Before I got my own computer, I guess you could say this was my very first Nyotalia fanfic… As well as my first AmeriPan… It's an independent story… I worked on it on paper (I got one page) but I got a lot more inspiration now… Plus female Japan is cute!

Sleep Deprived

America had been going to the bar a lot lately. He would have a few drinks, but he would never get lucky… Perhaps because he didn't find anything of interest. Well with the exception of on girl… She was Japanese, he could tell because he picked up basic Japanese from Japan. He could recall the first night they both met.

"Konichiwa America-san!" She wore a cute short kimono and had a grade A zettai ryouiki (those thigh-high stockings). She was cute with porcelain skin and short black hair. She reminded him of Japan.

"Hey… No offence, but how do you know my name?"

"America-san no daisuki!" She clung to him.

"Um…Okay…" He didn't seem to care, this girl reminded him of his close friend (Although Japan didn't go around making random declarations of love in Japanese). "Why don't I take you back home?"

"Yada… Oni-chan no daikirai…" She spoke of a brother, who she hated.

"Well if you hate your brother so much, why don't we go back to my place and get rid of that hatred? We can watch a movie."

"Hai!" She shouted.

They ended up spending the night together, even sleeping in the same bed, but America didn't touch her. He only agreed to let her sleep with him because she was so clingy and insistant. When he woke up, however, she wasn't there…

"What the hell happened to me?" America asked, putting his glasses on. She left nothing for him to remember her by. She mentioned her name was Kikuri Toyota, but that was all. He got up to use the bathroom, brushing his teeth and washing his face when he discovered a hand from behind the shower curtain.

"Holy crap… Is anyone there?" America hurried up to open the curtain when he found Japan, sleeping and almost naked except for the kimono he was wearing… WAIT, A KIMONO? "Oh don't tell me…" America picked him up, laying him down on the floor. "Please don't tell me he's dead…"

He paced around the room, trying to remember the basics of CPR. "Allright, I guess I have no choice." America tried as best as he could, doing everything he learned in CPR class. Japan didn't wake up though. Upon inspecting the body of the Japanese man, America remembered more about the girl. The kimono she wore the night before was short and pink. The kimono Japan was wearing was white and longer than the traditional length.

"What am I gonna do if he's dead?" America said, performing the procedure one last time. "Come on, wake up already!"

"Ameri…Ca…" Japan woke up, looking up at America. However he had a weird tast in his mouth. "Hory crap no…"

"What's the matter?"

"You store it…" Japan got up, turning away from the American. "Those kinds of interactions are sacred…"

"I did save your life, right?" America got up, hugging Japan from behind. "I thought you were dead… How did you end up in my bathtub anyway?"

"America-san… Prease don't touch me…"

"I'm sorry." America backed away, butt bumping into the sink. "If I offended you, I'm sorry."

"What did you do to wake me up?" Japan asked nervously.

"Basic CPR… You know, mouth to mouth, kiss of life."

"Oh no… That's bad…"


"That was my sacred first…"

"Oh… I see." America didn't realized he stole Japan's first smooch… "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I thought you were dead in my bathtub."

"Gomenasai America-san. However you have to take responsibility." Japan held the American's hand rather shyly and nervously.

"What are you talking about?"

And suddenly, America found himself living with Japan.

A note about Japanese culture. It's not common to show public displays of affection unless people are really close to one another. So Japan viewed his first smooch as a sacred and important event. This point can be proven in that episode where Italy hugs Japan (however I recommend the subbed version of that episode, where the subs for Japan's lines read: "No, it's my first time" rather than the English dub where he said something along the lines of "No what are you doing?").