Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Silent Doll

Notes: So I was not going to go further than the last chapter but I figured an epilogue was in order maybe I'll let Hinata have a bit of a happy ending. Enjoy Lovelies!

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She was trapped, truly trapped with Orochimaru and the feelings of despair, self-loathing and hatred bubbled up again, tears filled her eyes as she turned to the now full tub.

"I will stay with you Orochimaru-sama." A kiss was pressed to her ruffled hair as her husband stepped into the shower to clean himself off. Hinata stepped into the hot water, submerging her sore body and battered soul into the relaxing liquid; she stared at the bright blue veins in her wrists wishing she had her razor.

However, Hinata knew she would not go through with killing herself; she truly was a wretched coward, nothing but her husband's silent doll whose only responsibility was to submit to Orochimaru's desires and bring him pleasure and children. The tears fell without sobs, merging into the hot water in the tub as Hinata began to scrub her skin raw, a broken look settling into her once bright pale eyes.

Epilogue - Five Years Later

Hinata stared at the two little boys running around the large yard of one of the smaller Hyuuga estates; she was free and had been for over a year. It seemed that Hinata was wrong about her husband; he did in fact have a heart.

In fact that same organ had been Orochimaru's downfall; a massive heart attack claimed him not thirteen months earlier. She could not bring herself to feel upset by her husband's death.

The man had truly put her through hell; the only positive thing Orochimaru left her with was two wonderful sons and a hefty amount of money. So much they would never want for anything in their lives.

Her father, Hiashi, had offered them one of the Hyuuga properties outside of Konoha. He had said it would be good for his grandchildren to have space to run and play.

It surprised Hinata when she saw the love shining in her father's usually shuttered eyes when he looked at her boys. It seemed Hiashi was not as heartless as Hinata had once believed, that thought made her happy.

The family of three settled into the lives quickly; her four year old son Orochi was a hand full of curiosity. The boy was always into something, his golden eyes shining in excited curious wonder. Hinata saw so much of her deceased husband in her first born but to her relief none of Orchimaru's sadism and potential for cruelty.

Hinata had made it a point to nurture Orochi's temperament to ensure he would always be kind and gentle. However, she would not let the boy become a push over, easily bullied into what others wanted like his mother used to be.

The former Hyuuga heiress had become stronger once Orochimaru was gone from her life for good. Realizing that if she could survive the years of abuse and cruelty Orochimaru heaped out on her she was stronger than she thought.

So much stronger that Hinata was now working with her father on a consulting basis, assisting with the larger accounts. She was quite the little saleswoman when she wanted to be, with her stunning looks and unassuming demeanor she caught many a shark off guard when they met to discuss business.

The pride that was finally shown in her father's eyes was welcome, making Hinata's heart swell. Finally her father saw her and not only did Hiashi see her he wholeheartedly loved what he saw from his former doormat of a daughter.

Smiling Hinata glanced to look at her second son, Neji; the little two year old was so serious. So much like his grandfather it was amusing at times to watch them together, both males with puckered brows as they thought something over.

They not only acted alike but they shared an uncanny resemblance; Neji was undoubtedly the child of a Hyuuga with his pale eyes shining with serious intensity as he spoke in clipped tones. Well as clipped as two year old's words could be but it made Hinata smile to see him try to read books far more advanced them him and shocked when Neji pronounced some of the words.

Hiashi had already anointed her boys as prodigies, nurturing their growing intelligence to the point of spoiling the dark haired boys. Hinata did not mind in fact she adored it; she knew that if Orochimaru had not been struck down their lives would have been much different.

The man did not let up on his sexual sadism, in fact he became worse. The only time Orochimaru stopped his torment of Hinata was when she was pregnant or had just given birth. The reprieve was wonderful but it made Hinata realize how horrid her life and existence had become.

In the beginning it had been the sexual sadism but as time went on it elevated to emotional abuse but only when the couple was alone. It escalated once again when Neji turned one and Orochimaru lost his temper in front of the kids, striking Hinata's face and calling her vulgar names.

Her deceased husband had only stopped when twin screams of fright ripped out of their watching sons. A week later Hinata got the call from Suigetsu that Orochimaru had collapsed in his office at Hebi's. The white haired man had gone on to tell her that her tormentor was not responding to the medic's attempts to revive him.

Hinata had raced to the hospital after dropping her sons at their grandfather's, the whole way Hinata was torn on what to pray to Kami for; should she pray for her husband to be saved or taken. In the end under tremendous guilt Hinata had willed God to take her tormentor away from her.

For once Hinata was heard; Orochimaru died at the age of forty before she reached the hospital, flat lining in the ambulance where the medics could not revive him. Guilt ridden but relieved Hinata went through the process of arranging her husband's funeral while she left the arranging of his estate to her father.

Rising from the bench in the garden Hinata smiled at her sons, murmuring for them to follow her for lunch. The offer of food had both little dark haired boys running into the house to wash their hands so they could eat their sandwiches.

Hinata watched, following her energetic children with fond amusement dancing in her pale eyes. The joyous light once again back in her moon like eyes, no longer was she a silent doll to be played with. No, Hinata was a strong woman now and the mother of two wonderful sons; she who would never suffer in silence again at the hands of someone else.

I know it is a bit short but I think it sums it all up; I hope you enjoyed it lovelies!

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