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The room was rather silence after Gold's declaration. The three males stared hard at him for a while as he sat there looking triumphant. From the door a soft "Pika" was heard and Pikachu and Eevee plodded into the room. The two were outside when a storm began to brew, and they decided to seek solace with their Trainers. Green patted his leg and Eevee hopped onto his lap, snuggling there with a soft purr. Pikachu curled himself onto Red's shoulder like a sentry, watching the males with wise chocolate eyes. After a few seconds or stroking Eevee's cream fur Green shrugged.

"Why the hell not. It's something to do." He shrugged and Eevee seemed to agree with a flick of her fluffy tail. After realized Green was to play, Red relented and sighed softly, indicating he was also to play.

"Pika," Pikachu agreed. But a certain sneaky redhead-ninja-thief-trainer-guy was still staring at Gold.

"Truth….or Dare." Silver said slowly, his silver eyes staring incessantly at Gold. The prince of Johto just laughed and nodded firmly, as if his idea was the best to ever grace the earth. As if he invented fucking Pokeballs. The Trader stared at him for a very, very, very long time. The dragging silence didn't make Gold's stupid smile evaporate. Much to Silver's disappointment. Finally, he realized stupid Gold wasn't getting the point; he turned around and shook his head.

"Not playing." He said sharply. Gold frowned and pouted.

"Why not? It'll be fun!" he whined shaking Silver's arm. Silver allowed himself to be rocked back and forth before slapping off Gold's hand.

"Stop doing that. And I don't want to play. It's a stupid, childish game that nobody but weak little children play." The Trader snapped. The Hatcher whined softly and grabbed Silver's hand. Silver's face flushed red and he snatched his hand back if he'd touched a white hot iron rod. Gold didn't relent- instead he put his head on Silver's leg and flashed the boy his best puppy eyes. Silver happened to look down.

Big mistake.

Gold's puppy eyes were effective because of two things- his eyes color and face. His eyes were gold as honey and just as warm, just as bright, almost aflame. His face was just as sad, adding to the melancholy look he was able to attain with his eyes. He had only the most perfect jawline, not chiseled but defined. His face was angular and his messy hair fell slightly over one warm gold eye- fucking perfect.

Silver was internally having a panic attack. Damn it damn it damn it damn it! He still didn't understand why Gold managed to do this to him, make him confused and flail for an understanding. Why when Gold smiled at him his heart skipped a beat- why when Gold fucking looked at him with those goddamned eyes he felt like his heart was either melting or exploding. Why his face heated up and he wanted nothing more than freaking kiss him-



"I meant…no…to…doing anything…stupid. But yeah, let's play." Silver said quickly, face going bright red.

"Yay! My puppy eyes worked!" he cheered happily, bounding up. He did a victory lap around the room before sitting back down next to Silver, who was trying to hide his face in the high collar of his jacket. He gave Silver a pointed glance. "And I can't promise it'll be nothing homo."


"RULES!" Gold yelled, cutting Silver off who sent him a glare to intimidate lions. "You have to do the truth or dare you are assigned. If assigned truth you MUST tell the truth! If you lie, well, we'll let guilt handle you. And you must do the dare or you get snow shoved down your pants! You choose. Now, the truths can't be anything far too personal, such as…. family recipes or stuff. And the dare cannot be life threatening- the nearest hospital is a day away. You can dare to tell a truth, it counts. Let's play! Green, since your first on the bed we'll start with you." Gold said. He suddenly laid back and relaxed his head onto Silver's shoulder. Silver went red and spluttered, but finally relaxed and allowed him to rest there.

Green scratched Eevee's head, who purred and leaned into it. She sat up in Green's lap and looked down at the two boys sitting on the floor.

"Hmm. Silver, truth or dare."

"Dare." Silver said quickly. Green snorted. "Alright. I dare you do and try to take Red's hat off." Silver blanched and glanced at Red. His head was securely on his head and Red was known for fiercely protecting his hat. In fact Red was now staring at Silver steadily as if daring him to try. Silver pondered a way to do so, carefully studied the way Red's hat was haphazardly on and was constantly ruffled by the wind. Finally he smiled.

"Can I use an assist?"

"I…I guess s-"

"Hey, Pikachu!" The Pokemon was glanced at Eevee and talking with her, and he turned to glance at Silver. His tail knocked the hat off Red's head the way Silver planned and the hat fluttered to the ground. Red made no attempt to recover the headgear and let it fall away without a care. Silver reached forward and grabbed it and held it with triumph. Gold snickered.

"Good job," he murmured, and happened to blow his honey and cinnamon breath into Silver's face, and the Trader's mind went blank for a few seconds. Luckily, after realizing his mistake, Pikachu leaped from Red's shoulder and retrieved his Trainer's hat; saving Silver from having to give it back himself. Silver shook his head and Green scowled.

"I didn't mean like that." But he smiled. "Well played Silver! Alright Red, you now." The other male stared at the two on the floor with crimson eyes. He was quiet for a long while.


