After their 'pack meeting', Stiles and Scott both left. While Derek and Peter went into one of the train cars to discuss things. Apparently the news of the Alphas wasn't quiet what they were expecting, and Derek was taking it harder than anyone expected, though he was trying to keep his cold calm facade.

This left Blake with Erica and the blue-eyed boy, who conveniently took this time to introduce himself.

"I'm Isaac." he said extending his hand towards Blake.

Blake looked at his hand, before slowly reaching for it. "Blake." she said, "Obviously."

Isaac let out a small laugh at that, "Yeah, your name's been kinda thrown around a lot here today."

Blake gave a one-sided smile, but made no move to comment.

Isaac looked at Erica expectantly, who simply shrugged. "So uh..." he cleared his throat. "Born or bitten?" he asked.

Blake looked over to him, and without warning her eyes flashed a light blue, then returned to their normal color.

Isaac raised his eyebrows, "Born then..." he said nodding. "I was bit. But... It was my choice." he added.

Blake gave him a stubborn look. "I never understood why would anyone choose this kind of life."

Isaac's face went hard, and he set his jaw. "Maybe because my normal life wasn't that great."

"Yeah mine wasn't that great either," Erica added from the side.

Blake looked back and forth between the two betas, "Is it better now?" she said with hard eyes.

Both Isaac and Erica were silent, and they looked to the ground.

Blake crossed her arms and gave a sarcastic laugh, "Yeah that's what I thought." she said shaking her head. "With hunters on your ass, and death at your doorstep nearly each day; your human problems seem slightly petty don't they?"

Isaac took this moment to glare, "Oh yeah, my dad kicking my ass each night was totally petty." he snapped.

Blake's hard exterior softened, "Becoming a werewolf isn't gonna take away your past." she simply said.

Isaac's glare slightly fell, he was expecting her to apologize like most people do. People usually apologize as if their saying that could truly bandage the wounds that he still carried. But she didn't, he could see pity in her eyes, yet she still stuck to her opinion that being a werewolf was bad. Was it though? Since being a werewolf he has gained friends and semi popularity. But he also lost his dad, albeit his abusive father, but his dad non the less. He has also been shot a couple of times, which wasn't that fun. But nothing really to warrant that being a werewolf was a horrible decision. Maybe if he had lost his entire family to a bunch of rogue werewolves like she had, he would feel the same? She seemed like she was really attached to her previous alpha. 'Maybe they were dating.' he thought, 'that would suck even worse.' Isaac had only just started letting people get close to him, but he still couldn't fathom the possibility of hurting the ones he loved, even with his abusive past. He hadn't gotten the chance to see Blake smile yet, but from what Stiles had said, it was most likely beautiful. So having someone out there in the world that would purposely do something that would make her bury it away, seemed almost sinful. In that moment Isaac made it his goal to get this beautiful new mysterious girl to smile.

The 'pack' gathered again later that evening, with a new addition that went by the name of Jackson. Blake looked him over, his face was hard and he had a sharp jaw line. His attitude came off as cocky, but Blake saw that he was just as scared at the others. He was also the first one to speak.

"Okay so if these Alphas have Boyd, how do we know he isn't dead already?" Jackson asked with a faux tired tone.

Before the murmuring could start Blake stepped up, "If he identified himself as an omega, then chances are he is dead. But if they know he is from a pack, they will keep him alive just to have his alpha kill him later." she finished looking at Derek, who gave a mournful nod of acknowledgement.

"Then why can't we just go get him from them?" Jackson asked stubbornly.

Blake cocked her head to the side, "Okay hot-shot. Go ahead. But, oh wait. You actually have to know where they are to do that don't you?" she said with a sarcastic sweet smile.

Isaac and Stiles cracked smiles as this girl put the high school jock in his place.

Erica stood up next to Blake, "We need to go find them then obviously." looking at Blake pleadingly.

"No," Blake said. "we aren't going to look for them."

Scott spoke up in defiance, "What? Why? We need to find Boyd and stop them."

Blake sighed and brought her fingers up to massage her temples. 'Seriously?'

Isaac seemed to catch on though, "Because," he said stepping forward to Blake's other side, opposite of Erica. "Why should we go looking for someone, who is already looking for us?"

Peter smirked and patted his nephews back hard. "Well Derek, looks like you'll be playing bait." he said jokingly.

"Not yet," Blake spoke, removing her hands from her face. "not before we have a plan."

"Okay then," Stiles said, clapping his hands together. "Let's brainstorm!"

Everyone was silent.

Once again Blake sighed, "I have an idea, but I'm not gonna lie it's not the best plan in the world." she started, everyone in the room had their eyes glued to her. "This plan includes every one of us werewolves being completely okay with the possibility of being in a little pain."

"How much is a little?" Scott asked gulping down slight fear.

Blake paused, "Well, that depends on how much pain tolerance you guys have towards wolfsbane." There was a collective groan from the fellow occupants in the room. "Yeah it's gonna suck, but it will get the job done! So, should I continue?" she asked.

Derek gave a firm nod, signaling her to continue.

"Okay, well like I said we're gonna need wolfsbane, and I'm gonna need your help here Stiles."