Crap! I thought as I saw Lucy chasing Natsu out of the Otaka dorm. "I was gonna ask her if she wanted to head to that cafe... I heard there's a great pianist-artist there... Tch." I mumbled as I headed back upstairs to my dorm. If Natsu hadn't appeared and Lucy had listened, she'd probably freak out and call this a date. I just wanted to invite her to a friendly reunion.

I placed my hands onto Lucy's shoulders, trying to use my soothing voice to calm her down. That failed. "Luce," I began, "Calm down." She still had steam coming for her ears; You should've seen her.

Every nook, corner and even crack knew about it. So how come I didn't? I went to the cafe, Cafe Relux, to be greeted by a familiar blond maiden. Lucy. Oh crap. I face palmed myself as she nearly dropped her violin. Her eyes widened as they now look like doorknobs. Apparently I wasn't suppose to see that. Apparently not.

In conclusion, today, I got beaten up by a super awestruck Lucy, figured out that she's the freaking awesome pianist-violinist, and figured out her one and only secret: She's a musician.

To be nice...-er, I invited her over for tea. She came over and drank her tea silently. "Oi, Luce, why didn't you tell us, ne?" She turned around and began crying. C-CRAP! THE HECK DID I DO?! I thought. But, she turned towards me. Bright. Smiling. Happy. "To surprise you guys, DUMMY!" She hugged me as pink dusted across my face.


"Is this what you call one-sided love?"


I shot up as I heard the wake-up bell alarm. "Oh, Mavis... Was that really just a dream?" I asked myself, but it seemed so real, though. I still believe it wasn't a dream. So THIS is what you call a hang-over...

"Yo, Luce." I said to my light blue phone. "Hey, Gray!" The phone exclaimed. We live two stories away. I'm above her room by two levels. Easy enough to talk through the phone, ne? "What classes d'you have?" She asks. Simple. "One-A is Language Arts/ Reading, Two-A is Math, Three-A is Track, Four-A is writing. One-B is Math, Two-B is Writing, Three-B is Reading. Language Arts is Four-B. You?" I replied. I have to have that memorized about four months ago. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. "One-A is Language Arts. Two-A is Art. Three-A is Computer Science. Four-A is Music. One-B is Science. Two-B is Social Studies. Three-B is French. Four-B is Art." She said. "Not bad for a rookie like you." "Not too shabby yourself." "See yah, Luce" "See ya, Gray." We hung up and headed for our classes.

At 2:47 Pm, again, when we all get out, I had no homework. Daily thing. Anything new? No. Anything different? Yeah. Lucy. She's been acting all weird ever since I found out her secret. Huh...

"Lucy!" Natsu? Was that his voice, though? No, didn't sound like it. Too deep. The mysterious blond took Lucy by her hand and began dragging her away from Fairy Academy. "H-hey, were are you taking her?!" I shouted. She's my best freind... BEING KIDNAPPED. "G-Gray, it's okay. This is my father. Jude Heartfilia." "Please to meet you, sir, but why are you taking Lucy?" Pretty sure that's how you address the Heartfilia family. Dunno. "I'm Gray Fullbuster, your daughter's best friend. Where are you taking her?" I asked, still keeping my blank expression. "Uh-huh. Well, my daughter THOUGHT she had persuaded me to let her here. She just lied and took out the window. She had no right to, anyways. She ran away from her top-class college: Konzern. Please excuse my daughter's rudeness." Jude walked away.

Lucy. The only thought that crossed my mind. Her friends. Leaving. Depression. I skidded towards Natsu, leaving me panting. "NATSU!...Lucy... Kid!... Nap, fat...her! She... Leave... Academy!" Natsu merely nodded and ran off like a speeding bullet. Thank Mavis for hang-overs.

Konzern... Where have I heard it before? Konzern. Prestigous school for the rich. So, wait... I LIKE A RICH GIRL?!

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