"I choose….Truth!"

"Did you eat my fruit snacks." His question/accusation filled the room with a sense of malice like Red was about to pounce Gold and maul his face. Gold twitched and sat up, releasing Silver's shoulder. Silver and Green both stared at Gold silently.

"Uh… can I use an assist too?"

"No." Red's tone was sharp and dark and spoke of evil if Gold didn't answer. Gold broke into hysterics under Red's glare.


"I agree, you are pathetic." Silver chimed in.

Gold was still flailing about in his melodramatic confession when Red finally said" Your turn Gold."

"Ooh! Ok, then, since I love to torture Green, GREEN, TRUTH OR DARE?!"

The Gym Leader sighed and shrugged. "I guess I'll go with Trut-"

"4 years ago, did you and Red really kiss in the closet when we played Spin The Bottle?" Gold asked, tilting his head. Green's mouth was still open and he twitched slightly. As if helping Red reached a hand over and shut Green's gaping jaw. The Gym Leader coughed.

"Uhh yeah. We….we did." He muttered softly. Red looked almost smug for a few seconds before turning to Silver almost pointedly. Silver stared back before realizing it was his turn.

"Oh uh… Uh…" He paused, thinking, before he got an idea. A wonderful idea that was beneficial to his victims' .He turned to the former champ, cool metallic eyes amused. "Red?"


"Kiss Green." Green went bright red and began stammering.

"Whoa whoa! You said nothing homo! And besides! Don't get Red into anything he doesn't wanna-"

Before he could finish Red grabbed Green by his collar and dragged him into a kiss that lasted much long than it need to. Pikachu squeaked and jumped over to Green's lap, where Eevee wrapped her tail around them both placidly. And even Gold stayed quiet when they realized it was almost like Green's will to resist was breaking and his eyes fluttered before Red let go, his face apathetic. Green pretty much drifted off into some other world, fingers gently touching his lips as if still in shock. Red stared at Silver. He was expecting an annoyed glare, but all Silver did was mouth "You're welcome." Red, suddenly understanding, scowled at Silver, and the redhead smirked. Silver turned to Green.

"We'll pass over you, ok?

Green didn't respond, his face was still a mask of shock and he was staring at the floor. He turned to Red, who glanced at Gold again. Gold shrunk under his mentors gaze. But when Red spoke up, it wasn't as harsh and accusing as before.

"Most embarrassing." He said in his soft yet rasping tone. Gold brightened once he realized he wasn't in questioning again. He laughed aloud.

"One time me, Kris and Silver went trick or treating. Kris went as some blue thing and Silver was a Weaville and I went as Aipom, right? So my tail got torn off by a tree or something but I didn't know! My underwear was showing for like, 8 blocks before Kris noticed." Gold laughed again and Silver rolled his eyes. "Man, I was embarrassed! And Kris still won't let me live it down!"

Red smiled softly and nodded with understanding. By this point Green's brain began working again and he was slowly coming back around. He was still making soft noises of disbelief. Gold, bouncy as ever, turned to Silver.

"Silver tell us you most embarrassing secret!" He exulted. The redhead glared at him and then thought. What was his most embarrassing secret? Surely, he thought with a blush, that….. Shouldn't have remembered that. But rules were rules and even sneaky redhead-ninja-thief-trainer-guy Silver had to abide by them. He coughed and turned away haughtily.

"Well I can't ride a bike all that well."

Gold burst into uncontrollable hysteretic. Siler went bright red in the face. "Shut up Gold! I don't even need a bike anyways! I have Murkrow and legs so fuck you." He snapped in irritation. He turned his back to Gold who went right on laughing. It was one of his most well-guarded secrets- not being able to ride a bike came off as weak. And Silver was a sneaky redhead-ninja-thief-trainer-guy! He was not weak. He reached threateningly for a crutch and Gold straightened up, still slightly snickering to himself.

"Ok, ok! Your turn Silver!" Gold announced dramatically, throwing his hands with flair at the redhead. Silver shot him a "that's-not-funny" glance before turning to Gold.

"Fine then. Your most embarrassing secret." Silver said, crossing his arms over his chest. Gold suddenly went red in the face. He coughed slightly, and then grinned. He sent Silver an almost shy glance and let a hesitant breath escape.

"Rules are rules! Well…I….have a crush on Silv."

The room went deathly quiet. Even Eevee and Pikachu, who were both chattering softly to each other felt the tension in the room and quieted. The only sound that tore through the now weighty silence was the harsh winds now blowing outside. All at one moment, all the males turned to Silver.

For a guy with a sprained ankle, Silver sure could move fast. The sneaky redhead-ninja-thief-trainer-guy was gone. Gold's face fell and he muttered something softly to himself. Red, almost feeling his mentee's distress gently took the two tiny Pokemon off his lap and went to go and comfort Gold. The amber eyed male was quiet, and suddenly his face brightened.

