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"Stupidly cold mountain with it's stupid blizzards."

Silver trudged through the knee-high snow with a scowl gracing his face, scarf wrapped tight about his neck. The dark red hat he wore to keep out cold did nothing to keep him warm, and his ears were red with cold and his hair peppered with white snowflakes. While he was struggling through the blizzard, Weaville was having an easier time in the snow. The Pokemon swam through it like water. The redhead ignored the Pokemon.

"It was your idea Silver, so don't get so snippy," a voice responded. Beside him was Green, in the same state as miserable Silver. His Eevee was huddled in his jacket, too short to travel on foot. She'd get lost in the snow. She chattered the whole time, whining about the cold. Green had his arms wrapped tightly about himself and Eevee to keep warm.

The two Trainers were climbing Mt. Silver, Kanto's infamous mountain, in the middle of fall. Of course it made sense to climb in fall- in the spring, the ice melted and it became a frozen wasteland with every step trying to slip you up, and in winter the snow piled on so thick and heavy and precariously a sneeze could trigger an avalanche. They were not climbing it to make a point, find a Pokemon, or to have a nice camping trip. In fact, they were there for not something, but someone. Two someone's, really.

Gold and Red.

Red'd been on Mt. Silver since the age of 15, leaving Kanto, the title of Champ, Pallet Town, and Green behind. He'd become the strongest Trainer to exist. He was the Champion in the eyes of many. But Gold, the self proclaimed "prince" of Johto'd left to go a challenge Red at the age of 14, and won. Silver, Blue, Green, Yellow, Oak, and Chrys planned an amazing "Congrats On Being Champion" party, but Gold never showed.

Then Silver got a text that changed his life.

Staying on Mt. Silver to train with Red. Might not be back a while.

That was 2 years ago.

For two years Silver waited for his closest-thing-to-a-best-friend to return, but the amber-eyed male never showed. Silver'd felt completely and utterly alone- Gold was the only person he felt he could really talk to, the person who he could cry to and not feel weak. Gold was something Silver'd grown so accustomed to, and he felt as if there was a part of him missing when Gold wasn't there. For a while, Silver thought nobody knew how he felt. Then he remembered that Green had also been left behind by his best friend and missed him as well. Silver knew that Green would help him, since the two were something akin to friends and since Green knew the mountain pretty well from numerous failed attempts to retrieve Red. Of course Silver sought him out, bursting into Green's gym and dragging him into his office to speak with him.

"We need to get Gold and Red back home. Pronto. As in now."

"How? The two idiots won't leave, and we can't call them..."

"Then we get them ourselves."

Of course Green agreed whole-heartily, which led to their current situation.

"Silver, this is crazy," Green growled. "Even if we don't freeze to death on this stupid mountain, how will we even find them?! Mount Silver's peak is riddled with caves, and they could be in any of them. We lost the map, have little to no supplies left, and our clothes are useless in this weather. We should turn back while Pidgot can still fly through this blizzard and try again later. I miss Red and Gold too, but this is suicide." His tone became comforting. While he missed Red, missed him every second of every day, neither of them were cut out for such rugged temperatures. Eevee agreed with a morose chirp.

"Not leaving without Gold," Silver responded back, almost tripping in the ever-deepening snow. Silver'd waited long enough, and he was determined to find his closest-thing-to-a-best-friend and bring him home. Silver missed him, Gold's mom missed him, Crys missed him, and even a few Gym Leaders expressed their growing discomfort with Gold's absence. It didn't bother Silver that Gold wanted to train. That was normal. Silver himself trained daily. It didn't bother him that Gold wanted to train under Red. Red was amazingly strong, and being his mentee was an honor.

It was that Gold dropped everything, his family, friends, and responsibilities, to go train on a stupidly cold mountain and only left a text as an explanation.

What hurt Silver most was that Gold didn't even say goodbye.

Green sighed. He knew Silver was head strong and did what he wanted, and even if the Gym Leader turned back, he knew Silver'd continue on. The fire in his cool metallic eyes screamed that. Green nodded sharply and resolved himself, fighting through the snow again. It was harder than before; the blizzard had grown worse swiftly and suddenly. It grew harder and harder to see through the violent snowstorm. The duo hadn't gotten far before Weaville suddenly began growling and Eevee bared her tiny teeth. Silver stiffened.

