Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Silent Doll

Notes: A/U, PWP, OOC and will have graphic DARK sexual scenes in the next chapter. Enjoy Lovelies!

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~~~~~~*******Chapter 1*******~~~~~~

Hinata knew how it had come to this; her sitting in the bathtub, sharp razor pressing harshly against the thick blue pulsing vein in her wrist. Everything was se in motion over a year and a half ago. A sound of soul deep pain escaped Hinata; such a pitiful thing she had turned into!

Hinata used to smile, laugh and love life until the day Naruto left her to return to his high school girlfriend, and first love, Sakura. The one time Hyuuga heiress tried to put up a brave front, smiling sadly and accepting Naruto's apologies gracefully even though her heart was breaking. She graciously denied the blonde's offer of help with the bills. Hinata did not want his pity; no, she wanted Naruto and always would.

Or so she had thought but she was getting ahead of herself now; the then twenty-one year Hinata was been left with nothing with the exception of the small apartment she and Naruto shared, which she could now not afford since the blonde left their home to live at Sakura's apartment.

Hinata felt so stupid staring around their once shared apartment, thinking of all the things she had gone through to be with the blue eyed male. For Kami's sake she had left her family to be with him, prompting her father to disown her from the exceedingly rich Hyuuga clan.

She had nothing to fall back on at all; her job as a floral assistant at her friend Ino's shop hardly covered half her bills. Hinata would soon be homeless! In her desperation Hinata applied for any job she could and eventually she was hired at Hebi's; a discreet yet plush bar in downtown Konoha.

Hinata was not comfortable dressing in the uniform; a short black skirt, white long sleeve button up shirt with only the middle buttons closed, allowing her full breasts and slim abdomen to show and to top it off knee high black stiletto boots. The ex-Hyuuga heiress disliked the uniform immensely but bills needed to be paid and she would do what she had to in order keep a roof over her head, food in her belly, and her other expenses taken care of.

That was how she became acquainted with Sannin Orochimaru; the owner of Hebi's. Even though the tall man was the owner Hinata was interviewed and hired by the bar manager, Suigetsu; a white haired rather loud young man with questionable manners but a bright if vicious smile.

Hinata didn't know quite what to make of Orochimaru but the older man seemed to be attracted to her. Hinata was not sure how to handle Orochimaru's advances and invitations to dinner at first; it took a month and a half for Hinata to finally give in and accept the man's offer of dinner.

A miserable grin spread across Hinata's pouty lips; the razor blade shaking in her hand slightly when she remembered their first date. It was lovely; a fancy restaurant, wine, and dancing until late into the night. When Orochimaru dropped her off at her dingy flat he had kissed her with such intensity that Hinata's panties moistened and her breath was taken.

The raven haired man left her that first night breathing hard, very aroused, and with a swarm of butterflies fluttering crazily in her stomach. The lavender eyed woman never felt anything like it; yes she and Naruto kissed during their year long relationship but Naruto had never made her feel like Orochimaru had.

That was the end for her, that kiss spelled her doom, but Hinata was too blind to see it. They continued to date and after two months they moved in together. Orochimaru convinced her that her apartment wasn't safe and she deserved to live somewhere befitting her beauty and the station she had once held in the Hyuuga clan.

Hinata confided to her new lover why she was no longer apart of the wealthy Hyuuga clan; that disowned status changed when Hinata accompanied Orochimaru to a charity event that was being held to raise money for the Hokage's reelection campaign; it seemed Orochimaru was well respected amongst the wealthy inhabitants of Konoha.

So respected that her father, Hyuuga Hiashi, nodded in approval when he saw his eldest daughter on the arm of one of Konoha's wealthiest businessmen. Hinata beamed with pride that night, happy that her father approved of her choice of mate; Hinata was no longer disnowned but she would never assume control of Hyuuga Corp in the future.

Orochimaru and Hiashi began to do business shortly after the charity event; Hinata was pleased that she helped both her clan and her lover further their business goals. She referred to Orochimaru as her lover but aside from kissing each other they had not gone further than that and Hinata knew they would have to move forward soon; she wanted it and so did her older lover.

The first time they made love was memorable for an obvious reason; it was the night Orochimaru proposed to her and the night she agreed to be his wife. Sitting in the lukewarm water of the large tub Hinata glanced down at the four carrot cushion cut diamond on her left ring finger, idly fiddling with it.