"Oh, I'm fine! Don't worry!" he chirped happily. Green of course, was relived to see Gold in such high spirits. Red knew better. While Gold was smiling and laughing, his eyes were darker than Red'd ever seen them. The smile, he could tell Gold was faking. The laughter, chocked on the sorrow he was obviously feeling. Rather than calling Gold out on his bluff, Red went to go find Silver. It wasn't hard- Silver had a thing for height. Sure enough, he'd managed to find an alcove atop some rocks, a small place for somebody to hide. Even with a hurt leg, Silver'd managed to get up there and even fit himself inside neatly. His face was blank and he clenched a Pokeball tight in his hands. He didn't look up when Red managed to reach him.

"Silver. Go apologize to Gold, right now."

Silver didn't respond at first, but after a few seconds of contemplative silence, he spoke.

"I owe him nothing," he growled softly. Red's eye narrowed.

"It wasn't a suggestion."

"Red, I appreciate it but-"

"Silver, go down there and apologize to Gold. He was honest enough to at least tell you, and he deserves to at least have this settled. I don't care what you ran off for, but Gold is your friend. He's stayed with you through thick and thin. You had no right to abandon him like you did. Man up Silver. Right now Gold needs you. Not me, not Green. You. If you can't handle that then you're as weak as you're acting right now." Red's words were harsh and sharp, despite his blank face. Silver twitched. Never before had Red said such a thing to him or ever spoke so much. It was well known that Red spoke when angry, but that…

'He cares about Gold. Much like an older brother', Silver realized. But Silver had his reasons.

"I can't go talk to him because I don't have my own feelings in order yet alright? I don't want to get his hopes up when…when I don't even know or understand myself."

"Figure it out along the way. Don't leave him down there." Red disappeared behind the rocks, and the sound of his footsteps slowly faded away. Silver paused, hands still clenching the Pokeball like a life line. He considered what Red said.

"Gold needs you."

Gold needed him.

Slowly, he released the Pokeball and stashed it in his jacket's pocket. He slid down from the alcove, a few rocks tumbling down as if to wish him goodbye. He dropped to the ground below, glancing at Gold's room. Only Gold was there, sitting on the bed, staring at nothing. Red's took Green with him when he left. Taking a deep breath, Silver limped over to Gold's room. He gently rapped on the amber eyed teen's door. Assuming it was Red or Green, the teen didn't look up. Silver sighed softly.


At the sound of Silver's voice Gold visibly flinched, then looked up with a bright smile as if nothing had happened. The sight of it suddenly sickened Silver. How Gold always tried to hide everything behind a smile and a laugh, and let nobody know if he was upset. How the hell was he supposed to help if Gold faked everything?!

"Silv! Sup, I was-"

"Drop it Gold!" Silver suddenly snapped. Gold froze, and the smile fell away. Shaking his head, he turned back out and stared at nothing. Silver went over and sat beside Gold quietly. The two sat there in total silence.


"Yes, Silver." The mentioned male frowned at how monotonous Gold's voice was, how hurt he sounded under all the apathy. Silver didn't like to see Gold like this. He hated it really. Gold was almost like a lighthouse, a beacon, who always managed to brighten Silver's day even if Silver wanted to be mad or angry. He was always smiling, grinning cracking stupid jokes nobody cared for. He was supportive, a crutch to lean on, an ear to listen, a hand to help, and a shoulder to cry on. Gold was there for Silver whenever Silver needed him, whatever he admitted if or not. (More often not.) Seeing Gold so dejected tore something in Silver apart. Unable to take, he suddenly threw his arms around Gold. The elder male froze, before fiercely hugging Silver back. He nestled his face into Silver's vibrant red hair and inhaled the scent of pomegranate shampoo.

"Look," Silver began softly. "I…I don't how to respond. I really don't. But I won't let you suffer like this." He gripped Gold's jacket abit tighter. "And when I get this in order, I'll tell you, ok?" Gold nodded softly.

"Love you, Silver."


Red and Green both sat at the mouth of the cave, watching the wind whip by in it's violent storm. The two were under one large blanket, watching the storm grow fiercer and wild, louder and louder with it screaming winds and earth shattering thunder. Red had somehow managed to snuggled himself into Green without the Gym Leader noticing and spazzing out.

"Wow, the storm is getting bad. Guess we'll have Snorlax move the rock in front of the door, eh?" He'd found out that whenever it stormed or when wild Pokemon threatened their safely, the huge boulder was pushed to barricade the opening. Red just shrugged as always and stared out without expression. However, he'd forgotten that Green reads faces better than everybody and anybody. He gently tapped Red's shoulder to gain the male's attention. The crimson eyed male turned to glance at him, inky hair falling over his face and obscuring one red eye from view.

"You're upset, why? Is it what Gold said?" Green asked, tilting his head so his soft and spiky brown hair was fluffed from the soft wind of his movement.

Red nodded and sighed softly.

"You're worried about him getting hurt aren't you? Don't worry. Silver isn't the type to play around with the emotions of others. Even if Silver doesn't return his affection. "

"He's cold." Red growled angrily. Green smiled.

