Chapter one "One Direction?"

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Bella- Brown Hair 5'4" skinny glasses emo hair cut loves Niall
Katniss~ Brown Hair 5'7" skinny contacts emo hair cut loves Harry
Celeste: Red hair (ginger) blue green eyes glasses emo hair cut loves Zayn

Celeste's POV

Kat woke me up from my peacefully sleeping mind, "Theres a band playing in the park get dressed we are going its free!"
She started picking clothes out. Five mintues later she came out of her closet with two One Direction shirts and two shorts. I looked at her funny, because i was already dressed. She made me change, so i asked, "You said its a band...right?"
"OK it's ONE DIRECTION THEY ARE DOING A FREE SHOW!" Did that change my mind or what?! I tooked off my clothes as fast as i could and got dressed in the shirt and shorts. We both got dressed the same time, so we ran into the bathroom to put on our lip gloss and brush our hair and teeth. Once we got done, we ran downstairs her mother was waiting for us at the table. "Girls where are you going? Dressed liked that!?" Kat spoked as if she knew we were leaving, "Cely lets go! Mom we are going to the free One Direction conncert at the park!"
I just shood there shaking my head yes and smiling.
"Fine but dont be getting all naked for them!" She yelled at as Kat and me took off in a sprint for the door.

"look there they are!" i looked over where she was pointing and about fainted! Why was One Direction here?! She must have know what i was thinking because she just shurged and tooked my hand and we started to run to the stage. We where the only people here so far...then again its still 5am. I heard a noise and screamed there was somebody watching us!? I garbbed Kat's arm. Then the boy started walking over toward us. i let go of her arm and blushed. why was i scared?! i forgot they were parciting on the stage, Zayn was the watching us! he spoked so sexy and deep, "Hi girls are you here for the conncert? because it was just canceled Harry got sick for some weird thing." he smiled so sweetly as he spoked, but then Harry Liam and Naill started walking over to us!
Naill acted as if he was shy, "H-hi?"
Harry smiled rather cute, "i'm Harry this is Zayn Naill and Liam!" pointing to each one has he spoked.
I blushed and nodded, "I'm Celeste and you can call me cely...this is Kat she's my bestest friend ever!" Zayn winked at me and Harry laughed. Kat giggled and then smiled, "hey-yo!...Bella!" Bella ran over to us looking like she's about to faint. when me and Kat saw her face we started laughing like the boys werent even there. Harry asked, "so girls what do you wanna do now?" all three of us blushed like omg One Direction talking to us? Bella giggled as Niall laughed.

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