"Richard, Richard sweetie it's time to eat."

Martha called out to her son, hoping he was listening. She entered his study, dark and gloomy, as always. She walked up to his desk and found him staring motionlessly at the ceiling, his lips forming words and sentences, soon to be forgotten. A smile came across his face that didn't quite reach his eyes.

""I saw them all today, Mother. The detectives Ryan and Esposito, Kate and even little Alexis. She grows up so fast you know? Bigger every time I see her." he smiled, a bit dreamily.

Tears formed in her eyes, as she reached for her son.

"Richard, darling we've talked about this. You need to stop doing that! Stop going off to imaginary worlds. I need you here, with me.

This small speech, and the sad smile that decorated her face caused him to stand up.

"Alright Mother, let's go eat."

The pair walked over to the small table. Martha excused herself as she rose and entered her own room, picking up the phone as she went. As the phone dialed the worry lines across her face became more and more apparent.

"Doctor Hatcher? It's Martha Rodgers. I'm calling about Richard. He's getting worse. I don't understand this disease at all. It's like he's not with me. Like he never was."

The mother stood at the phone with tears streaming down her face. Her little boy was disappearing into worlds she would never quite understand, no matter how much time had passed.

Richard eagerly waited for his mother to leave before he got up from the table too, not knowing what was happening to her not far away. He closed himself up in his office before he grinned and greeted his friends.