"Not around Gold. Have you seen him with Gold? He relaxed, let's down his walls. He's open and laughing more than I've ever seen before with Silver. He cares about Gold, almost fiercely. He won't hurt Gold. Never would. And even if it doesn't exactly work out, they'll work something out. They always have." Green smiled again and gently shoved Red's shoulder.

"Like what we have." Red glanced up at Green's comment and at Green quietly. The other male didn't notice and continued to watch the growing storm. Red leaned over to Green and gently kissed his cheek. Green froze, and when he snapped his head to glance at Red the other was staring at the storm apathetically. He stared at Red, waiting for a sign of life, anything really, but Red continued to watch the storm. Green sighed and shook his head.

"It's hard to understand you at times Red." A ghostly chuckle affirmed to be Red was heard clearly over the booming thunder.

It was much later on when Gold and Silver finally left Gold's room and re-entered reality. The two'd spent hours simply sitting the, staring out into nothing. Almost as if communicating through telepathy, they came to an unspoken agreement that life would go on undisturbed until Silver made his choice. Both seemed to be fine with it, and they watched nothing go by, watching nothing dash past. They sat in complete silence, with was only broken when Silver yawned. By the time two hours had passed, Silver and Gold both had inconspicuously laid their hands beside one another's. Finally, the silence and stillness was broken by Silver rising. Without a word he offered Gold a hand, which he took. Silver helped Gold and wobbled over to his forgotten crutches. The two swung themselves out into the "living room" and Gold sat on down on a rock in front of the roaring fire. Silver sat beside him. He glanced at Gold. He was relaxed, obviously in a much better state than before. His golden eyes were warm and were that honey color Silver loved. A calm smile was lacing his face as was to be expected, and his hands were in his lap as he enjoyed the blaze that warmed his face. Silver did the same, crutches in his laps. Gold glanced at him.

"Yo, Silv, how's your ankle?"

"Better," Silver said, gently rubbing his ankle. It didn't hurt as much anymore. "I can walk on it, but it throbs when I do."

"Good. It wasn't a bad sprain to begin with."

"I know-"they were cut off by Green and Red racing inside in a furious rush, their Pokemon behind them. Eevee's normally plush fur was sticking up and her mouth was turned in a snarl as she followed Green. Pikachu was much more calm, but his tail was high and his cheeks sparked. The younger males watched them with curiosity. Gold stood slightly.

"What's going on?!" he demanded as the elder males tore apart the cave gathering Pokeball and calling their Pokemon. Weaville came racing for Silver, crouching beside him protectively. Explotaro lumbered forth as well, snorting smoke. Gold laid a hand on the Typhlotion's fur.

"It's Articuno," Green hissed. Red let out an audible growl. "It's back and it's coming fast!" Red turned sharply and raced back, Pikachu at his heels with his bright red cheeks sparking. "Get out here Gold! You two Silver, we need you." Both males nodded and gathered their Pokemon before racing outside to the mouth of the cave. All 4 stood outside, looking much like soldiers. Red stood stoically, face dark, Pikachu at his feet with his cheeks sparking and growling out a menacing "Pikaaaaaa" every now and again, Charizard behind him with his huge wings extended. Green had Arcanine beside him like a huge guard dog, and Eevee was on his shoulder with a serious expression. Gold stood rigidly, like a plank, his pool cue over his shoulder and his eyes cold, Typloshion snorting fire again and again, Aitaro's tails curled into fists. Silver had his arms crossed over his chest, red hair blowing wildly like fire in the vicious wind, Weaville with claws extended and crouching in a fighting stance in front of him, Feraligator's claws poised to strike in seconds.

"Get ready," Green whispered. "Here it comes." Sure enough, over the booming thunder and shrieking wind came a shrill screech that clawed at their eardrums. A dark shape streaked past, blowing snow at them like darts. They covered their faces. In a flash second, a streak of blue went soaring for Red. Red backed up in a second and Charizard burst forth, firing a power Flamethrower and countering the Ice Beam. The Beam disappeared and a furious scream came from the snow, but the Legendary bird did not show itself.

"Coward! Come fight!" Silver yelled into the thick wall of snow. Another scream sounded. Green snorted.

"It won't fight us head on, but we need to end this with that bird. It's worsening the conditions for us to head back down. Red, you- Red! Red!." He'd disappeared into the snow. A look of concern flashed on Green's face for a second then was gone. "Silver, you're my teammate in this one; I need you to help me." The redhead nodded sharply. "Gold, you head out into the snow on the other side and ensure it comes our way. Be careful." The amber eyed teen gave Green a thumbs up. He caught Silver's eye, who gave a him a long and silent look. Gold looked back and ran off into the snow with his Pokemon behind him. Silver then positioned himself beside Green.

