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At eight o'clock on a dark and cold Friday night, a young Nat Wolff felt uneasy as he walked into the gym of Amigos High School. The usually giddy and wild sixteen-year-old already wanted to turn around and go home, though the Masquerade Halloween Dance was just getting started. He had no purpose in going in the first place, but after many begs—and threats—from the guys, he felt inclined to go.

It's not that he didn't like his school or the people who attended it. His only problem was, he was turning bitter from the lack of love in his life. Pretty much all of the band members were in a relationship, even Nat's thirteen-year-old brother. Besides Nat, the only person who didn't have a significant other was Rosalina, but that never seemed to bother her. Whenever someone would point out a guy to her, she would only shrug her shoulders and make a comment about having a certain type. That type, however, was yet to be discovered.

Nat, on the other hand, was very concerned about his relationships. It had been two years since he last had a girlfriend—which was Rosalina, of course. He went on a couple dates with girls from his class—both of which were very beautiful—but he was always left wanting more. In fact, he was left wanting a lot more. He wanted Rosalina.

He would never admit it to anyone, but his feelings for his brown-eyed girl never left after their breakup. Nat found it was an absolutely miserable life to live. For the past two years, he had to look at her every day and refer to her as his "best friend." She would hug him after a successful show, and he would just lose it, burying his face in her long hair. Every time they would walk down the street together, he wanted to grab her soft, small hand in his own and never let go.

No matter how many girls he met, he couldn't get Rosalina's face out of his mind. For some unknown reason, she was the only girl he could even think about. It was horrible for Nat, especially when he knew she probably didn't feel the same way about , there he was at a stupid school dance watching various couples move around the gym floor wearing matching costumes. It was absolutely disgusting.

"Dude, I know you didn't want to come here, but you could have at least dressed up." Nat turned around to see one of his best friends, David, standing in front of him. Thomas and Cooper were standing at his sides, though they didn't seem as concerned with Nat's appearance as their friend.

"I am dressed up," Nat quietly replied. He really wasn't in the mood to be scolded.

"Please, dude, you're wearing a tux to a costume party. What kind of outfit is that?" David responded.

"I'm Prince Charming," Nat answered. In all reality, Nat actually hadn't dressed up. Considering he had only decided to go to the dance an hour before it started, he didn't have time to go shopping. Therefore, he slipped on a tuxedo that he wore to an award show two weeks prior.

"Pfft, whatever dude," David said.

"Hey, at least I have a different costume than the one I wore in middle school. Seriously, dude, you couldn't find anything better than the superhero costume you wore to the end of the year party when we were twelve?"

"I can't help that my mom is cheap! You know what her motto is! If it still fits, you still wear it!"

"Whatever, man. Where's the food?"

"Nat." This time, Cooper was the one to speak up. "You're in a gym full of beautiful girls and you're going to go eat? What is wrong with you?"

"Look, guys, I appreciate your concern for my love life, but it isn't going to happen. I go to school with these girls every day. What makes you think I'm going to magically fall in love with one of them tonight?"

"It's possible," Thomas finally spoke. "Some of them got really dressed up."

"Yeah, but I can still recognize them."

"Come on, guys, let's go. It isn't worth it." Finally David left and the other two followed after giving Nat a look of anger.

After spotting the snack table on the opposite side of the gym, Nat walked toward it without looking at the happy couples dancing to the music. He grabbed a handful of Oreos, three snack bags of chips, a full glass of punch, and sat down in a chair in the very back corner of the gymnasium where no one could see him. He had chosen his spot for the night, and didn't plan on moving until it was time to go home. Turning away from the crowd, he popped a cookie in his mouth and grabbed his phone out of his pocket, instantly going to his messages.

"This sucks," he typed to Rosalina.

"Haha," she instantly responded. "I'm guessing the boys finally convinced you to go to the dance."


"And it's not fun?" she asked.

"Nope," he answered.

