This is just something that I based off a rp I did with my friends. And NO, I'm not letting ANYONE read the real RP. I played Nepeta, Kanaya, And Eridan (And Tavros and Equius but they aren't in this all that much). My friend Bri played Sollux and Terezi. And my dear friend Tay played Karkat, Gamzee…who the fuck else…? Okay, anyway, LETS GET THIS BITCH STARTED!

In a light forest, a girl slept quietly in a tree, Her green and blue cat ears drooping slightly, and a smooth matching cat tail hung limply beside her. Her short black hair laded upon her cheeks, brushing her sink lightly. Her clothing was a black tee-shirt with green and blue stripes on it and in the middle of it was a green Leo mark. She wore a blue and green pleaded skirt with black leggings underneath. On her feet were green and blue flats. Lastly was her large green trench coat. Her skin had a tint to it that made it look somewhat gray, and when her eyes where open, she had wonderful olive green eyes.

As she slept there, a boy dressed in yellow overalls and a black shirt with a yellow Gemini sign on it. He had short black hair and wore some type of glasses that had a right red lens and blue left lens. His shoes where mitch matched. The right one was black and left was white. He smiled at the tree and started to climb it. As he climbed to tree, he kept slipping and grunt, almost falling on his face a face a few times, if his 'twin' was here, he'd be laughing at the Gemini. Soon, the Gemini heard a growl.

" Get away from my tree, Sollux" The once sleeping girl, was now awake and not happy about it. Sollux. The Gemini boy, Looked up at the girl.

" Sorry Nepeta. But I thought the Cheshire didn't own any trees." Sollux looked at his Cheshire cat friend as she sat up and looked at him like a cat annoyed with it's owner.

"Sollux, Did you really forget what I told you? If I'm sleeping in it, it's mine till I leave." The Cheshire watched as he climbed and soon, he was getting closer to her. "Really Sollux? I'm going to laugh when you fall."

"I'm not going to fall Nep, okay?" He was soon right next to her and now facing her. She smirked at him.

"Yes you are, Want to know how I know?" Sollux looked at her, not understanding.

" How am I going to fall?" she smiled and then it hit him. " WAIT NEP!" but it was to late, she pushed him out of the tree. She nearly fell out of the tree herself laughing at him.

"Hahaha! I told you!" Nepeta climbed down from her tree and helped her friend up "Sorry Sollux, but it was just funny:

"Very nice Nepeta….very nice." Sollux turned to go away, only to run into his 'twin'. "Damnit"

….before this happened, go to the other 'twin' ….

The other 'twin' was sitting on a log. He had short black hair that was combed back and it had a purple stripe on the front. He wore purple overalls and a black long sleeved shirt with a purple Aquarius sign on it. He also had a blue striped scarf on and blue and purple sneakers on. His eyes were a purple color, but they were hard to see behind his hipster glasses. As he sat there waiting for his 'twin' to return, he read one of his books on science, he believed more in science then magic, even though he lived in wonderland. His 'twin' caused him much trouble, yet, they still where amazingly close. His 'twin' wasn't really his brother, it's just they got stuck together at birth, so they stayed with each other, being the best f friends. Soon, he closed his book, noticing that a good friend of his was coming his way.

"Yo! Gamzee! Over here!" a tall man in a purple top hat with a indigo Capricorn sign on it turns to the twin and waved. He was wearing a indigo purple suit with a rainbow of colors splattered on it. His pants had poka dots on them and his shoes were dark purple sneakers. This man was the mad hatter.

" Sup Eridan? Where's your bro?" Gamzee looked around for the other, but seeing that he wasn't there, stopped looking and turned his addition to Eridan.

"He went to go climb some trees, anyway, I've been meaning to talk to you….Something it up…" Eridan suddenly seemed to become more serious. Gamzee looked Eridan curiously.

"What's up? Is it bad?" Eridan grimly nodded his head and looked Gamzee strait in the eyes.

"The Red King is up to something, The other day, there was an order throughout the land, 'If anyone has any information about the where about of the Cheshire cat, Nepeta, You are report it, She is wanted for assault of the king.' What do you think Nepeta had done? I mean…She used to visit the king almost every day…now? She doesn't even the forest." Gamzee stood there for a moment, think of what he was told. Unsure what to do he finally spoke up.

"Lets go ask Nepeta what happened?" Eridan nodded and they soon found Nepeta and Sollux, Nepeta laughing about pushing Sollux out of the tree. Gamzee shook his head. "Nepeta, What did I tell you about pushing people out of trees?" Nepeta turned to him and shrugged, smiling happily, but is soon vanished.

"Hey Nepeta, What did you do to the King? He seems to be pissed or something…He sending out people to look for you." Nepeta froze, Her smile disappeared… she turned away from them.

"I didn't do nothing…He's the one who did something wrong…" And with that, she disappeared in a puff a green smoke, leaving her friends, with unanswered question, and worriment going through their vains.

Okay! Frist chapter done! I WILL write more to this… because I love how this is coming out Tay Bri…anything to say? (I was In the chat while I wrote this….)

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