"Hey guys! Did you see the new Battle of the Bands poster?" Yaya squealed.

Yuiki Yaya


Status: Crybaby

"Well I didn't pay much attention to it since I'm not gonna do it anyway," Utau replied.

Hoshina Utau (Disguised celebrity)


Status: Popular to low, for being friends with Yaya

"YOU'RE NOT!?" Yaya screeched.

"Yaya!" Amu yelled, putting her hands over her ears. "What's the big deal anyway?"

Hinamori Amu


Status: Popular to low, for being friends with Yaya

"Well, Yaya thought since you and Utau love singing maybe we could make a band," Yaya explained. "And also Yaya doesn't like everybody teasing Yaya and Yaya's friends."

"Yaya, call me Kira," Utau pointed to herself.

"I don't think she wants you to reveal her identity," Rima joined in, looking up from her gag comic.

Mashiro Rima


Status: Popular to low

"Hey girls, we're gonna make the most awesome girl band ever! It's called Saaya's Beauty!" Saaya interrupted, spinning towards them. "And it's gonna win! I'm gonna sing Meikyuu Butterfly and Black Diamond!" Her personal cheerleaders did a little dance and jumped up, saying, "Gooo Saaya-sama!" Rima rolled her eyes.

Yamabuki Saaya


Status: Popular

Utau and the girls looked at each other. Utau glared at Saaya.

"I'm not letting HER sing MY songs!" Utau exclaimed. "I mean look at her! She's- Ugh! Come on, girls, we're getting ourselves a band!" Utau started dragging Yaya, Rima, and Amu away. They stopped at the poster about Battle of the Bands.

"W-we'll have to a-audition…" Amu pointed out shakily.

"Just character change!" Rima said. "Such a baby." She murmured.

"Well… I'm not scared! Who said I'm scared!?" Amu exclaimed.

"She's acting stubborn again…" The girls sighed.

"Wait, wait. Calm down, guys." Utau pointed to the Band Requirements section. "There has to be at least one lead singer, lead guitar, drummer, and bass. Other instruments are accepted if the judges approve of them."

"Well drumming will be easy…" Rima muttered.

"All right, Rima can be the drummer!" Amu said. "I think I would like to be do lead guitar."

"Utau could be the lead singer," Yaya suggested. Utau nodded.

"I know how to play violin, too, if you need that," Utau offered.

"And Yaya knows some guitar! Yaya'll do bass guitar! I can also play some piano," Yaya said, getting excited.

Amu nodded. "All right then, so U- Kira will be the lead singer and also play violin, Rima will be drummer, I will be lead guitar, and Yaya will be bass guitar and sometimes keyboard, right?" Amu confirmed. The girls nodded. "So for the audition song…"

"Black Star?"

"Meikyuu Butterfly?"

"Black Diamond?"

"How about Haunted by Taylor Swift?" Rima suggested. The others agreed.

"But we'll need costumes, too. I want to surprise my audience, and I don't think we want to lose fans because of our social status," Rima said, calmly placing her gag manga back into her backpack.