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WARNING this work contains mental und physical non-con, massive internal conflict, PTSD. You have been warned!

Chapter Five

Laufey's days had developed a new routine.

Morning, wake up when the servants arrive. Get a thorough brushing down and dressing followed by breakfast. Go and take care of the dull parts of Realm management. Try to balance an increasingly thin end of year budget before returning to Loki. Spend time with Loki until lunchtime. Lunch. Sit in the throne room with Loki beside him while court was held. Spend more time with Loki until dinnertime, then dinner and then mating.

Loki always reacted the same way to being mated.

First he would fight.

Then he would beg.

Then he would cry.

Laufey took him every night. There was no way to tell when Loki's body would develop a fertile seed. When it did it had to be released it into his womb and then fertilised by Laufey. Mating daily was the best way to ensure a fertile seed would not be wasted.

He still wished Loki wouldn't cry.

It didn't hurt him, Laufey knew it didn't hurt him. But Loki just would not accept that he belonged in Laufey's bed.

Laufey hated Loki's arms. Oh they were fine to look at, nice shape, proper length, but they had this way of pressing against his chest while they mated. Loki's hands would lie flat as he tried to push Laufey away from him, even as his instincts overrode the lower half of his body.

'Ten days.' He told himself. 'He's been here ten days.'

Queen Frigga had troubled him. Her arrival was so unexpected she was lucky she hadn't been killed on sight. Now that would have caused chaos.

Her requests had been annoyingly reasonable. He could have refused her and told her to leave and never return, but the satisfaction he'd have gotten from lording it over the Queen of Asgard would have been fleeting at best. Still, Loki needed to learn to live without his Asgard family. Laufey couldn't have them dropping in at any time, if they did it would only be a matter of time before one of them got killed (probably Frigga) or killed one of his subjects (probably Thor).

Truly the Asgard were just savages in fine stitching.


Odin's eyebrows had raised when Frigga mentioned the King's favour.

"Are you certain?" He asked.

"I am." Frigga said.

"So we send someone to break your spell, and they request Loki as payment." Thor said, sitting up straighter in his chair.

"I doubt Laufey will allow that. He may declare that letting his mate leave to be beyond his power, as unfortunately Jotunheim is better off if Loki stays and Laufey must do what is best for his realm. But we may still be able to use this knowledge to our advantage." Odin said.

"We can send someone of another race to break your spell. In return they can ask how the binding spell is performed." Frigga said. "Perhaps we can use that knowledge to break it."

Odin nodded slowly.

"There is still the problem of Laufey's heir. He will almost certainly declare war if we take Loki back."

"So we fight them." Thor said bluntly. "We are stronger and better armed."

"But right will not be on our side." Odin reminded him. Unfortunately Loki does belong to Laufey, and by now the other realms know it. If we take him, even with his consent, we will be the aggressor nation. The other realms will not look upon us too kindly. We may find ourselves isolated."

"The other realms will side with us when they hear of how Loki has been imprisoned." Thor said stubbornly.

Odin and Frigga shared a look. It was not Thor's fault that he had grown up in a time of peace, when Asgard was seen as the shining jewel of the realms. He did not see how fragile a reputation that was. Other realms all had their less than desirable traits wrapped up as tradition and did not want to be interfered with. Hel, Asgard had a few that made the other realms shudder. If Asgard just barged in and took Loki away from his rightful mate there would be a fallout lasting centuries, millennia even. Laufey had to be convinced to let Loki go. Publically it had to seem like Laufey's idea, privately? Well, first they needed leverage, then they could see what might be done.

"We need more information." Odin said. He glanced reluctantly at his wife. "If you truly believe you will be safe there, you may be the best person to obtain it." He said.

Frigga nodded immediately.

"I will bring Loki food regularly. Perhaps they will get used to my visits and drop their guard." She said.

"Heimdall will watch you every moment, if they make a hostile move he will remove you immediately." Odin said sternly. "And you will take a guard."

"They will interpret that as hostile and ban me from coming." Frigga said.

"You cannot risk going without one." Odin said. "What you did today, while understandable, was foolish. They could have easily killed you, or taken you hostage. You will go with a guard or not at all."

Frigga did not answer.

"Promise me." Odin said. She just stared at him.

Thor cleared his throat, breaking the tense silence.

"I think I see a way we can resolve this." He said.


Loki was sitting beside Laufey again. Laufey's court, as far as he could see, was almost identical to Odin's. Jotun from various stations in life came to ask for things, report on things and occasionally be brought to justice.

Laufey was quite just.

