His skull screamed, his arm felt like it was on fire, and his whole body ached like there was a boulder lying on top of him. His two pale blue eyes focused on the fire starting by the wall. "Oh." His mouth was unusually dry.

His palm found his way to his head and rested on the bloody gap on his head. The man pulled himself up and looked around. He groaned, where was he? His mind went blank when he tried to think about whom he was or where he was.

The room was dark and wires ran across the concrete wall. Fire ran slowly across the bottom of the wall and electrical shocks flew across the electric box. He stood groggily onto his feet and leaned on the wall with his less injured arm.

He looked down at his left arm and leg, it was charred and bloody. He let out a ragged breath. The panic rose in his chest and his stomach did turns. He needed a way out. He spun around and saw a door halfway ajar.

The man's legs lagged on him as he rushed to get of the dark room. The outside was dark and was speckled with stars. He made his way out of the fenced area and onto the grassy field. The midnight dew felt pleasant on his stinging legs.

He had been walking for a while now and he could see the sun peeking out of the horizon, it was beautiful. He pushed himself to walk farther on his injured legs, with only the sunrise as his motivation.

What was he doing out here in the first place? The question rang in his mind louder with every step. He needs to know the answer.

The exhaustion, dehydration and the effects of his injuries began to wear on him harder. The cut on his forehead was bleeding harder and was running down his cheek and into his eye, his left arm and leg was the worst of the burns; he could feel his tears ready to come pouring out.

He felt so lost and alone, why had this happened to him? He stopped walking and swayed softly before bringing his gaze back up, his tired eyes landed on a town. He let out a relieved laugh.

He made it, he didn't know where but, he made it and that was good enough for him.

The walk to the closet building, a supermarket, seemed longer than it actually was. He walked through the lot, earning a few strange and concerned looks, leaning on the cars for support. The automatic doors swept open for him as he was welcomed with cool temperatures and a aroma that made his stomach grumble loudly.

Just when he was about to call out, his head started spinning. It was different from the other pain; this time his head felt like swords where jabbing at his brain. His vision went fuzzy and he fell face first onto the cold ground right in front of the open and closing doors. He could still hear, just faintly.

Someone screamed and people ran over to him. "Call 911!" Someone yelled as a pair of hands flipped him over onto his throbbing back. "Oh god." Baffled people murmured. "Tell them to hurry up! He's got second degree burns, looks like from electrical shock. And—" His eye lid was popped open wider than it was, he saw a male looking down at him with a bright light surrounding him. "He's dehydrated, badly." The man patted his shoulder. "Don't worry, I'm a doctor, you'll be fine, okay?"

The man nodded slowly and allowed his eyelids to close.