Onyx Meets Blue

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Its Sasunaru Don't Like … Do I Really Have To Finish That?

A Little Bit Of Kibanaru But It's Sasunaru! So Put Down That Knife!

In This Naruto Has Fire Affinity Cause Of The Kyuubi

On With The Chapter.

I poked my head out from my under my covers glaring heatedly at the object keeping me from sleeping, the worst enemy I ever come upon.

My alarm clock.

It just sat there blinking it's digits in my face almost mockingly, I groaned and flopped back down on my pillow rubbing the sleep out my eyes with the back of my hand. I better get up since I have School today. I got up and walked towards my bathroom going to get freshened up for the day ahead of me.

I sighed stepping out the bathroom steam escaping behind me, I was fully awake now. An ear splitting grin crept its way to may face and I went to my drawers digging through it looking for my favorite orange jumpsuit. I pulled it on put on my sandals and ran out the door heading towards the Academy. I sped through the village ignoring the shouts and glares that were sent my way 'Sheesh don't they have something to do or anything'. I raced passed a store with Ninja Outfits in the display glass, I skid to a stop doing a quick backtrack and heading back towards it gluing my face unto the window. I stared at the outfit smiling brightly 'Hehe I want that' I thought. "Hey! Go away! No window-shopping! Only indoor shopping".

"Sorry old man! Maybe another time" I said getting back on track going towards the Academy so I won't be late. I raced in the school heading straight to Iruka sensei's glass intent on getting there early for once. I busted in taking deep breaths before raising my hand and uttering a "Present" grinning.

Twitch Twitch

"Naruto!" I looked up blinking. "You're late! Take your seat" Iruka said with his arms crossed and a twitch in his eyes. I cringed and stalked off to my seat plopping my head onto the desk cursing myself for being distracted. I tensed feeling eyes on me (Yea I'm awesome like that) going on my instincts cause they never failed me before, I looked behind me seeing onyx eyes staring at me intently. I blinked before sticking out my tongue at the bastard, which he scowled and looked away from me focusing back on Iruka sensei's lesson. I looked back ahead listening to Iruka sensei.

"Now we will be doing the clone jutsu please stay seated and we will call you when we're ready. Stay put" Sensei said before walking out heading across the room.

I repeatedly banged my head on my desk pleading with what ever God out there to help me through this while my inner chibis were scrambling around searching through file cabinets and clutching their heads trying to find something to help me out with. I was doomed.


"Uzumaki Naruto"

I sucked in a good set of breath before sauntering out to my impending doom. ' I sucked at the clone jutsu'.

"Okay Naruto Go"

I tensed and formed the correct hand seal before shouting out "Clone Jutsu!"


I looked to my left rubbing the back of my head sheepishly "Hehe Uh …"

"YOU FAILED" Iruka exclaimed.

"Come now Iruka the boy has potential won't you just give him a chance?" A man with silver hair said. He was sitting beside Iruka. I looked at Iruka with a hopeful expression silently pleading to him to do what the other man says.

"No Mizuki I can't do that I have to treat Naruto the same way as my other students" Iruka said with a depressed look in his eyes staring at me.

"I see" The man Mizuki said. I put myself together willing myself not to cry and stalked out the room.

I sat on the swing idly kicking my feet hearing the faint harsh murmurs the adults were saying about me. Curse my good hearing I swear I was like a fox or something.

My instincts told me someone was approaching me so I lazily looked over my shoulder at who it was. It was Mizuki. What was he doing here? Shouldn't he be with Iruka Sensei or something?


I sat on the forest floor breathing heavily, I was wasted. I heard a thud and looked seeing a very annoyed face. 'Hehe he found me'.

"What the hell are you doing Naruto!" Iruka sensei shouted me.

I merely grinned up at him "You found me Iruka sensei". He raised his eyebrow at me. I wonder what he's thinking.

"Naruto what were – Look out!"

'Huh' I looked to my left seeing a giant shuriken heading straight towards me I squinted my eyes shut waiting for the sound of my flesh cutting or the horrible pain but all I got was the sound of it but no pain. 'Maybe it was a quick kill and now I'm dead' I thought before it sunk in that dead people can't think! "N-naruto" I snapped my eyes open and stared into the eyes of my sensei. "Are you okay" He whispered, I was going to answer when a voice said "Why Iruka? Why would you protect that demon boy?" I looked up and saw Mizuki looking at me with those eyes that everyone looks at me with 'W-what's going on here'. Mizuki started to chuckle which sent a shiver down my spine "No matter I have to kill you anyway along with that demon" he sneered.

"Don't call him that!" Iruka shouted anger laced with pain evident in his voice. I looked at Iruka awestruck 'My Hero' passed through my mind at that moment.

"What is he talking about?"

"You really want to know"

"Don't tell him Mizuki! It's forbidden!"

Chuckles "The reason why everyone hates you is because you are The Ninetailed Fox! You're the demon Naruto!" Mizuki shouted.

I froze and quick as a flash I ran away from the scene. I ran deeper into the forest wiping my eyes from the tears that were clearly trying to drown me. 'I won't look back I won't look back' I thought as I ran further into the forest.

I fell to the ground slumped on a tree cradling myself and still crying. Curse this day. At that moment I heard Mizuki and Iruka talking 'How the hell did they find me'. Then I heard Iruka.

"He's no Demon, He's Uzumaki Nauto The World's Knuckle Head Ninja!" Iruka shouted proudly. 'Hmm that has a nice ring to it'. I quickly leaped out from behind the tree and kneed Mizuki right in the face sending him a few feet away. "If you ever lay a hand on my sensei I'll kill you" I said darkly and was that a growl. Mizuki snickered at me getting ready to attack. I formed the correct Hand Seal and cried "Shadow Clone Jutsu!"


About one hundred clones of The Naruto Uzumaki surround Mizuki all of us grinning and might I add I was totally good looking. We all jumped forward attacking Mizuki.


I rubbed my head sheepishly "Maybe I overdid it a bit". I walked over to Iruka checking for any injuries but all he did was smile 'Must be hysterical'.

"Iruka sensei are you okay" I asked him.

"Yeah, come here Naruto and close your eyes" I nodded and went towards him my eyes closed. "Open them" I opened my eyes and looked at Iruka, where was his headband? I thought, I felt my forehead and felt the cool metal there. "You Passed!" I will right now say I didn't cry those where manly tears dammit.

"Arigato Iruka Sensei!"

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