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Stoick kicked the large wooden door so hard that it broke off its hinges, sending splinters everywhere as it flew across the room and hit the far wall with a sound that could only be described as an explosion.

"MILDEW!" The large red haired chief of Berk roared in anger, striding into the large hut, furiously searching about for the older, grumpy Viking, Toothless right behind him, sniffing fervently.

With a sigh, Gobber slowly hobbled in a few seconds later. "I already told ye. It happened early last nigh'. Mildews not stupid enough ter stick around long enough fer you of all people ter catch 'im Stoick." Stoick had been checking behind the broken door in the hopes that the traitor had been crushed behind it. He held two pieces of the door, Gobber realised. It had spit in two when it had hit the wall. The Chief turned to his best friend.

"I know but I have ter do something. When I get my hands on that traitor I'm going ter do so much worse than just banish 'im Gobber!" A clatter filled the room as Stoick threw the remnants of the door to the floor and stomped angrily back outside.

He stood and looked out over the cliff, staring at the dark clouds gathering slowly in the distance.

Gobber stood outside the now door-less frame, staring at Stoick's back. For a few moments the only sounds were the waves crashing against the shores beneath the cliff and those of Toothless, still sniffing about in the hut, growling quietly every once in a while.

"Stoick!" Both turned towards the voice to see Spitelout running up the hill towards them. "Most of the village has gone into the forest in groups to look for Alvin and Hiccup!" He exclaimed breathlessly as he came to stand in front of the chief. "And the other teens are on their dragons searching from the air." He added. Stoick faintly remembered Astrid barking orders to the rest of Hiccups friends when he had begun his mad dash to Mildews hut in rage.

"Don't ye worry! If they're still on the island, we'll find 'em." He finished with a determined nod.

The word 'If' echoed through his mind. Stoick sincerely doubted that Alvin and his band of Outcasts would have stuck around for long after they had already gotten what they had come for. 'And they had a good few hours head start.' He thought grimly.

Despite this, the chief was grateful for his villages' quick reaction to the situation.

It had only been a little over a half an hour ago that Stoick had found Gobber stumbling out of the forest with his son's dragon. After the smithy had quickly informed him of the treacherous events of the night before, well, let's just say that the whole population of Berk had been woken by their Chief screaming profanities and death threats in the middle of the village coupled with the furious growling of an angry Night Fury. With the absence of the only person that could calm BOTH of them down very obvious.

It hadn't taken everyone long to figure out what had happened.

Sighing, Stoick nodded gratefully to his second in command, and began heading back in the direction of the village. Gobber and Spitelout followed behind him.

"Stoick!" Gobber half hopped-half ran to catch up so that he was walking beside his oldest friend. "What're ya gonna do?" he asked. The Viking Chief didn't need to look to know that the blacksmith was eyeing him carefully, as if trying to read his mind.

Stoick, still staring straight ahead with a dark glare and without breaking stride, replied, "I am going to get my son back. Then I'm going to kill Alvin."


Astrid searched quickly, her eyes narrowed and her mouth set in a thin line as she concentrated on finding something, anything in the dense trees. She was afraid to blink. Afraid that if she did, she would miss something important, even though this was now the fourth time she was searching that particular area.

"Hellooooo?" Astrid had to refrain from rolling her eyes and sighing in annoyance as she heard Snotlout a little ways away from her. "Hey Cuz, I am here to rescue you!" He called towards the trees boastfully. "Just yell out where you are and I will kick Alvin's AND all of the Outcasts butts... With my face!" He flexed his arm muscles.

She had to ignore the urge to smack herself on the forehead.' Did he seriously not notice where he said he would put his face..?!' She wondered exasperatedly asshe continued searching the area. With every second she scanned the forest, her hope diminished more and more. She hadn't heard anything from Fishlegs and the twins who were searching towards the other side of the Island. Meaning that they hadn't found anything either. 'Are they even still on Berk?' She thought as despair began to slowly replace the little hope she had been clinging to when she had ordered everyone onto their dragons, split up and to find Hiccup.

Astrid didn't like to admit it, didn't want to admit it but she was scared. Actually no, scared was putting it mildly.

She was terrified.

Physically, she was tougher than Hiccup and even she had been helpless in the few seconds that Alvin had her.

Hiccup was more than just a friend to her and she couldn't imagine what it would be like if he was never coming back. And Alvin was ruthless, merciless. And Hiccup, he could barely lift an axe…

'Okay, stop thinking like that!' she chided herself mentally, 'He might not be the strongest but he is one of the bravest people I know AND he's the smartest! He'll find a way to outsmart Alvin…' She tried to reassure herself. 'He did it once, he can do it again!' She felt her hope renew itself with this piece of information.

It only lasted a few seconds when she realised that he had already had the plan to defeat Alvin before he had been captured the first time. 'The only reason he got captured before was because he let himself be taken so that his plan would work! And he'd had Toothless.'

Astrid shook her head to clear her thoughts, her blonde fringe swaying over her left eye. She was worried enough already and this strange internal war she seemed to be waging with herself wasn't helping any.

She turned Stormfly around to face Snotlout and Hookfang, who were a good twenty or so feet away from her and facing the other direction. She was about to suggest that they find the others to see if they had found anything when he called out again.

"Hiccup!?" His voice echoed across the trees and he turned to listen.

She could see his face now. It was scrunched up, his eyes squinting as he listened for a few seconds as the quiet settled once more.

'Maybe he's finally taking this seriously.' Astrid thought. She knew Snotlout cared about his cousin, even if he didn't show it.

Suddenly, his expression changed, as though he had been struck by some kind of genius idea. He turned back, cupping his hands around his mouth and shouted.


Then cupped his hand around his ear, bouncing excitedly as he waited for the response.

This time, Astrid really did smack herself on the forehead.


Hiccup wasn't sure how much time had passed. He was hungry and thirsty. He still sat where he had been tied to the column, unable to see. Unable to make a sound. All he could do was listen to the footsteps of the pirates on deck above him and the waves of the ocean he was no doubt surrounded by. He pulled at the rope around his wrists for what had to be the thousand time. Grunting as he strained his arms against the other ropes, trying to arch his back against the column to try and loosen the ropes that tightly bound his torso and arms. He winced as his ribs ached again, still very sore from when he'd hit the floor.

'If I could get it to loosen JUST a bit, maybe I could shift about a little and use the corner of the column to break the ropes around my wrists.' He thought.

He had no idea what he would do after that. He was trapped on a boat with the enemy, surrounded by nothing but water. He didn't even know which direction Alvin had taken him in. Even if he had a boat or a dragon to ride, he wouldn't know which way to get home. 'I suppose anywhere is better than here.' He thought as he continued to struggle. The frustration of the past few hours coming back as no matter how much pressure he put against the rope, it did absolutely nothing.

He found his thoughts wander back to what Alvin had told Gobber. Four days. 'He said that Dad had four days to get to Dragon Island. It only takes less than ONE day to get there!' This had been worrying Hiccup since he had first heard the threat. 'Maybe he just wants Dad to stew for a bit. Or is there more to it?' He didn't have much time to think about it before the sound of footsteps reached his ears. He heard the lock on the door click and the slight creak as it was swung open.

The footsteps entered the room. Very slowly. The door swung closed again and the footsteps got closer and closer until they stopped right beside him. Fear coursed through him as he felt the figure crouch beside him.

A large, rough hand quickly and painfully grabbed his hair and pulled his head back till it was touching the pillar. His face tilted slightly, facing up. He breathed heavily through his nose.

"Mmnnphhh!" He grunted as he felt the cold steel of a blade lightly touch his neck. A cruel, dark chuckle sounded beside him and he immediately knew it was Alvin.

"Hehehe, Hello Dragon Conqueror."

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