Alright, so this is for Link's Little Brother and Psychic Prince's writing contest! So, the story is based off of the song "Spice!" by Len Kagamine. It's catchy, and sad in a way. So, this is inspired by that. I'm saying "so" a lot. I'll stop. On with the writing~

I woke up to the vibration of my cell phone on the night table. I ignored it at first, leaving it to ring, then I remembered last night. I panicked and quickly picked it up. The caller ID read Marth. I answered.

"Hello?" I said into the cell phone.

"Where were you last night? You never came. I sat all alone."

"I was somewhere. I got busy at work."

"You're lying. Who were you with?"

"My co-workers," I retorted. "Marth, it's four in the morning, I've been up all night, can I get some sleep?"

"Tell me who you were really with," he protested.

"Fine, fine, you caught me. I was with my goldfish. Leave Goldeen out of this! She's done nothing wrong!" Lesbian with your goldfish? Nice one, Zelda. You just made this conversation that much more entertaining. "Seriously, Marth. I'm exhausted. I need to get some sleep."

"Fine." He hung up on me.

"Douchebag," I mutter. I look again at the digital clock. I should probably leave. I look to my left and see Ike sleeping. He look so cute when he's asleep. I peck his cheek and leave a note saying "See you tonight?" before I put my clothes back on and leave his apartment. I left as quietly as I could and crept down the hallway to the elevator, pressing the button for the lobby. I needed to catch a cab and head home. If Marth finds me he'll be pissed.

I calmly walked out of the apartment building, looking official and like I had work to go to. Like I'd go to work this early. I ran towards the edge of the sidewalk as I left the building, waving my hand frantically as I tried to get the attention of a cab. Soon, a yellow cab came up and parked for me to get in. I opened the door and slid into the back seat.

"Thanks," I said to the driver.

"No problem-a, ma'am," the driver replied. Ugh. I hate when people called me ma'am. It makes me sound old. I'm only twenty-three. Certainly not old enough to be called "ma'am." I tried to give this man a stern, angry look, but he had his eyes focused on the road. A caught a glimpse of his face in the rear-view mirror. Hey, this guy was kinda cute in a weird way. By his looks and the way he talks, I'm guessing he's Italian. He seems kinda short and his nose is kinda big, but his hair is such a soft shade of brown. I take a look at his nametag on the back of the driver's seat. It said his name was Mario.

Yep, definitely Italian.

"Where-a to?"

"To North Franklin Street," I said in a seductive voice. "I'm in a bit of a hurry, so if you don't mind..."

I slipped over to the front seat, tracing my index finger under his chin. Mario was nervous; every guy was at first.

"R-Right away!"

He slammed on the gas peddle and headed for North Franklin Street. I smiled and slumped back against the seat. That's a good boy, Mario.

Once he reached the street, he slammed on the brakes, his entire face red. That brings back memories with Marth. I slipped out from the backseat and headed over to the driver seat window.

"Thanks, Mario. How much do I owe you?"

"You owe-a me fifty dollars."

"Fifty? I don't have that much money with me."


"That's okay," I said, inching closer to his face. "I just...need to be more careful. Thanks for reminding me." I pressed my lips onto his, kissing him roughly. His lips tasted bad. But, a gal's gotta do what I gal's gotta do. I slipped my tongue into his mouth, probably giving him the best kiss of his life. I stayed there for a while, until his taste got to me and I broke away, looking interested. Mario was as red as the t shirt he was wearing.

"Y-You know-a what? I think I-I can cover for you."

"Aw, thanks, Mario! You're so sweet!" I took his hand and wrote down a number on his hand. But not my number, just same random numbers I came up with. "Call me sometime, kay?" I winked at him, then ran into my apartment building. I quickly pressed all the buttons of the elevator I needed to press until I got to my floor, then rushed into my apartment. I took a look around, no sign of Marth anywhere. And Ike's probably still sleeping. Good. I'm safe. I quickly took off my shirt and my skirt then hopped into bed, covering myself with the covers. I slept for another two hours until I heard knocking on my door.

It's 6:30. Who comes here this early?

I ignored it and continued (or tried to at least) sleeping. I heard the door creak open, and footsteps come towards my bedroom. I barely opened one eye so it looked like I was sleeping, and saw Marth. Figures. He sat down on my bed next to me, then ran his fingers through my hair. I pretended to gently wake up, as if without an alarm clock bitching at me.

"Marth?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's me." He was smiling. I'm guessing he's not angry anymore.

"What are you doing here?"

"To be honest, I wanted to see if you were really lying to me. Knowing your history in high school, I wondered if it was still there. When you didn't show up last night, I got worried that you were cheating on me. But, knowing you, if you were, you wouldn't be in your own bed right now."

That's what you think.

"Marth, I'm out of high school, out of college, and got a pretty damn good job for someone who graduated not too long ago. Going through paperwork as a paid intern for The Hands Inc. is pretty big. It gets tiring after a while."

"I know. I should've trusted you. But you could have called."

You shouldn't trust me.

"I know, I just had so much to do and I wanted to get it done. Then I forgot and just home to go to bed. I'm sorry I did that to you."

Am I really sorry? I can't tell.

"I forgive you, Zelda." He kisses my forehead.

You shouldn't.

Marth took off his shoes and his shirt, then slipped under the covers next to me. He looked up and down my body, then stared into my eyes with his sapphire-blue orbs.

"Still in your undergarments? Since when does that happen?"

"A lot actually, you pervert. Usually I actually wear a nightshirt."

"Seeing you covered in clothes and not kissing me is something rare to see."

"Wanna make it even more rare?" I asked. Marth smiled and got on top of me, his lips against mine. In return, I kissed his lips. He tasted a lot better than Mario. A lot better. He slipped his tongue into my mouth, and I circled it around his. His tongue started to follow mine, chasing it. Soon, he stopped, and then I just licked his tongue with mine. He pulled away, smiling brightly at me, the way the sun shined behind his head made him look like he was a god. The shine made his blue hair look cleaner than it usually is, and it made his eyes pop.

Marth was such a pretty boy.

"You've certainly gotten better at kissing," I said.

"I've been practicing."

"Oh, and you're worried about me cheating on you?"

You should be.

"No offense, Zelda, but I think I could get away with cheating better than you could. And I never said I was cheating."

"Then what did you mean by 'practicing?'"

"What? Don't pillows count anymore?" Marth chuckled. I lightly laughed at the comment. I kissed his lips lightly then relaxed against the mattress.

"I love you, Zelda," he said.

"I love you, Marth."

I'm such a dirty liar.

There's the first chapter! What do you guys think? Please don't hate Zelda just because of this fic, I love Zelda, and I thought it'd be easier to write if I liked the main character. And even though the song is a guy's point of view, there's not many girls in the SSB series, so doing it from the opposite gender point of view makes it easier. C: