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Meant To Be

Strong arms tightened around Harry Potter's waist and a feeling of guilt came crashing down on him.

He dragged his right hand down a long, muscled torso and sighed against soft lips. Said lips pried his own open and he asked himself when things had changed so drastically.

He was gently pulled closer as his long fingers went up to pull at a strand of blond hair. The boy in his arms moaned softly and he knew it wasn't supposed to have happened this way.

Harry wasn't supposed to have broken up with Ginny the day he returned to do one last year at Hogwarts.

Slim fingers came up to undo his tie, trembling slightly so.

He wasn't supposed to have been ok with the fact that his supposed enemy had been returning as well.

Harry pushed the hand away and hastily pulled his tie over his head, letting it fall onto green bed sheets.

He was supposed to have done his best to avoid him.

Harry broke away and moved to press hot, open mouthed kisses along the boy's jaw.

He wasn't supposed to have sought his enemy out to return the wand he had stolen.

Harry let his fingers trail down the blonde's torso again, feeling him shiver under his touch. He hesitantly took the edge of the boy's shirt between his fingers, tugging at it slightly and indicating what he wanted.

Harry wasn't supposed to have apologized so genuinely for taking his enemy's wand in the first place. Nor was he supposed to have felt warm inside when said enemy had forgiven him.

The boy in Harry's arms pulled back for a moment and pulled his shirt over his head, discarding it without sparing it a second thought while Harry fallowed suit. Their lips met again, this time the passion between them burning with a greater intensity as their bare chests pressed together.

He wasn't supposed to have stopped to talk to him in the hallways or studied with him after school.

Harry felt himself being pushed down against the bed frame and his breath hitched as he felt hands brushing along the waist band of his dress pants.

He wasn't supposed to have spent his free time with his enemy, flying or going to Hogsmead together.

Suddenly there were no articles of clothing between them and every nerve in their bodies was on fire, pressed flesh against each other from head to toe.

He shouldn't have started calling him by his first name, or smiling at him from across the Transfiguration classroom. He shouldn't have begun sitting with him at the Slytherin table, or taking him back to the Grifindor common room, or buying him a Christmas present, or getting one in return.

Most importantly, he really, really, should not have snogged him senseless in that empty potions classroom.

Nails scraped along Harry's hips and his bright green eyes were dark with desire.

They bore into large pools of grey floating above him as he arched up. Breathless gasps soon turned into loud cries of pleasure as Harry Potter became undone in the arms of Draco Malfoy.