Decorum was an alien concept to the Bennett's.

They were loud, power hungry, intrusive and frankly, classless.

Or at least, that was Mary's opinion.

She didn't fit in with the rest of her family. She didn't want to rush marriage, or live vicariously. She appreciated more of the more humble skills.

She liked reading classic literature, playing the pianoforte and singing. While it may not have been the best hobbies for her to choose, the sentiment was still there.

Other things matter than marrying clueless and cold men.

Balls she spent alone, being mocked at the hands of her friends and sisters.

Nights she spent alone reading some tome.

Days she spent practicing her singing and playing.

It frustrated her mother to no end. But then, everything did. Mary didn't take interest in marrying, partying or acting dull. She liked practicing and working for things herself.

But as she was the only one in the family who felt this way, more often than not she kept thoughts her mother would approve of, to herself.

So when Mr. Collins came to town, she was at a total loss as to how to act around him.

She wasn't smitten but she did hold a decent amount of respect for the cleric.

During his last visit, the sister's did everything in their power to stay away from him, for his chatter was inane and out of touch.

But he was educated. Heavily.

He had a respectable house, a job, connections her mother craved, and it would secure their home for her family.

He was a decent man to talk to. Anyone else would disagree, but Mary chose to actually get to know him before she judged.

She thought she got along well with her cousin. Or so she thought.

He proposed to Elizabeth.

Was he really that delusional?

Well, yes, but still!

Elizabeth was more likely to be an Old Maid than Mary.

And she was said it was not she who was asked.

Was it her age? Likely.

Lack of beauty? Likely.

Lack of personality? Likely.

He came looking for a wife, he should've tried harder to get one!

Mary would've said yes in a heartbeat.

She wants that stability that comes from a nice home, a stressless courtship and the ability to pursue some of her… aspirations. She will leave the dreaming to Elizabeth and Kitty.

She wants the small home, with a man who can see eye to eye with her, not literally, but to hold a conversation as a person and not a woman beneath a man.

Mr. Collins wasn't ugly, per se, just short and average looking. Perhaps less than average. But she could do worse.

Despite their thoughts, Mary does want to get married, she just doesn't want to spend the majority of her time flitting around making a fool of herself and her family.

Mr. Collins would have been a perfect choice for her. Her family may disagree, but they are more often wrong than right.