For the OTP Boot Camp – Prompt 12: Fear.

Also for the 2012 Hogwarts Games – Shot-put: Your OTP, approximately 100 words.

For Paula. Because darn you, you went and got me stuck in second person. And I can't even hate you for it, because it's fun :D


You're scared.

No. It's more than that. It's that you're absolutely, undoubtably terrified.

Oh, no. You aren't scared because he's a werewolf. No, that doesn't frighten you – that would be a sane thing to be afraid of.

No, you're scared of what he does to you. You've never felt like this before.

He makes you lose control. You are absolutely, one-hundred percent addicted to the way he makes you feel – you don't know who you are without him anymore.

And that terrifies you.

You don't do dependency. You have always been fiercely self-sufficient – it's a matter of pride.

But him? – he cripples you. Thing is, he's also your crutch.

You're terrified of what he does to you. But you love him too much to care.

And that? That scares you the most.