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WARNING this work contains mental und physical non-con, massive internal conflict, PTSD. You have been warned!

Chapter 1

"Run home Princess."

And so it began. The son of Odin and his friends, fighting for their lives against every Jotun who could be summoned. His hammer spinning in a deadly arc over and over. Laufey stood back and watched it happen. Watched as the son of Odin pushed his people further toward another war.

Then it happened. Right there, in front of Laufey's eyes. The younger son, Loki the dark haired liar, was grabbed by one of Laufey's fighters. Laufey leaned forward slightly where he sat, watching with delight as the man's armour fell away, waiting for the scream of pain as the frostbite hit.

There was no scream, before his eyes he saw the man's skin turn blue at the wrist. Loki and his opponent stared at his arm in shock before the Prince recovered and stabbed out, killing the Frost Giant. For a moment Laufey was frozen in surprise, before the realisation came over him. He rose from his throne and ran down toward the battle.

He skirted around to the side, watching as one of Thor's companions was skewered by spikes of ice. Loki was distracted by the yell and threw a knife at the charging attacker with deadly accuracy. But that gave Laufey his opening. As Thor's other companions pulled their friend from the ice, Laufey appeared behind Loki and grabbed him tightly, pinning his arms. He spun with the surprised Prince in his arms and ran as fast as he could back toward the relative safety of the castle.

"Thor!" Loki shouted as Laufey raced through the ice. He responded by clamping a hand over Loki's mouth, pressing tightly against skin that was rapidly turning blue. Loki struggled in his arms but was unable to free himself. The Princes clothing had frozen between them, bits of it cracking and falling from his body as they moved.

Laufey reached the castle and sped through the corridors, twisting and turning through the wide passageways. He didn't have long, Thor seemed caught up in the battle and his friends were mostly focussed on each other, but he couldn't take the chance. With a savage growl of triumph he reached his destination, the king's bedroom was the only room in the castle with its wards still intact.

He threw Loki down onto the fur covered ice that was Laufey's bed. The Prince's skin immediately began to change back to pink. His eyes widened in alarm as he scrambled back away from Laufey's grip. His breath was coming in gasps as he tried to evade the King but Laufey was too fast. He gripped Loki's arms tightly and pushed him back against the bed. One hand reached down and grabbed a handful of fabric. As second later it was gone, torn from Loki's body. His skin had turned back to blue under Laufey's hands. He twisted and struggled, crying out in protest and fear as Laufey grabbed his legs and forced them open.

"Stop! Stop!" Loki screamed, staring up at Laufey in fear. "Don't, please, don't!"
Laufey ignored it, he didn't have much time. He pulled Loki's arms above his head and pinned them there with one hand, the other he pressed between the man's legs. Loki's expression changed when he hit the point just behind his balls. It was a small, hidden hole. Laufey wondered briefly if Loki had even known it was there, or if the spell on him made it disappear when he was in Asgard form. It didn't matter, what mattered was the spell, the binding...

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... It was done, the spell should have taken effect, although there was no way of knowing for sure until it was tested. He rose from the bed and ran as fast as he could toward the Bifrost site, where Thor's companions had retreated and where Thor himself was now heading.

He arrived just in time for the Bifrost to open and the Allfather to appear. Laufey did his best to appear calm and King-like, rather than flustered and out of breath.

"Father, let us finish them together!" Thor yelled. Laufey realised that the Prince had no idea that his younger brother was missing. The Allfather was a different story.

"Where is Loki?" He asked, his face was calm but Laufey knew better, Odin loved his sons.

"The dark haired one yes?" He said, feigning nonchalance. "I believe he went for a tumble down a cliff face, it took two of my men to do it so you must be proud."

Thor jerked then, forehead crinkling in confusion as he realised at last that his brother wasn't with him. Odin had paled under his beard. Laufey walked closer to him, still trying to keep his breath under control.

"What your boy has done here today is an act of war." He said. Odin's eyes snapped on to him from wherever they'd gone at the news of his son's death.

"Then treat these actions as such, the actions of a boy." He said, his voice sounded strong, but Laufey liked to think he could see the pain under them.

"I will consider it. You have lost a great deal to this folly. Perhaps it will teach your boy not to be so foolish."

Odin looked over at his son, Thor looked horrified. Laufey couldn't help but rub it in.

"If we find the body, I'll let you know." He said and turned away, as though Odin was of no importance. He had to force himself not to break into a run. Behind him he heard the sound of the Bifrost opening. It was done, they had left and Laufey had his mate.

He went back to the castle as fast as he could while remaining dignified. He knew his generals would come to question his decision not to declare war, but he had a greater prize than another bloodbath.

Loki had crawled from the bed and pulled what was left of his coat around him. But he had not yet managed to leave the King's rooms. His eyes widened with fear when Laufey appeared in the doorway. Laufey noted that he had turned pink again, a curse of Odin's, no doubt. It didn't matter, Loki was his now. He strode forward and seized Loki's arm.

"Come." He said briskly, pulling his mate after him as he made his way back to the throne room. Loki pulled back, but he may as well have weighed nothing as Laufey pulled him down the cold corridors.

They reached the throne room, it was packed with Frost Giant warriors. Loki gasped as all their eyes turned to him.

"You said he tumbled off a cliff." One of them called out. "Now we find you have a hostage, we will demand the Casket back!"

There was a cheer that accompanied this announcement. Laufey smiled and pulled Loki in front of him, holding him there by his shoulders. Loki was too sore to struggle much, his legs were trembling slightly and Laufey knew that he probably wouldn't make it far if he tried to run.

"What I have is better than a hostage." He announced. The room grew quiet. "At the end of the war, Odin took the Casket of Ancient Winters from us! But he also took something else, something I thought he had killed, something that would end the line of Jotun Kings!"

He reached up and pressed his hand to Loki's face, gripping his narrow chin. Beneath Laufey's hand, Loki's skin changed to blue.

"He took my betrothed." Laufey said clearly as the Frost Giants gasped and stared at Loki's appearance. "He took my chance to have children, an heir to avenge us, an heir to win back the Casket. But I have taken him back!"

The cheer was deafening. Loki gasped against Laufey's hand as the news sunk in. Laufey turned him so that they were face to face.

"My mate." He breathed into Loki's face. Chilling him to the core in a way that had nothing to do with ice.