"Something's not right." The grey-eyed teen looked about, long red hair peppered with fat, fluffy snowflakes whipping about. Green pulled out a Pokeball, clutching it tightly. The wind suddenly became stronger, more violent than before. The two Trainers moved so they were back to back, both tensed and rigid. A loud and angry cry emanated from the blizzard, a pair of steel grey eyes glaring from the snow. The eyes narrowed, and glowed as the creature cried out again. A bright blue light flew for them. Green reacted faster than Silver did.

"Get down!" Green threw his redheaded junior into the snow to narrowly avoid an Ice Beam streaking over them. Eevee hissed angrily, but was sent into her Pokeball by Green. Silver rolled into a crouch to face his assailant The creature emerged from the blizzard with a flash of wings and a shrill cry. Articuno! It flapped it's huge wings, stirring up the snow and causing the blizzard to grow worse. The Legendary was jarring their path up the mountain! Silver snarled with fury as Green called out Arcanine.

"Weaville, Night Slash!"

"Arcanine, Fire Fang!"

The two Pokemon launched themselves at the huge bird of ice. Arcanine latched onto the Articuno's wing with a triumphant "Arc!". Articuno cried out, and cringed when Weaville's claws slashed into it's blue feathers. It's eyes glowed again, and it curled it's wings and them spread them sharply, knocking both Pokemon back into the snow with tremendous force. Silver growled and Green snarled.

"Get up Weaville, and hit it with Shadow Claw!" The Trader ordered.

"Weaville!" The Dark Pokemon shot up and crouched. It's claws erupted into a dark aura resembling flames, then launched itself at the Articuno yet again. Green shook the snow off and turned to his Arcanine.

"You too! Use Fire Blast!" Green commanded.

" 'canine!" The huge Pokemon pounced, muzzle glowing red. Before either could carry out their attack, Articuno opened it's beak and fired an Ice Beam at both Pokemon. Both were hit- hard.

" Vile!" Silver's Weaville cried, slamming into a mound of rocks. It struggled to rise. "Weaville!" Silver called, rushing to his injured Pokemon.

"Nine!" Arcanine was thrown back into Green, sending Pokemon and Trainer into the snow. Arcanine rose shakily, Green clutching it's cream mane for support. Both Trainers knew they were helpless. Even with their superior strength, overwhelming speed, and top notch tactics, it was no match for such a strong creature hell bent on keeping them from scaling the mountain any further.

But they had no choice but to keep fighting. Both males called their Pokemon out to battle once more.

"Weaville, use your Shadow Ball!"

"Giga Impact Arcanine!"

The two Pokemon nodded. Weaville brought it claws close together, a ball of dark energy forming between the points. Arcanine began to shine silver. The two Pokemon yelled and fired, Weaville's Shadow Ball firing towards into the Articuno with dizziying speed and Arcanine charged, leaped, and slammed into the legendary. It shrieked, loud and piercing, before suddenly disappearing into the snow.

"Where'd it go?!" Silver yelled over the roar of the blizzard. He shielded his face from the snow, now fierce and stabbing like needles. Green could only shake his head. The two froze when the bird's ghostly cry echoed out. Weaville and Arcanine looked about, poised to attack. Suddenly, a flash of blue streaked by with a shrill screech, knocking into Weaville. Before it could recover, it was slammed into again. "Wea!" it cried out, struggling to rise. Arcanine growled, fur rising, but yelped when it too became subject to the attack. " 'canine!"



But it was useless. The legendary was too fast to be seen as it attacked again and again under the cover of the thick snow, rendering Arcanine and Weaville helpless. Weaville growled and tried forming a Shadow Claw, but it was intercepted by a powerful blow. Arcanine's muzzle glowed with a Flamethrower, but it too was shut down when Articuno dealt it a harsh smash to the chest. They were assaulted again and again, until both Pokemon were dealt a blow so strong, they were blown back several feet. They both crashed into one another, falling into a battered heap in the snow.

Their Trainers ran to them, crouching beside their hurt Pokemon and bringing them closer with concern. Green and Silver looked up as Articuno began flapping it's wings again, sending volumes of piercing snow their way. The two turned their backs to it with cries of pain, unable to fight back against the powerful attack.

We'll die here! Buried in the snow! We should have turned back...this is all my fault...

The two clutched to one another but both's exuhastion became to force them into the holds of the darkness where death would surely take them. Green fought to stay up, but gave way and slumped against his beaten Pokemon. Silver too fell victim to the volleys of snow and wind.

As the two Trainers faded into the hold of unconciousness, Silver could have sworn he saw a flash of fire and golden eyes...

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