Blake hopped out of the passenger side of the old rusted grey truck, giving a friendly smile and thanking the kind man who had given her a ride. Hitch hiking is always something one should be wary about, but Blake snidely thought that if he were to try anything, she could take him.

He had dropped her off in the outskirts of Portland. It was as far as he was going, so she couldn't complain. 'It's closer than where I started', she thought.

Word had gotten around that drama was stirred up where the old Hale pack used to reside Beacon Hills. So that's where she was headed, it was her best bet that that is where Jason would be headed too.

Silently in the cover of the dusk shadows, Blake walked over two streets and crept behind a dusty blue car. It looked like a Honda, early 80's would be her best guess, easiest one on the block to take.

Blake extended her index finger, taking a breath for control and willing her nail to grow longer.

She then inserted her nail into the door lock, carefully picking it. She looked over her shoulder to confirm she was alone as the lock moaned and she quickly grabbed and handle and jumped into the drivers seat.

Blake really didn't want to have to hot-wire the car, it might draw too much attention, so she scurried over the glove box and center console trying to find keys.

Luck was on her side, she pulled down the visor and keys fell out into her lap. 'Idiots,' she thought.

She started the car with a smile on her face and drive down the road, looking in the rear view mirror to insure that no one had followed her. She was in the clear.

' Okay Beacon Hills, here I come'.

This just kind of popped into my head, I don't really know where I'm going with it exactly, but hopefully it will come to me. It's set after season 2, so basically a season 3 in my head with my OC.