Death After Bed Time.

This is being re written. It will be updated every week from now on

Warning this story will contain major violence. It may offend some people. You have been warned.

The Third Leaf Cycle Aka October.

My mother told me that he wouldn't hurt us. That he wouldn't harm us. I can only hope that it's true. I've only heard of the things he has done, and of all the humans that fell to his hands, and some of our kind to. We've tried to please him enough that he will take back what we called the harvesting, and we sometimes are foolish enough to believe it until it is to late. I don't believe it.

My mothers warm fur swallows me in a protective way. She knows what I'm thinking about. Every time I think of it, I don't sleep well. Its night for us, and all of my brothers and sisters are sleeping. My mother had seven of us. Four boys, and three girls. All they ever think about is playing and mother. They listen to her stories, but they don't know the real danger, I do. Sometimes I think that I am the only smart one. Mother purrs, but even that seems distracted.

"You shouldn't be out of bed.", Mother says to me with a soft voice, almost coated with regret like she knows something that I don't, "Or thinking of him. It will only give you night terrors of him."

She is always wright, but sometimes I can't help but doubt her. Maybe if we would worry more, than more of us will be living. I look up at her, "You would to if you where as small as me. You can fight back, I can't."

"That may be true, but what good would it do?" She sighs. "If humans fall by his hand I wouldn't stand a chance.", She said, with a nervous glance to me. I look down. "I have to go now. When I get back, then their will be a story of history."

I feel her fur leave me, and miss it already. She has always protected us and made sure that we where safe. My favorite thing about my mother is her fur. It always was warm and loving, even when we where bad. She was a better mother than some of the mothers. Some of them leave their child for the smallest things. Mother often says that the forest needs all the children they can get because of the harvesting and they are foolish for leaving them.

Mother stretches, and yawns. She starts to walk away with a grace that I wish I had. I have just started walking and haven't gotten good at it yet. Soon her image disappears, but my mine reminds me that she is close, as she always is. I wonder if I could hide in a tree and scare her. She would be so proud of me if I climbed a tree.

I look at a big tree in that was in the direction mother left. It was perfect! Climbing a big tree would make her even more happier. When really thinking about it, my brain almost makes me go back on my plan when my eyes see how far away it is. Even the closest tree was far away from the log I sat on. Doubt goes sets in and I wonder if my body will ever get near it. I have to try! If Mother can do it, and so can I!

My body comes up with a determined look on my face. I walk near the edge of the log, and like I had done many times with my brothers and sisters. My body falls off. Withered leaves broke and made much noise when I landed on my feet by luck. This was only the second time I landed on my feet, and this was less noisier than when I landed on my body, but it was still loud.

My body stays still to hear if my siblings woken up yet, and relaxed when nothing happens. I smile, and start to walk much more sloppy than mother. I was better than most of my siblings, well besides Pet but he is the youngest. He is the only one with a name, but we have to wait for ours until we are older. I can't till I know mine. Mother gave him his, and I really want her to give me one.

I walk more faster now. The knowledge that I need to do it before she gets back or I might get in trouble. I have to prove to mother that I can do this. Maybe she will give me a name then! By the time I am half way their, I am tired, but I keep going. I am almost their! Just a little more. This is the farthest from home any part of my body has ever been. I can't go back now. My siblings will all be so jealous.

I didn't here the foot steps until it was to late. I ran as fast as my body could to the tree when I see a orange tale, one like mothers but not hers. "Stop!", a male voice said. He appeared in front of me. I forced my body to stop running, and whimpered in fear. He was bigger than mother, but one of us. He had Orange grayish fur, and his eyes where like clear like diamonds. "Do you know what your mother would say if she seen you out here?", He asked.

"I-I thought she would be proud. I wanted to climb a tree for her", I stutter and tried to act brave like mother would. He hissed, and walked in a circle around me. Mother had to come soon, or he might hurt me.

"You fool!", he said then looked at me, "You mean more to your mother than you know. I don't know why I am even saving you when you will die tonight."

Why would he save me if he is trying to hurt me? I am starting to get tired, and walk out of the circle when he was waiting for a response and backed up. "Why will I die tonight?"