"Hahaha. Aww, I'm sorry. Maybe it will get better."

"I highly doubt it. Aren't you here?" he sent.

This time, though, Rosalina didn't text back as quick as she had earlier. Nat waited for a few more minutes, thinking maybe she was driving to the school. After all, she was supposed to be there. After ten minutes of waiting for a message, however, Nat sighed and put his phone away, hoping the next three hours would go by fast.

"Hi." He heard the small voice before he noticed someone was standing in front of him. It was a very petite girl looking to only stand about five feet tall. She was wearing a very pastel blue princess style dress, and her curly brown hair was pinned high against her head. Though Nat sensed some familiarity, he had no idea who the girl was, especially since she wore a small, sparkly mask over her eyes.

"Hello," he responded, smiling up at her. He had to admit, she was very pretty, and there was a bit of charm and loveliness in the way she composed herself.

"May I sit?" she asked, referring to the chair placed next to Nat's.

"Sure," he answered. The girl sat down and smoothed her dress with the tips of her newly manicured fingers. There was something about her hands that brought on some deja vu within Nat, but he instantly shrugged it off, calling himself crazy in the process.

"I like your tux," the girl said, smiling.

"Thanks," he responded. "I like your dress."

"Thank you," she answered, blushing. "Are you supposed to be Prince Charming?" she asked.

"Yeah. I'm glad someone noticed." The girl loudly chuckled at something that Nat didn't catch. "What's funny?" he asked.

"Nothing, really. It's just a strange coincidence."

"What is?"

"I don't know. Something I just came up with in my mind."

"Okay, then," Nat said. "So, uh, what is your costume?"

"Um," she hesitated. "I'm Cinderella."

"What?" he asked. Considering the music was so loud and the girl was talking so softly, it was hard for Nat to make out what she was saying.

"Nothing," she answered. Nat decided not to push her any farther, though he was curious as to what her costume was. It was best to leave it alone, however, since it was hard to understand what she was saying.

"Most of the couples out there are so disgraceful," she said while looking toward the dance floor. "Don't people know how to properly dance anymore?"

"I think those types of dances died off a while ago," he responded.

"I guess so. It's a shame, really."

"Yeah," Nat responded.

After a long—and awkward—silence, he decided to go out on a limb and do something which he normally wouldn't even think about doing. "Would you like to dance with me?" he asked her. He placed his open palm in front of her, and she grabbed it with a grin on her face.

"Sure," she answered.

They walked to the middle of the dance floor hand-in-hand, and—lucky for them—a slow song had just started playing. They swayed around the floor without a care in the world. Suddenly, everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at them, and, eventually, they scooted toward the edge of the floor, allowing Nat and his mystery girl a lot more space to move.

In that moment, Nat forgot about everything except the shining girl in his arms. He couldn't remember what day it was. He couldn't remember where he was. And, above all, he couldn't remember the name of the beautiful eyed girl who had owned his heart for almost half of his life. All he knew was how gorgeous his mystery girl was and how much he wished she could stay with him forever.

Just as Nat realized he had experienced love at first sight, a loud ringing sounded through the gym, breaking apart the glowing couple. The girl in front of him quickly reached down, pulling a cell phone out of her glimmering shoe.

"Oh, my God," she said. "I'm so sorry. I have to go."

"Wha-" Before Nat could even get the word out, the beautiful girl placed a small peck on his cheek and disappeared out the door.

After realizing what had happened, he followed her out the door, but she was no where to be found. The only thing that gave Nat hope that his girl was even real was a small cell phone with pink jewels covering it lying on the sidewalk. Knowing it was her's, he picked it up, accidentally hitting a button in the process. The screen lit up extremely bright in the dark of the outside, showing a text message notification from an hour ago. What Nat saw next knocked the breath right out of him, and he struggled to regain air. Right on the small screen were these words: Message From Nat. "I highly doubt it. Aren't you here?"

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