He would listen to both sides of the story and ask intelligent questions, sometimes with a truth spell cast when he suspected something wasn't quite right, and thought carefully about his judgement before speaking.

Loki was forced to admit that while Laufey was a monster, he was a monster with a brain.

There was a light on the horizon. Loki sat straighter for a second before he realised the light had not been strong enough to be the Bifrost. Laufey frowned suspiciously and gestured to one of his guards to go and investigate.

The guard brought back a dwarf.

Loki went rigid, he desperately wanted to sink into his chair. It wasn't just any dwarf, it was Brokk. Brokk had made Thor's hammer Mjolnir. Loki had lost a bet to him long ago when he was barely an adult. The bet required Loki to forfeit his head, but he'd managed to avoid that fate by pointing out that Brokk would have to cut through his neck, which was not a part of the bargain. As revenge for his quick words Brokk had sewn his lips together instead and made him the laughing stoke of the nine realms.

Right now he looked like he could barely contain his glee.

"Your Majesty." He said, bowing deeply.

"Dwarf." Laufey said shortly.

"My name is Brokk, and I have come on behalf of my people to offer you a gift in honour of your happy marriage." Brokk said. Loki wanted to smack the smile off his face.

Laufey leaned back in his throne.

"Your people have never offered mine any gifts before." He pointed out.

"True your majesty, but if I make so bold, this is the first union to have come to our attentions while still in the newly wedded phase."

Laufey nodded slowly.

"I suppose that is true." He said.

Brokk grinned widely, making sure he caught Loki's eye.

"For you esteemed majesty I offer you this."

He pulled a hammer from his back that looked a lot like Thor's only much bigger. Loki felt a stab of fear. Was that idiot really giving the Frost Giants a giant Mjolnir?

Laufey made a gesture and Thrym stepped forward to take the hammer. He weighed it thoughtfully in his hand for a moment and nodded.

"It is exceptional." He said.

Brokk's grin took on a distinct element of smirk.

"And for your lovely bride I have personally fashioned this."

He reached into his pouch and pulled out a collared necklace. It was made from tiny delicate loops of gold, with diamond and sapphires set in a twisting pattern. It was beautiful, and just the sort of thing a queen would wear. Loki tried hard not to react as Brokk held it up in front of the crowd.

"It will look beautiful sitting across her shoulders." He said, eyes sparkling with malicious mirth.

Laufey gestured again and Thrym took the necklace from Brokk's hands and brought it up to where they sat.

Laufey regarded the Dwarf thoughtfully. You would have to be an idiot not to spot the mocking nature of his presentation. And Loki had been as rigid as a statue from the moment the Dwarf had walked in.

Come to think of it, where had he heard the name Brokk before?
Then Laufey remembered. Brokk had sewn Loki's lips shut for losing some kind of bet. Laufey remembered thinking Odin's son being humiliated like that was hilarious at the time. Now that Odin's son was his mate it didn't seem so funny.

No one humiliated his mate.

"It does indeed look fine." Laufey said, smiling slowly. "But I am not the one to judge such things. What do you think, Loki?" He asked, turning to his mate. "Do you like it? Should we thank the nice Dwarf for his gifts and send him on his way? Or are you insulted by his tastes and should Thrym test out the hammer's strength on a nice hardy Dwarf skull?"

Brokk's grin vanished. He looked nervously at Loki's face.

Loki couldn't help himself, despite everything he'd been through in the last few days he was still *Loki*, and Loki didn't let an opportunity like this pass him by.

His lips pulled back in a slow smile. With exaggerated care he looked over to where Thrym held the necklace. He made a great show of examining the loops, the pattern and the shine.

"It seems..." He said and paused. Brokk's face had broken out in a sweat.

"It seems..." He said again. Tilting his head from side to side.

"I suppose..." He added. Laufey was trying not to laugh beside him. Thrym wasn't even trying to hide his mirth.

"Well, I guess it is alright. Sapphires are not my favourite stone but it will do." He said at last. Brokk looked like he was going to faint.

Laufey turned to him and smiled benevolently.

"Our thanks to your people, Dwarf." He said.

Brokk bowed deeply and hurried backwards out of the throne room. He had barely cleared the threshold when the court began to laugh.

So did Loki.

Laufey spotted it, so did Thrym, so did a number of other Jotun who wisely kept from commenting.

"Put those somewhere." Laufey said with a wave of his hand. Thrym bowed and vanished with the gifts.

Laufey turned his attention to the next in line. He carefully didn't look at Loki for the rest of the audience.

Small steps. Every day was another small step.