And they say it's easy.

Teenage couple Mary Margaret and David Nolan care for their daughter Emma. Just a fluffy AU One shot.

"No!" Mary smacked David on the arm "That's not the right way to put a hat on!" Mary looked in horror as Emma's head was completely covered.

"Hey" David said calmly "Emma seems to like it" He took the hat off softly.

"Don't listen to him Emma" Mary picked her up "He is no more a child than you are" David opened his mouth to laugh but instead he seemed hurt.

"Now, I'm a child?" He waved his hands in the air "Not fair!"

"Then why are you pouting" He blushed. "See Emma?"

"I'm not pouting" He said "I'm making a point"

"Well I don't see it" Mary smirked at him "Come on, it looks like it's about to rain so.."

"We have to give her a bath" David pointed out. He paced trough the small apartment Mary's father had left money for. He had died long ago but had left his daughter with some wealth.

"That we do" Mary tickled Emma softly until she giggled softly. "No more cold for this little princess"

They gave her a bath. Both of them taking turns to be amazed by their small child. Emma looked just like Mary, David would say, except for the hair.

"All done" David picked the 7 month old baby wrapped in a towel and found himself dripping Emma began crying by the sudden change of temperature. "Just a sec, baby girl, daddy's got you"

"Don't forget the powder" Mary told David kissing his cheek.

"Nope. Powder check" David smirked down at Emma, the baby was a bit calmer now. "You like that don't you?"

"She likes her daddy" Mary said sweetly "She's a daddy's girl"

"Sure she is" David got the diaper on and a pink PJ for Emma to wear. Mary watched as David played with Emma for a bit longer before handing the baby back to her.

"Now, you better go change, or you are going to catch a cold Nolan" Mary said smirking at his soaked shirt. "I don't wan Emma to get sick"

"Yes ma'am" David joked, reaching for a shirt resting on the couch"I still don't get how you never get wet"

"I have a magical touch" Mary said taking a bottle out of the small fridge. "And I think Emma likes to see her daddy wet"

"That's just mean." David smiled. He jumped on the bed and waited for Mary to join him. They cuddled Emma in between for a moment. She had fallen asleep instantly resting almost completely on top of David. His breathing creating some kind of silent lullaby. .

"Looks like you have a charm too" Mary whispered at David. She played with his hair.

"Yeah" David kissed her softly "I guess I do"

"You know.." Mary said after a moment. David looked down at her. His blue eyes sparkling in dim light.

"What?" Mary said almost in a whisper.

"They say it's easy" David breathed "It's not"

"No" Mary admitted "But we've been doing it okay m so far, right?"

David did not answer. He had a protective arm around both his girls but Mary moved it a bit to take Emma to her crib.

Yes. They had gotten this far and there was no going back.

the end.

Had this idea going on in my head for weeks. It's short but it's fluffy and Its Emma with her mom and Dad even if its AU.

Thank you for reading!