the vase broken on the floor. When he looked at the table it had resigned on he saw his green bunny on the table.

"Fuuu, Mint Bunny you scared me". He said and picked up the rabbit. "How do you always get out of you cage". He said and then remembered he left his bath running and ran back to the bath.

When he got done with his bath he went directly to his room and fell asleep once he hit the bed. He wore some old punk shirt of his and black with gray plaid, and laid on his silk sheets. He laid undisturbed until something broke in the room and he sprang up only to be forced back down. He wrist were gripped tightly and smashed against the bed, making him gasp in surprise. He looked up to see a man with a mask over his face, but his eyes stuck out the most. They were blue with a stare of dullness, Arthur knew at once who it was, the rapist that called him. The Rapist sat with both legs on each side of Arthur and sat on him so he couldn't escape.

He lowered his face to Arthur's making the young detective flinch and shut his eyes. Arthur gasped when he felt hot air blown into his ear and tried to escape,

"I warned you scum cop now spread your legs like good victim". He said with a chuckled and Arthur gasped louder as a hand gripped around his groin. In these few moment Arthur took his now free hand and punched the perp across the face, which bought him enough time to grab his phone next to him. "You fucker I was going to go easy on you, I'm not going to even do that". He said and forced Arthur's legs open.

"AH". Arthur cried out but was stopped when lips forced themselves on his and a demanding slid into Arthur's mouth.

"Beg me to stop detective Arthur, giving up isn't fun". He said after taking his mouth away a few centimetres and started pulling up Arthur's top. Arthur finally pulled another strength pull and bit his lip. "UGH". He shouted and covered his bleeding lip. Arthur hit the first speed dial button he could before he was pulled off the bed and thrown against the wall.

"AH". He gasped as his caller picked up.

"YO ART DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS". Alfred yelled through the phone and then he heard a crash. "ART". He yelled scared.

"You fuckin". He heard someone say and heard a pounding sound.

"ARTHUR WHATS GOING". He yelled as Arthur was force onto the ground and the perp spread Arthur's legs, that were bent up, apart and laid in between them.

"ALFRED". Arthur got out as he was trying to break free. "HELP YOU TWIT".

"HOLD ON". Alfred yelled and jumped out of bed, taking off as fast as I could.

"UH". Arthur yelled as his shirt was striped off.

"You know I hate you the most you police whore, flaunting your perfect body everyday". He said and went right to biting Arthur's shoulders.

"AH ALFRED". Arthur yelled and shook in fear as tears made it to his eyes.

"Give up you can't win".


"STAY OUT OF THIS". The Perp yelled and busted Arthur phone in his fist after taking it off the floor next to him. Arthur gasped as The Perp ripped the button off of his pants. "Beg".

"Alfred". Arthur said and gritted as a hand gripped his inner thigh.

"Beg for me to stop…ha by the way your shaking your a virgin. I'm going to enjoy this". He said and pulled off Arthur's pants. "BEG". He yelled and scratched Arthur stomach with his nails.

"AH". Arthur gasped and too scared to move anymore so he stayed in his spot as his boxers were pulled down.