Ash and Taruto Chapter 1:

The Idea

One day in Kisshu's dimension, Ichigo and Emiko were sitting around, bored. Everyone else seemed to have something to do, even lazy Mint.

Suddenly Ichigo said, "Remember the last time we went to the other dimension?"

"Yeah…" Emiko said.

"Well, what if we went along with my idea of having an eating contest between Ash and Taruto?" Ichigo asked. "It might just be the perfect cure for our boredom."

"Maybe you're right," Emiko said. "I'll see what Ash is doing right now." She closed her eyes and focused, then said, "Looks like he and the others are busy. They're in a building, and Ash looks pretty serious."

"Well, we could wait outside the building," Ichigo suggested. "Besides, we have to catch Taruto first."

"Good point," Emiko said. "Let's go find Taruto, and I'll teleport us outside the building."

Ichigo smirked and said, "Let's go."

The girls started looking around, but didn't find Taruto at first. "Hey, should we tell Kisshu about this?" Ichigo asked.

"Why not?" Emiko asked. "Let's find him, and maybe he'll help us."

Ichigo nodded, so they went to the kitchen, where they found Kisshu. "Hey Kisshu, Ichigo and I came up with a plan to cure our boredom," Emiko said.

"What is it? I'm kind of bored too," Kisshu said.

"We thought that Taruto and Emiko's friend Ash should have an eating contest, since they have a similar way of eating," Ichigo said.

Kisshu smirked and said, "That sounds fun. Let's go get Taruto, and then we can go."

The three of them started laughing maniacally, and went to find Taruto.

They found him in his room, and Emiko said, "Taruto, we've got an idea. Come with us for a while."

"Why?" Taruto asked suspiciously.

"Oh, you'll see," Ichigo said innocently.

"No, you're going to do something awful to me," Taruto said.

"Emiko, ready?" Kisshu asked.

Emiko snapped her fingers and said, "I'm all set. Ichigo, did you get the stuff?"

"Sure did," Ichigo said. She held up a shopping bag full of different kinds of cake.

"Then let's go," Emiko said. "Kisshu, I'll implant the image of where we're going into your mind."

Kisshu came over, and Emiko placed a finger on his forehead, then implanted the image of the building into his mind. "All set," Kisshu said.

Emiko nodded and grabbed Taruto's arm. Kisshu grabbed Ichigo's hand, and they teleported to the outside of the building where Ash was.

Their timing was perfect, since Ash and the others were just coming out. They all looked happy, and then they noticed Emiko, Ichigo, Kisshu and Taruto.

"Hey, what's up?" Ash asked.

"We were bored, and Ichigo came up with this interesting idea," Kisshu said.

"Is anyone going to explain why you dragged me here?" Taruto asked grouchily.

"All in good time," Emiko said with an evil smirk.

"So what was your idea?" May asked.

"Remember when we were having breakfast a few weeks ago, and Ichigo said Ash and Taruto should have an eating contest?" Emiko asked.

"Yeah…." Brock said.

"Guess what we came here to do," Ichigo said, also smirking.

"Oh no. No way," Taruto said. "There is no way I'm participating in your evil schemes."

"Scared, Midget?" Ichigo asked.

"I don't exactly mind doing this, but where are we going to get the food?" Ash asked.

Ichigo held up a bag of cake and said, "Don't worry, we got some on our way out of our dimension."

"Hey, is that cake?" Taruto asked.

"Getting interested, eh Midget?" Kisshu asked.

"NO!" Taruto said. "And my name is NOT Midget!"

"Are you sure? It looks like you're drooling," May said.

Taruto glared at her. Then he sighed and said, "Fine… but what's the prize for winning?"

"This thing we stole from Pai," Emiko said, holding up some kind of orb.

"What is that?" Ash asked.

"I think it allows you to observe people," Kisshu said. "Ichigo tried it. All you have to do is say the person's name, and you can see what they're doing at that time."

"That's cool," Ash said.

"Fine… I'll participate," Taruto said.

"Great!" Ichigo and Emiko said. "Ash, are you going to do it too?"

"Sure," Ash said. "Who's judging this contest?"

"I think it should be Brock and Emiko," Ichigo said. "They seem like the most sensible people around here."

"Hey, are you saying I'm not sensible?" Kisshu asked.

"Actually, yes," Ichigo said. "You can be, but…" she whispered something in Kisshu's ear.

"Fine…" Kisshu said. "Emiko and Brock can be the judges."

The others looked suspicious, but let it go.

"Where are we doing this?" Taruto asked.

"There's a park nearby," Brock said. "Let's go there."

The group headed off to the park.

I hope people like my first humor story!