He laughed, "A harvest is coming. The signs are every where! Didn't you feel the need to stay up tonight?"

How did he know that? I nod, "Yes, but mother told me to wait for her to get back."

He shook his head, "I knew that she would do something like this. Where all doomed now. The least I can do is give you my blessing that you will live through this" He ran at me, to fast for me to excape, and grabbed my neck ruffly with his teeth. I thought I was going to die before I felt my self be lifted off the ground.

The world was a blur to me as he ran. My eyes close, not wanting to look when I feel my body get thrown upwards, but still the skin on my neck was in his mouth. I could hear his claws going in something creating a scratching sound. This happened for a few seconds before he let go of me.

"Don't run, or you will get hurt", he warned. I stay in the spot he sat me down at, and open my eyes. I see a blue gray sky, and other trees branches, but no ground. I look down, and see the ground beneath but I don't feel fear, only safety like in mothers arms. It's like all the the things under me can't get me. I smile a little, even though I have to sit in this spot on the small branch or I will fall off.

I can't believe it! My body is on the same tree I wanted on before. I forget about the orange one and the warning he gave me, and just enjoy the feeling of success. I can see how proud mother will be of me! I think up of names she will name me with a smile. I didn't even see the orange one leaving

I feel my mind drifting off to sleep when I hear my mothers cry of rage and mourning. I open my eyes and look far away at her small figure on the ground that is pacing. The muffled sound of her voice made me wonder what she was saying. My voice is excited when I yell to her, "Up here"

Her head looks up at me with relieve. She ran to the tree I'm in, and climbs it fast. Soon she is right next to me, "How did you get here?"

"I climbed!", I said smiling. She didn't look happy. Why wasn't she?

"What?", Her eyes close for a second, then opened them and shook her head. "From your sent you need to know the story of history that I have refused to tell you."

The air gets colder as she starts the story, "Once, when I was very young I had a brother, your uncle. His name I dare not speak so that he can rest in piece"

She looked at the tree tops, which covered most of the sky before continuing, "He was orange, and when all our family died because of different reasons he was the strongest and took care of me. I had many litters with him, but before you ask, he was not my real brother, but an abandon kitten that we took in."

I let go of a breath I was holding when she told me this. I know that some of us are okay with breeding with family, but it just seems weird to me. I could never do this with one of my brothers. I don't ever think that I could love mother the same if she did.

"All our litters died either from a harvesting or they where not strong enough on their own. Only five of them are alive now. One of which I can smell on you now and must of met you"

I remember the one I met today and say "He was orange." Mother smiled at me.

"Yes, he looked the most like his father and is the oldest. His name is Leif.", She said, "Now, no more interruptions. We lived like that for years before a new cat came. He wished to mate with me and I did not. My brother did not like him either, but they where equal in almost all categories. That year a harvest was happening."

She looked down with a frown, "He waited till your uncle was gone, then mated with me. He is your father"

I look down in shame. I was his daughter? How can mother stand to keep me around? "I'm sorry.", I interrupter but for a good reason. The guilt made me sad.

"Don't say that. You came from me, and look the least like him out of your siblings. Really Pet looks more like him", Mother said, "You really look like me and a bit of my brother. You have a orange nose and leg."

"Really?", I ask happy. I wasn't like my father! That means she will accept me and teach me.

"Yes." She smiled warmly, "Your uncle was so mad, he tricked him into going into a van that was traveling to some where else. Where another lives and is equal to the Night Demon. His plan failed in a way, and he had to go with them. That is the last I heard of him. I had your siblings and you and here we are now"

I felt many feelings. Happiness, Sadness, Curiosity, and most of all tiredness and hunger. Mother seemed to know this, and carried me home to our log. The then bit into a thing I have never seen before, and milk flowed out of it. I smile at her.

"Drink", said Mother. I was to hungry to question her and did as she said the milk had a funny taste to it, but I drank it. Mother is so strong, I hope I can one day be like her. I felt my sleepiness take over.

After I was done, she said "Sleep out side tonight." She moved me on top of the log and I was so tired I fell asleep peacefully, not knowing that after tonight things would always be different, and that I should of listened to the warning Leif gave me.