"Get ready…" Green murmured softly. Arcanine crouched, hackles rising and lips pulled back in a grisly snarl. Weaville's was in f fighting stance, rocking back and forth and letting low growls be heard. It was all quiet- the quiet before the storm. Both males stood rigidly, frozen, worrying about their friend out in the snow. The minutes stretched on, into an hour. There was nothing from either Red or Gold. All there was was the screeching of the wind, the almost black sky overhead sending down piercing snow, and the booming thunder that shook the ground beneath them. Neither relaxed their posture.

There was suddenly a flash into the distance, a screech, and something crying out. The color red glowed bright, as did blue, and yellow. Something exploded and the Articuno must have been hit, as it screamed in pain and uncontrollable fury. Distant shouting could be heard.

"What the hell?!" Green barked. The wall of snow was advancing like an avalanche! Silver and Green began to swiftly back up, going around the cave. In a flurry as snow, Gold came rushed out of the snow wall on Typlohsion's back. They streaked towards Silver and Green, trying to outrun the snow that seemed to charge after them.

"It attacked us!" Gold yelled. "It tricked me and Red into crossing paths. It drove Red back into the snow!"

"Where is he?!" Green yelled at Gold, who was approaching fast.

"I don't know! He was there one second, and gone the n-"Directly behind Gold was a huge explosion that send Gold and his team flying and slamming into the snow. Silver whirled. He turned, whistled for Feraligator, and raced for Gold.

"Silver!" Green yelled, but the snow coming at his like a tornado prevented him from going after the redhead. Silver and Feraligator dashed towards Gold, ignoring the snow coming down to engulf them. Silver hoisted Gold up and helped him onto his feet. Feraligator hurriedly righted the Fire Pokemon.

"Come on! Let's go!" Silver yelled over the now deafening blizzard. He stumbled over his bad foot. Gold nodded and without warning, hoisted Silver into his arms and began running after Green and helplessly for shelter from the coming attack. The avalanche like snow wall came faster and faster as if chasing after the two. Gold handed Silver over to Feraligator, who charged ahead with his Trainer as Silver got onto the Pokemon's back and hunkered down. Green had realized that the snow was too fast for them to outrun on their own, and now was on Arcanine's back with Eevee safely bundled in his jacket. Gold and Typloshion were behind, almost engulfed in the almost black snow. They were racing alongside the snow, almost out, and before they could make it out, a streak of blue froze Gold to the ground. He fell forward as his Pokemon raced on. He yanked his leg, unable to get out. He reached out helplessly for the two Trainers.

"Green! Green help! I'm stuck!" Gold yelled, his voice almost lost in the screaming winds. He helplessly tugged his leg in the solid ice. Behind him the wall was advancing, and was close to burying Gold into the snow. Green swore.

"Arcanine, Flamethrower!" A jet of fire went blasting on Gold's foot, melting it just enough for Gold and slam himself free and go racing after the two right as the snow came smashing down where'd he'd been seconds before. He lunged forward and managed to grab Typloshion and get onto his back. The wind was now blowing snow wildly everywhere as Articuno screeched warnings behind them. The three Trainers ran ahead of the wall of black snow, running blindly in the snow unable to see, and Green happened to notice a small cave, just hollow enough for them all.

"The left!" He yelled. They all dove for the cave, seconds before over them the blizzard came roaring in and making hearing nearly impossibly. Silver shuddered and Feraligator held him like one would a young child, sheltering his Trainer from the cold. Gold was the same, Typloshion huddling Gold close as he crouched in front of the hunched over Pokemon. Arcanine was curled in a tight ball with green in the middle, trying vainly to protect him from the cold. Eventually, the three huge Pokemon gather together and created a small center of warmth with their Trainers huddled close in the middle.

"It's gotten stronger," Green said. Gold frowned.

"No surprise. That Articuno had always been ridiculously strong. It attacks wildly and viciously. It once hit me so hard I was knocked out for days…luckily Red- Red! Red's still out there!" Gold suddenly realized. He noticed as the look of horror fell over Green's face.

"We have to go save him! He can't handle the thing alone! It's freakishly strong! Have you seen that thing?! It's like seven feet tall!" Gold said with concern. Green didn't respond. Silver shook him gently.


"We can't. We have to defeat the bird first." Green's voice was soft as a whisper, but louder than any words. Gold and Silver froze, but Gold thawed first.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE CAN'T?! Red needs us right now! Something could happen to him! He could be killed! He could-"

"WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE US ALL DEAD?!" Green screamed back so loud that Silver winced. Gold looked shocked.

"If we go out there searching for Red, who could be anywhere on the God forsaken mountain, we'll all just get separated and be murdered!" Green barked. "We take down the Articuno down first! Then we save Red! Trust me, I'm just as worried as you are right now! In fact, much more worried! So much it chokes me!"

Gold slammed his fists onto the ground, shivering with anger.

"Ok. OK! I don't agree but ok." Gold growled. Green nodded sharply.

"Then we go out and fight that thing and take it down once and for all!" The younger two males nodded sharply.

