So hey, it's Tsuki with some pretty sad news for some of you, happy for others.

I won't be continuing GOTDM. I have lost the motivation to write for it. I'm so sorry. I still love the story, don't get me wrong, but I simply cannot find the spark and passion for it like I once did. I look back and see how my writing has improved and how poorly written GOTDM is.

I feel tied down by it, and I know that I can't update regularly or even sporadically since my schedule has been turned upside down. I still love PMS and OrginalShipping- I always will because it's perfect. But this story is so awful, with so many plot/grammar holes that it burns my eyes and I apologize to the eyes of others I have burned out.

I love all of you that kept me going throughout the long writing process of GOTDM. I love everybody who has faved, reviewed, anything and everything else. I love you for staying by my side through this. It's all of you that made me keep going when I didn't even want to LOOK at GOTDM anymore. I seriously love you. I love all of you. Gimme a hug you guys.

I will let all of you make your own conclusions as to the ending of this story- if they leave Mt. Silver, or stay there, break up, DIE, I dunno.

This isn't to say I'm leaving FF because I'm not. I think I'll do more oneshots than anything, but I will be doing a drabble series.

Thanks you guys. I hope some of you can forgive me.

Tsuki out.