Blake and Erica walked through the forest, Erica a bit slower than Blake.

"How much further?" Blake asked stopping to look at Erica.

Erica stopped herself and took a much needed breath. "Only a little bit more... I don't even know if they are there anymore... We kept moving, they could be anywhere now."

Blake placed a hand on Erica's shoulder, "And anywhere could include previous hideouts, you said that they didn't want to leave right? Well chances are they are still around then, and you will find them."

Blake then continued walking in the direction Erica had directed.

Erica, literally fell into step behind her. "What about you?" She asked.

"What about me?" Blake questioned back, not turning or stopping.

Erica stumbled forward to keep pace, "Where's your pack?... Or are you an omega?"

Blake gave her a side glance before answering. "...I'm alone."

Erica tilted her head, "So an omega then?"

Blake continued walking and shoved her hands in her pockets and gave a shrug. "Guess so."

Erica scoffed, "Well you could've just said that."

Blake was going to make a sarcastic comment back when a large house came into view. A large wrecked house. Erica pulled Blake to a stop and looked at the house hopeful.

The area held the scent of werewolves, they were definitely here at some point, but unfortunately not for a couple days. Erica began to jog towards the front door, then Blake saw the door itself and called out for her to stop. Erica rounded back to face her and saw Blake's upset face. "What is it?" she asked.

Blake caught up to Erica and grabbed her arm and began to drag her back into the woods, "It's been marked, it's not safe. So obviously your pack isn't there."

Erica ripped her arm away, "What do you mean?" she demanded.

Blake stopped and looked at her. 'She really doesn't have any idea what was going on'. Blake sighed, "That strange spiral on the door... It's the sign of the Alphas."

Erica's face dropped. Her looked became terrified. "You... You mean the ones that-"

"Yes!" Blake exclaimed, "The ones that hurt you, that attacked you."

"B-but... A pack of Alphas? How is that possible?! I mean... I was wondering why all their eyes were..." Erica strayed off with tears clouding her eyes.

"Red." Blake finished.

Erica looked up in Blake's eyes and nearly choked on her intake of breath. "Are they gonna..." she trailed off.

Blake's face harden, and she glared into Erica's tear filled eyes. "Yes... They are going to kill you... All of you."

"But, Boyd!" Erica cried out.

Blake's eyes turned to confusion, "What?"

Erica took another breath to calm herself, but not succeeding. "They still have Boyd!"

Blake took a step closing the distance between the two of them, "Who is that? Is that your alpha?" she demanded.

Erica shook her head, "No, he's my friend! We both left the pack the other night, and they found us... I was able to get away, but I don't think he did." she said near tears.

Blake calmed herself, 'It's okay, they don't have her alpha' she thought. "Okay Erica, we need to find your pack now, Where else would they be?"

Erica sputtered and tried to think, "Well we were at the abandoned subway station for awhile."

"Okay let's try there next, which way?" Blake asked.

Erica turned slightly left and began walking while grabbing Blake's arm. "This way." she said suddenly confident.

Walking down the stairs of the subway station was like stepping on bubble wrap, there was no way to be quiet. Especially with an injured Erica one step behind her. Reaching the bottom, Blake surveyed the room. 'They've definitely been here, and recently.' The sudden movement from the shadows on her right caught her by surprise. Within seconds Blake was thrown to the ground, with a rather large person pinning her down. 'Well that's gonna hurt tomorrow' she thought to herself.

"Derek!" Erica exclaimed still standing on the stairs.

The man atop Blake, looked over to Erica and a brief look of relief flashed over his face, but it was quickly replaced with a scowl before turning back to look at Blake. He began to growl before Erica once again spoke up.

"No Derek wait! She helped me!"

Without looking over at her again Derek spoke, "You don't know what's happened Erica, she could be-"

"One of the Alphas?" Erica said cutting him off.

This time Derek did look over at her, "How do you know about them? You've been gone." It was then that Derek took in her appearance; covered in dirt and blood. His expression became worried.

"Because they attacked us," Erica explained, "I was able to get away, but..." she teared up again, "I don't know about Boyd."

Derek was silent, mentally mourning the possible death of his pack mate.

A voice from behind caught all of them by surprise, "Let her up Derek."

Derek looked over at his uncle with a glare, still firmly holding Blake to the ground, who hadn't moved since first being forced into this position. "Why?" he demanded.

Peter walked out of the shadows with a slight smirk on his face, "Because if she gets hurt, her mom is gonna kill me, and I'd rather not die... again."

Derek and Blake both held surprised expressions. Derek not-so- gently lifted himself up, not even offering Blake a hand. But it didn't matter because Blake held Peter's gaze, slowly pushing herself into the sitting position.

"You know my mother?" She questioned with a quirk of her eyebrow.

Peter walked forward smirking, "Of course I do. Maddison Blake was a babe. And I see it runs in the family."

Blake angrily hauled herself to her feet and glared at Peter. "Ran. Ran in the family."

The room grew quiet, even Derek's semi permanent scowl fell.

Blake folded her arms over her chest, but held her glare. "They are dead. All of them."