"Let's make sure that bird never shows its face around here again." Silver's voice was loud and clear even over the thunder. The three males nodded and then, with their Pokemon, went out into the blizzard. Silver set a hand on Feraligator and Weaville stood in front of him with a smile on its face. Gold had his arms crossed over his chest, Aitaro on one side and Explotaro on the other. It was all silent beside the roar of wind and shrill screech of the snow streaking by. Silver was the first to catch the dark shape.

"Get down!" They all ducked as the bird went flying over them. Arcanine whirled, and without a command, fired its Fire Blast after the huge Bird. Articuno veered off to the left, then right, trying to escape the impending jet of flame. It shot straight up and out of sight. Green watched it fly and let out Pidgeot.

"Go after it! Don't let it get away!"

The bird Pokemon screeed then shot after the other bird Pokemon. Green watched his Pidgeot smash it's body into the bird, who whirled and flared it's wings at the other bird. It fired it's Blizzard. Green sent his arm to the side.

"Don't let it hit you. Dodge it!"

"Pig!" The bird spun deftly out of the way and twirled itself around. Green smiled.

"That's it Pidgeot, now hit it with Giga Impact!" Pidgeot cried out then began to glow, before bursting into silver aura and crashing into the Pokemon's back. Articuno whirled on the bird with a loud "Articuuuuuuu!" Green didn't relent.

"Air Slash!" Pidgeot's wings exploded into shining grey aura and dove for the Articuno. The bird suddenly flung its wings in front of it, using Protect. Pidgeot crashed into he bird's wings, the attack broken. But the Pokemon managed to spin away in time. Pidgeot streaked towards the ground. Sensing the proximity of the bird Articuno went right after it. Green grinned- Articuno took the bait!

"Got it where we want it! Now go Arcanine, Fire Fang!" Seconds before Pidgoet hit the ground it pulled up sharply and Arcanine launched himself. He latched himself onto the great bird's wing, which screeched and fought to escape. Arcanine dropped towards the ground, dragging the Articuno with it who struggled wildly. Silver saw his moment.

"Weaville, Brick Break!" The Weaville ran forward swiftly before leaping, spinning over and smashing it's fist into the bird. Gold laughed and flung his hand out.

"Aitaro, do it! Use Thunderbolt!"

"Ambiiiii!" The Pokemon leaped into the air. It stretched it arms towards the sky, and suddenly curled as if throwing something down. From the black sky came a streak of lighting and it hit the Articuno directly. It cried "Cunooooo!" and managed to ripe itself from Arcanine's fangs. It went back towards the sky. Green growled and sent Pidgeot after it. The Pidgeot blazed after it, flowing the great bird into the sky.

"Pidgeot," Green commanded, "Use Hurricane!" The bird flew in a circle around the bird, launching it up into the sky. Articuno burst from the top, flaring its wings. It sent Ice Shard after the bird, and Pidgeot simply spun the other left and to safety. The Gym Leader smiled, sensing a victory.

"Use Façade!" The Pidgeot nodded and went for the Articuno with a loud cry. Articuno curled it's wings and used Protect, and Pidgeot tried to swerve. It crashed into the bird's wing and Articuno uncurled them while the Pidgoet was disoriented.

"Pull off Pidgeot, pull off-" It was too late, Pidgoet couldn't recover it's speed in time. Articuno seemed to look smug before using Icy Wind directly at Pidgeot.

"PIG!" the bird cried, and Pidgeot went spiraling to the ground, defeated. Before his beloved Pokemon could collide with the earth, Green returned the bird quickly. He stroked the ball.

"Thank you, old friend." He put it back, now worried. If it could defeat his Pidgeot….he didn't have time to ponder as Articuno came flying back for another round, barely even affected. It began firing a beam of Ice at them. Gold and Green dove out of the way, while Silver turned with his Pokemon. Silver growled and let out Weaville.

"Shadow Ball!" he cried out hurriedly. The Dark type brought its claws together, a concentrated ball of dark matter forming before it sent it flying at the bird. It smashed into its cheek, effectively stopping the Ice. "Cuno!" it cried, shaking its head in pain. Before it could recover Silver was already barking out another command. "Feraligator, Return!" It roared and rushed forward, punching the Articuno right as it tried to rise, sending it smashing into a tree. It looked forward and screeched "CUNO!" before firing an Ice Shard at the Ferligator. A quick but powerful sweep of it's tail knocked every shard away, and Silver smirked that cocky smile that assured a win.

"It's over! Weaville, Ferligator,-" It soared overhead again and back into the trees. The Trainer's watched as it came back again, streaking right for them. Silver moved out the way, leaving room for Gold to attack. Gold seemed to wait patiently. Silver glared at him.

"Gold, attack!" He commanded, while his own Weaville was waiting for Silver' to direct it without Gold moving. Gold didn't move, just closed his eyes. Typloshion was just as calm. It stood there watching the bird come closer and closer. Silver grew more and more furious as the seconds slipped away. "GOLD!" A second before the legendary was upon them, Gold burst into life.

