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lights will guide you home,

and ignite your bones,

and i will try to fix you

- fix you, coldplay

Nobody ever noticed her, not really, and if she was being perfectly honest, she didn't see why they would. Not when she had Molly Weasley as a sister.

Because Molly was all porcelain skin and ruby-red curls and cornflower blue eyes, outgoing and witty and everything Lucy wasn't. And with Molly shining so brilliantly, like a star knocked right out of the sky, who would bother to pay attention to her little sister, with her dull brown hair and over-serious eyes?

She's Lucy Weasley, and she's nothing special, not like the rest of her family.


They all look right through her, because she's soft spoken and quieter than a Weasley should be. They all look through her, and he thinks they're unbelievably thick, because she's Lucy and she's not like her family, she's her own concoction of fairy tales and realism and she's so much more than just the quiet Weasley.

They treat her like shit, like she's insignificant, because she's not the overly optimistic, fiery girl all her cousins pretend to be, and he reckons it's a tragedy, because she's started believing them.

She no longer paints the world a hundred shades of pastel, brimming with a whimsical beauty that only comes from the imagination of a visionary. Gone are the many canvases blanketed in fields of flowers, ablaze by the light of the moon, replaced with dark smears depicting death and hatred and catastrophe.

He swears he hates them, hates them more than hypocrites and liars and everything else combined, because she was innocent and unbroken until they brought her down.

They stole who she was and distorted her into this damaged, fraction of a person, and he hates them, because he can hardly recognize her anymore.

And when he grabs her hands and holds them tightly in his, he can feel his eyes being drawn to the scars etched into her wrists, and he wants to kiss them all and beg her to stop because she's so much more than this, so much more to him, and it kills him inside to see her like this.

It breaks his heart because she's lost the innocence she once had, and it's never coming back. But he can fix her now. He can erase the scars from her wrists and give her something new to believe in, something beautiful and undying and theirs.

And he does fix her, for a while.


Nobody ever noticed her, not really, and she was perfectly fine with that. Until, one day, a boy showed up and he was all she could have asked for. But he built her up into something phenomenal, some kind of miracle, and she couldn't stand it.

Because she was just damaged, unexceptional Lucy, and she would never be enough for that supernova of a boy.

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