Randy Cunningham and Howard Weinerman were walking outside on a Saturday morning. A short breeze brush against the two as they walked, feeling the Autumn chill that was at the perfect tempreture against their clothes. Howard, the short, fat ninth grader, looked pretty excited, almost walking at a faster pace than his tall, skinny boyfriend, Randy, who smiled and giggled at him.

"Calm down," Randy said giggling at his boyfriend's enthusiasm. "Why are you so energetic?"

Howard stopped in his tracks, looking at Randy. "I'm dating the ninja! A real hero! That's the cheese right there!" Randy giggled again, finding his boyfriend's enthusiasm cute.

"How could I say, 'no,' to someone as cute as you?" As Randy pats his best friend's bright hair, the two continued walking.

"How could I resist someone as sexy as you?" Howard kissed his boyfriend's cheek, forcing a large blush on his face.

"Ah," Randy looked around, "what if someone saw us?" He looked down at Howard who giggled.

"Wanna go somewhere private, then?" He sported a seductive grin, followed by raising his eyebrows to Randy.

"Do you really have to ask?"

The two went to an alley somewhere in the city between the arcade and the theatre, the cold of the shade and the breeze chilled their bodies despite their attire. When the two knew that no one was around, after triple checking, the two embraced and locked lips, connecting themselves together. The two moaned in the kiss softly, the scent of Randy's cologne invaded Howard's nose, almost melting him as their tongues brush up against each other, tickling their nerves. They slowly broke from their kiss after a short while, catching their breaths as the final stream of saliva that connected the two falls apart. The two looked at each other with seductive looks, narrowing their eyes and grinning at each other, thinking similar thoughts of going farther physically even though they're in public.

"Did I ever tell you that you're one sexy ninja?" Howard said making Randy giggle.

"Right after your five minute, 'I-just-asked-my-best-friend,-who-is-also-the-ninja,-out-and-he-said-yes' celebratory kiss on Tuesday." The two laugh at that. "So what do you want to do? Go to the arcade or watch a movie?"

"Mmmmmm…" Howard said as he made a look of mock thinking for a second before answering. "I wanna do this first." He emphasized the word, "this," before reaching his hands under Randy's shirt, feeling the bumps of his abs before the smooth creamy skin of his chest as his fingers brushed against his targets, squeezing his nipples between his thumb and index finger.

"Whoa-wait-what?" Randy blushed. The hands came at him unexpectedly and went through his shirt before he realized what was going on. It was when he felt a fingers on his nipples he could comprehend the feeling of his chubby boyfriend's hands. He moaned softly as he felt the fingers squeeze his nipples, forcing his body to shiver in pleasure and reflexively tried to cover his chest to prevent the odd but erotic feeling. "What are you doing?" Howard grinned before responding.

"If we're going out on a date I want it to be sexy. I'm playing with your nipples until they're erect and then we'll go to the arcade." Randy moaned a bit louder at the erotic words.

"Dude, those words are so bruce-Ah!" Randy felt his nipples erect now and judging by the grin on Howard, he could feel the nipple harden under his fingers as well.

"I guess we're done here." Howard released the nipples, moving his hands away from the shirt, eyeing the spots where Randy's nipples are to see them make a bump in his clothes. He touched the spots on his shirt with his index fingers, making a, "hm," of satisfaction before he started to walk away, ready to go on his date.

Randy grinned, an odd idea formed in his head. He pulled out the ninja mask in his pocket and wore it, transforming him into the legendary Horrisville High ninja, his scarf waved like a flag in the breeze.

"Ninja-moobie-grope!" The ninja screamed like an attack before reaching around Howard from behind, grabbing his moobs with his black clothed hands. He laughed as Howard gasped, feeling his clothed chest caressed by the ninja in pleasure. He grinned at Howard's submissive reaction. "You've had your fun, so why can't I? I wanna hear you moan my name for me." The caressing continued; the ninja's hands took a shot in the dark as he searched for his nipples, making Howard moan.

"Ni-Ninja," the ninja let go, satisfied and depriving Howard of his man boob pleasure before taking off his ninja mask, reverting back into Randy Cunningham.

"Now we're good." Randy said before he walked out with Howard, the two of them giggling about what they did as they walked into the arcade.

They played an arcade version of Grave Punchers, their fingers tapping every button and rapidly moving the joystick at impossible speeds. It looked like it only took 5 minutes for them to become 3rd in the high score list. They did an elaborate long handshake to celebrate.

"Double nice," Randy and Howard looked towards the source of the voice to see a lone spectator with earbuds hanging from his neck, a brown afro, and a black ribbon tied around his neck in a hangman's noose that looked like a mix of a choker and a scarf. The two instantly recognized the boy by his ribbon as he walked up to them.

"Hey, aren't you that kid who hangs around with Julian at lunch in school?" Howard asked. The boy giggled.

"Thanks for calling me kid but, believe it or not, I'm only a junior. My name's Levi and yes I hang around with Julian." Howard and Randy were equally surprised. Levi's a junior and the same height, if not shorter, than Howard. "I just wanted to say that that was a bitchen handshake." The two smiled before Levi whispered to them. "And believe it or not, I actually thought Julian was a handsome lady the first time I saw him." The three of them laughed. "Nice meeting you two. Take care." Levi smiled and left.

"Nice meeting you." Howard said, realizing that Randy wasn't beside him. Before he could wonder where he was.

"Smoke bomb!" With a poof of the red smoke, the ninja appeared. Howard was happy to see him.

"Ninja!" Everyone cheered.

"Hey, everyone, just here to pick up a friend. Smoke bomb!" The ninja then disappeared with Howard in the red smoke, leaving everyone confused.

Howard was confused. First he was at the arcade, now he was somewhere else. "What the?" He asked before seeing Randy stand in front of him with a large smile.

"Surprised? I just wanted to smoke bomb us out to a different setting, that's all." Howard could see a large view of the town.

"Where are we?"

"On top of the school." Howard's eyes widened in surprise.

"Wait-What?" The school's marquee confirmed their location. "This is awesome!" Howard grabbed Randy's hand, running all around the roof. They were in a private yet public area, knowing that no one could see them until they look really close on the roof. He kissed Randy on the lips in gratitude, thanking him in his excited high. "We're kings of the world!" Howard screamed. Randy giggled at his energy before his fat boyfriend glomped him. "Thank you! This is so bruce!"

"Anything for you. Wanna smoke bomb back to your place?"

"One more run," Randy nodded before Howard ran a small circle around the central roof as Randy turned into the ninja before going back. "I'm good now."

"Smoke Bomb!" The ninja said before the two disappeared from the roof in a cloud of red smoke.