"Explotaro, use your Fire Punch!" The Typlosion roared loudly, it's fist glowing bright red before exploding into flames. It crouched and leaped, hitting the oncoming Articuno directly in the face. Articuno wheeled backwards and crashed to the snow. Before it could rise Gold was on a roll. "Double up with Blast Burn!" Explotaro wasted no time in slamming his fist to the earth. Like lights showing the way fire spluttered from the ground in intervals before becoming a huge flame worthy of even the biggest bonfire, burning the bird on the ground. "CUUU!" Articuno screeched shrilly. It vibrated, forming more and more of itself before each went back into the trees. "Double Team!" Green noticed. Gold just smiled smugly.

"It's burned now," he reported after seeing the mark left upon the great bird's sky blue wing. Silver had to admit, he was impressed. Gold decided to wait until the Articuno was close enough for the Pokemon to get the full force of Explotaro's powerful Fire Punch. And to double up with Blast Burn as fast as he did was simply genius…

Gold wasn't just stronger physically, but mentally as well. No longer did he let his emotions get the best of him in battle, but instead planned silently and carefully. While Gold was notorious for using unorthodox methods for…well…everything, this was a level of thought that not only took guts, but speed, precision, and a strong bond with your Pokemon.

All of which Gold had.

Silver smiled, feeling proud of Gold for maturing in his battling. It looked like his training with Red was paying off more than he let on….Silver didn't have time to ponder when the shrieking began again, indicating the bird's swift return. When Gold and Green quickly had their Pokemon ready to fire, Silver stopped them.

"Listen," he said slowly. The shrieking continued, but Silver could tell it'd changed. He began watching the trees and realized it.

"It's got us trapped," he said slowly, realizing what they'd walked into. Green and Gold looked around, and noticed it too. By using it's Blizzard and Gust to push the snow at them like a never ending wall, it'd back them into a ring of trees. They were in a circle with trees surrounding them. Easy pickings. As their mistake dawned on them, the bird began streaking around the circle so fast it was a blur.

"It's using Agility!" Silver cried, noticing the move from before. As if in response, Articuno cried out "Cuuuuuunooooo!" Arcanine, Typloshion, Feraligator, Weaville, and Aitaro went back to back in front of their Trainers. They gazed around, waiting. From the ring of trees came a great blue bird of ice, screeching "Articuno!" and going right for them. The Pokemon broke their formation, but Arcanine followed after it with a jet of fire. The bird flew ahead of it and straight into the ring of trees. Arcanine growled in frustration. Explotaro tried sending a Fire Blast after it, but the form it hit shattered and reformed. Green and Gold growled at the time.

"Which one is the real Articuno?!" Gold yelled in anger. As he did, Ice Shard went flying for Ambipom.


The Pokemon chattered before leaping into the air and over the attack. As the legendary circled the ring of trees, Silver began to notice the pattern it was making. Smart or not, it was wild and set in its ways. It was used to fighting Trainers.

Silver wasn't an ordinary Trainer.

The Articuno treated them like attacking prey, like defensive assailants. It would use speed, the cover of the trees, Double Team, and Blizzard to shield itself. But it was the Blizzard itself that was their trump card. That was its weak point. Silver went up to Feraligator, waiting carefully, watching the trees, watching the black blur spin round and around.….


"Feraligator, Hydro Cannon!" The Pokemon responded with a huge torrent of water gushing from his jaws fright into the point in the trees Silver pointed to. The huge stream of water collided in the trees. The dark figure it collided with was blasted from the trees and into the air from the blast that Feraligator held. Gold cheered "Sweet as!" and Green laughed with triumph.

"How'd you know?" Gold asked. Silver smirked.

"The Blizzard. Articuno was using it to shield itself along with Double Team. But it forgot one thing- you can see the shadows! And the Blizzard was perfect for casting the right shadow!" Silver exclaimed proudly. Both Green and Gold smirked at Silver. The Articuno cried out weakly "Cuuuu!" It was on its lest leg, which meant it was now defensive.

It launched at the again, this time firing a move so powerful if blew some trees away. All the Pokemon were slammed with it, and were toppled down. Explotaro was blasted into a pile of rocks and knocked out, as was Feraligator, Aitaro, and Weaville. Arcanine was still standing, but so weak it was wobbling. The Trainers knew it instantly.

"It used Sheer Cold! Damn it!" Gold yelled. The move was a one hit KO usually….! But somehow Arcanine was still standing. Green didn't take the chance- he returned the great dog of fire with a soft "Thank you." Silver did the same with Ferligator and Weaville, as did Gold with Explotaro and Aitaro. They were left defenseless. Their other Pokemon were back in the cave, as only the strongest came along with them. Green swore loudly.

"That DAMNED Articuno!" He hissed angrily. Silver growled softly, but Gold just blinked.

"Look," he said softly. The other two irate male glanced up. The snow had almost cleared, though it still whipped around viciously and angrily as if to start again.

"The Blizzard is dying down. It must be weakened!" Gold said loudly. "This I our chance!"