How had they gone from making love, tenderly taking such sweet pleasure in each other, to what they did now? Hinata could not understand it at all! It had started simply enough with Orochimaru desiring to tie her up in bed when they engaged in sexual activities then it was the suggestion of introducing small vibrators into their foreplay or lovemaking. Those toys weren't so bad and felt quite good pushed against her clit and nipples.

Now, however, their sex had reached a level of depravity that shamed Hinata; how had she let it get this far? Why hadn't she said no or seen what their relationship was evolving into? She wasn't even sure if Orochimaru loved her anymore or if he ever had in the first place.

Orochimaru could be whatever he wanted to be if it suited his needs and/or wants. Most days Hinata was a warm body for her husband to slide into and use until he was panting and fully sated while her body was left soiled with his saliva, his seed, and her silent tears of shame. Orochimaru seemed to enjoy watching her cry, licking up the salty drops that crested from her pale eyes and downs her high cheekbones.

A choked sob left Hinata's mouth, the razor pressing hard into her flesh but not breaching the vital vein in her wrist. She loved him, Kami knew she did, with her whole heart and Hinata did what she did to please him so he would not leave her or go elsewhere for satisfaction.

But the feelings of shame, disgust, and self-hatred were becoming stronger and stronger everyday as were the whispers of slut and whore that loudly rang through her tired mind; it seemed even her conscious was against her.

However, no matter how much she loathed what she was doing, what she had become for her husband's pleasure, Hinata still didn't have the strength to end it all. All it would take was just a little bit more pressure on both her wrists with the straight razor and it would be done.

Hinata knew she wouldn't do it; she sat like this in the tub almost every night, trying to figure her life out and try to think of ways to make it better. Each night ended the same way; Hinata would rise from the tub, dry herself, and put the razor back in her vanity drawer.

This night was not any different, the depressing ritual was observed before she readied herself for bed and slipped into their bedroom. Hinata heard the door to their luxury flat close as she slipped into her silk robe standing next to the bed, waiting for her husband to come to her. Orochimaru stepped into the room as she knew he would. Hinata looked at her spouse, the man she loved, and admitted to herself that he was still handsome, incredibly so, with long straight black hair, pale almost glowing skin, gorgeous golden eyes, and a strong tall body riddled with corded muscle.

Her husband stepped forward removing his clothes; "Hello love; did you miss me?" It always started like this but Hinata knew it would not last, it never did. Orochimaru didn't even wait for her to reply before he spoke again; "Get on the bed, Hinata, I want you on your hands and knees; your gorgeous ass in the air for me to take as I wish."

Hinata nodded submissively while she removed her robe; hatred for her weakness boiling inside her as she slipped onto the soft blanket, positioning her body as her husband requested. There she waited for him to do what he would to her; she would not stop him nor speak against his actions.

This was her life now and when she saw the large bottom drawer of the night stand opening Hinata could not suppress the shiver that went through her slim body; whether the shiver was from disgust or anticipation she would never know, not having the courage to examine that feeling rolling in her gut.

With a silent sigh Hinata braced herself for what was to come when she heard the tube of what she knew to be lube popped open. However, Orochimaru's phone going off outside their bedroom saved her from finding out what her husband planned for her body tonight; at least for now.

With a curse the raven haired man stood, quickly traversing their bedroom, and strode out into the living room of their apartment. A sigh, this time of relief, escaped Hinata's soft lips as she allowed herself to slide fully onto the mattress.

Orochimaru came back into the room, not even glancing at her as he dressed himself to leave. When he was finished the raven haired male looked as polished as he always did. Before leaving the room he spoke to her; "When I return love we will finish where we left off. Until then my dear keep our bed warm while I go to the office and get everything under control." Hinata meekly nodded not daring to speak as her husband had no patience for the stuttering that afflicted Hinata when she was nervous or scared.

The once sweet, caring, and bubbly pale eyed woman had turned into a silent doll for her husband to pick up, a toy for Orochimaru to play with however he pleased, and then drop when he was done with her.

When Hinata heard the apartment door close behind her spouse she let the tears roll down her soft cheeks, soaking the pillow in the salty liquid. The young woman fell asleep like that; face pressed against the wet pillow as she curled around herself, even in sleep Hinata wanted to shield herself from what she knew was coming later on.

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