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Michelle was really excited; she finally met someone else who shared her love for cryptids! Looking in the envelope, she found what was promised and a small piece of paper with an email address. She called down to her mom asking for another 15min and then got on her laptop; punching in the address she sent a quick message just to see if it worked.

Zak walked into his room after training with his dad and noticed his computer beeping. Sitting his desk chair he unlocked his computer and noticed an email pending. Clicking on the icon, he saw it was a chat room.

Is this Cryptid boy?

Yeah. Who is this?

Oh good it worked! It's me, Michelle!


Oh great cryptids! I'm sorry! I meant Fairy girl, your pen pal!

Oh Hey! So my letter got to you?

Sure did! So since I slipped, I think it's only fair you tell me your real name!

Ha ha, it's Zak!

Well, it's nice to 'meet' you Zak!

Same here, Michelle; so what are you up to?

Not much, I just got back from the animal shelter I volunteer at.

That sounds cool!

Its lots of fun! There's a secret room where we nurse cryptids too! But don't tell anyone; the town where I live doesn't want outsiders knowing!

Don't worry, secret's safe with me!

Thank you so much! Listen I have to go, but can I talk to you tomorrow?


Ok! Gotta go, bye Zak!

See ya, Michelle!

Both preteens logged off their computers and went back to what they were doing. Both agreed that it was the start to an awesome friendship. They emailed and wrote to each other for a whole month; however, Zak's adventures to find Kur began and he never got to email Michelle back for a long time.

Time skip 5yrs:

"Mom, I'm back," announced 16 yr old Michelle. She was 5'10'' now with waist length golden hair and still had the same silvery-blue eyes she inherited from her dad. She had finished all the courses in the elite school at 14 and was working towards her degree in cryptid science and vet tech at the nearby university.

"How were classes today, Michelle," her mom asked from the kitchen.

"Same old, same old," she answered sitting at the bar counter. Zuzu came up and placed a furry paw in the girl's lap; she was now the size of a grey-hound, but easily hid from out of town visitors with her cloaking technique.

"I'm gonna go take a nap before dinner ok mom," Michelle said getting up from the counter.

"Alright, just be awake in an hour," her mother replied chopping carrots.

Michelle nodded and walked off to her room; entering, she flopped down on her bed with a sigh. Zuzu came in and settled under the bed causing a box of papers to topple over.

"Zuzu, you're too big to be under there now," the girl laughed picking up the papers.

Placing them back in the box, she noticed one had slipped out of her hand. Picking it up, she suddenly remembered the day she had gotten this letter. It was her first letter she wrote to her long forgotten pen pal, Zak. She remembered she tried hundreds of times emailing him, but he never answered. She finally gave up and never got back to him.

Debating against herself, she got on the computer and tried emailing him:

Hey Cryptid boy, are you there, it's me Fairy girl!

So will Zak answer or will this be the end of the story?!

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