"Chance to do what?" Silver snapped. "Our Pokemon are all down. What can we possibly do?" Gold's smile fell away and he looked down. "All of our Pokemon can't fight. It's over. It….it wins." Silver said softly. Gold sighed.

"We did our best," he replied softly. As the Articuno began circling the woods, the three Trainers went back to back. Gold suddenly felt his hand gripped tightly. He glanced over, and Silver staring at him with sad grey eyes. Those eyes Gold loved. Gold sent him a sad smile back and gripped his hand tight. Green shuddered violently, then sent Red a quick internal message.

I'm sorry Red. I'm sorry sorry. I….I love y-


Green suddenly looked up, eyes wide. He ripped off his jacket and bundled it tightly. The other two males glanced at him. "What are you doing?" Silver hissed, concerned. Green hushed him quickly. As he crouched, jacket wad clenched, the great legendary bird went straight for them. As it got closer, Green suddenly threw the jacket.


From the jacket Eevee exploded, paws outward. She was glowing.

"EEVUI!" She slammed head on into the great bird of Ice, with a collision that was as loud as thunder. She flipped over in a backflip and landed solidly on her paws. The great bird cried out from the powerful blow, and with a final flair of its wings, fell to the ground. It tried to get up, but it slumped again. Gold and Silver were silent.

Then burst into cheers of delight.

"Sweet as, Green!" Gold cheered happily, pumping a fist. Green let out a wordless shout of success- the great bird was downed. Even the sky seemed to celebrate- the Blizzard was clear and the sky was blue once more. Silver cheered loudly, but happened to glance at the downed Articuno. He got up and walked over to it. It hissed angrily, but Silver just crouched and stroked it's head.

"I'm sorry. It won't happen again. But you can't just attack without warning."

It paused, and then leaned into Silver's hand. Gold turned and noticed and his forehead creased.

"Silver, are you…petting it?"

"I think I know why it's angry…Gold, remember when we went fishing, the first day we came up here?"


"I think we encroached on its territory. Where its eggs are. This Articuno must have eggs around. She must have thought we were trying to steal her eggs. I'm sure other Trainer have climbed this mountain for that sole purpose."

"But Articuno is genderless."

"That doesn't mean she can't have eggs." Silver stroked the feathers again, and the great bird hummed softly. It rose slightly. Green wasn't convinced.

"But it attacked us when we were coming up here."

"She was there first, and I think she moved. Gold when you found me and Green, what was she doing?"

Gold though about this, then snapped. "She was trying to fly away after she knocked you both out." Silver smiled and nodded, turning to the great legendary.

"The first time was to scare us. We must have done it again when we went fishing. She must have decided the only way to get us to stop bothering her egg was to get rid of us….permanently." Silver didn't seem angry, more in awe as he stroked the bird. "You have tremendous power." The bird cooed softly.

Green blinked, and slowly approached the Articuno. It hissed angrily, but allowed Green to pet it after Silver nodded. Green smiled softly.

"I'm very sorry, Articuno. We didn't mean you any harm…' he assured the great bird. It glanced at him with one brown eye before cooing again. Gold approached as well.

"Sorry! Didn't mean to disturb your eggs! This is all a huge misunderstanding." He smiled and patted it as well. It cooed and suddenly rose from the snow in a spiral, flaring huge wings. It seemed to smile at them and then flew off into the great blue sky. It was a beautiful sight. The three Trainers watched it go.

Suddenly, Gold blanched. "Red!' They were all reminded of the missing male, (Gold helping Silver walk) and set off to go and find him. The trudged into the snow, calling his name incessantly, searching for a sign. No Charizard, no Pikachu….no Red. They kept looking everywhere they could, calling his name, Pikachu's and Charizard's. Nothing.

The seconds became minutes, minutes became hours. Their worry grew into a throat closing fear, a nightmare. They kept along, looking almost desperately for Red. As they descended a steep slope, something came burrowing under the snow. It popped out- it was Pikachu!

"Pikachu!" Green exclaimed. The yellow mouse ran up the them going "Pi pi pi pi" over and over frantically and desperately. The three raced after the Pikahu as it ran ahead. Suddenly, a great Pokemon lying defeated in the snow appeared. It snorted weakly.

"Charizard!' Gold said, rushing over to it with Silver. It was battered, beaten, marred with scars and many cuts, and it leathery wings were riddle with rips , tears, and holes. Its tail flame flickered feebly. Charizard was curled around something protectively Green rushed over to the Pokemon. Upon opening it's blue eyes and seeing the Trainers, Charizard roared weakly and sadly, lifting a wing to reveal it's cargo.

Every one of the Trainer's face went pale, the color drained as they viewed the battered and broken male Charizard fiercely protected in his arms. Green stared, in disbelief, as if the person in Charizard's arms wasn't to male he was looking for. This person, so battered and broken, bleeding from multiple gashes and wounds, so dappled with bruises, wasn't him… Chocking on tears, a sob caught in his throat he looked at him, and whispered hoarsely.



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