I jumped over the wall with ease, thankful I wasn't in a dress of any kind. I was just wearing a formfitting long sleeve and black pants with black combat boots to match. I scanned the area easily thanks to my natural night vision, feathers floating down around me.

I carefully snuck closer to the house, alert for anything that might be guarding the place. I had heard so many rumors after I had accepted the job, or more like had been hired off for it. I never really got a choice. They mainly said to stay away from the butler. Apparently, he was some sort of highly trained guard dog for this earl I was supposed to take care of.

I froze halfway across the yard as I felt something massive breathing down my neck. I slowly turned around and clamped a hand over my mouth to resist screaming or muffle any screams I might emit. Honestly, I was startled.

It was a massive, wolf-looking dog. It had white fur and its eyes were a piercing red. The beast was taller than me and its fangs were bared and in my face, which I think were larger than my head. I took cautious steps back, but it followed. I tried to control my rising fear, dogs and I only mix when we meet on equal ground. Nothing in the job description said anything about a massive dog, and I certainly didn't see him when I did a perimeter check this morning.

I did the only sensible thing someone in my position would do. I turned on my heel and ran straight for a tree nearby. Thanks to adrenaline and a little extra help, I was able to jump up to a high branch and perch at the uppermost branch of the tree that would support my weight, but unfortunately for me, the stupid mutt jumped straight onto the tree after that.

I was so startled, I forgot to move out of his way and ended up nearly crying out when the thing breathed fire at me. Unfortunately, the tree didn't support both of us in it and it crashed towards the floor. I hit the ground hard with an undignified yelp, feeling the familiar softness under my back disappearing. The dog hovered over me growling as I reached to the back of my head and gently rubbed the sore area, apparently I'd hit it hard. Ignoring the mutt in favor of trying to sit up and pulling my hand in front of my face I took on a look of horror. My once black and satin glove was now soaked and dyed a darkish color that I could assume had I worn white gloves would have been red. My vision became fuzzy, a sign that I really messed up my head, before I let myself fall back into the grass.

I should be running, getting out of the area while I still had the chance, but I couldn't move. It made me wonder just what the ground her was made of as I heard a door click open. All I saw were garnet red eyes before my world went black.

-Sebastian's POV-

Pluto was barking at something in the front lawn as I patrolled through the halls of the manor, not really having much to do at the moment. I was about to shout to quiet him down when my young master called for me. Naturally, he was more important that the dog, so I went him first, knocking on the door before entering.

"Yes, my lord?" I asked as I entered with my candelabrum. "Why are you up at such a late hour?"

"What is all the fuss about? Pluto sounds like he's gone mad." My master complained, yawning and rubbing his eyes. He ignored my question as per usual when he was irritated and tired.

"I was about to go check on that when you called me. I will be right back." I explained, hearing a tree fall followed by some sort of squeak or yelp? Either way, it wasn't the dog and trees didn't squeak last time I checked.

"Whatever it is, go figure it out and keep quiet about it. I'm trying to sleep." Ciel barked, obviously more irritated at the tree falling, yet he had jumped slightly in surprise.

"I'll return shortly with some warm milk then after making sure all is well." I bowed and left calmly, only breaking into a run once the door was shut. I was eager to see what was causing such a disturbance during the usually boring and peaceful night.

Upon reaching the doors and scanning the outside lawn, I saw a girl sitting up slightly in the grass a little bit away from a burning and toppled tree with Pluto standing on it and over her. The demon hound was growling at the girl as I saw her reach her hand in front of her face and obtain an expression of confusion and possibly annoyance before she fell back into the grass.

I stepped up to her side, only slightly concerned at the strong scent of blood. Her eyes were just sliding closed as I leaned over her. Around her, a few black and white feathers littered the ground. It was a strange sight, but I assumed they were just from a bird that didn't make it from Pluto toppling the tree.

"Pluto, who is she?" I asked the demon hound, not expecting an answer as I lifted her head and felt blood stain my glove. Upon further inspection, I found she had fallen right onto a misplaced rock that was just large enough to actually do damage. I was amazed at her luck…or more lack of it.

I lifted her in my arms and was surprised at how heavy she actually was. It was easy to feel the hidden blades and guns in her clothing, yet she hadn't looked like she'd had any on her at first glance. I carried her inside and straight to the bathroom, figuring that assassin or not, she was alive and had been hurt on Phantomhive property without posing a threat yet. It was all too easy to ignore the sleepy servants as they followed and asked questions that went unanswered.

I sat her on a stool and propped her up against a wall while I got a towel and soaked it in some water, before cleaning the wound on her head. I was just finishing when my young master entered, looking rather annoyed and tired. It was actually rather endearing how his messy hair stuck out in random spots and his hand covered by an overly long sleeve reached up to rub one of his sapphire orbs.

"Who is she? All the three out there keep telling me is that you came in with her and wouldn't say a word to them." He griped, yawning.

"I'm not sure who she is. She passed out before I was able to reach her, though her luck is incredible...or more likely rather absent in her life. She managed to hit her head on the only misplaced rock in the property that was large enough to actually hurt someone." I explained as I started to pat her down, making sure to check certain areas.

"S-Sebastian what are you doing?!" My master asked in shock, obviously uncomfortable with patting down an unconscious woman wearing pants and a formfitting shirt. I was surprised he hadn't mentioned any of that yet.

"Just patting her down in case she has any weapons on her, young master. She was sent to kill you after all." I answered dutifully, pulling two half swords from her waist, one didn't have a hilt.

"Like she'd have succeeded…" He huffed, crossing his arms.

As I continued down, I pulled out two small switch blades, duel pistols, and a large sniper riffle from her pants and boots. She had more ammunition than Mei-Rin and Bard combined hidden in various places throughout her seemingly slim outfit. The final thing I pulled off her was a golden locket that was clasped around her neck.

I looked up at my master. His expression was priceless. It was some mixture of tiredness, shock, and confusion.

"How did she fit all that in her clothes?" Ciel asked in disbelief, drawing a snicker from my lips. Honestly, out of all of the questions I expected, that wasn't on my list.

"She's a woman. They can hide many things in their clothing and still make it seem as if they're completely harmless." I told him simply, having no actual reason or answer.

"…I give up. Get her cleaned up and put her in a guest room. I'd like to ask her some questions when she comes to. For now, I'm going back to my room." He yawned and left the room, not saying another word at all.

"Well miss please forgive me," I sighed as I started a bath and tied a blindfold over my eyes.

-Assassin's POV-

Everything around me smelled so sweet. I was warm, and someone's hands were massaging my head, which slightly ached and stung for reasons unknown to me. My head was heavy, like when my hair was soaked and I registered I was laying down, but unsure of where.

I couldn't help but let out a groan and shift slightly as I tried to open my eyes. The light in the room was far too bright for me at the moment. On top of that, I was still so tired. I wanted nothing more than a cup of hot chocolate and a warm couch to curl up on for the rest of the night.

"Ah, I see you're awake," A voice, smooth as velvet, made me open my eyes despite the light.

Letting out a small gasp and moving an arm up to shield my eyes a little, I discovered two things. First, I was completely naked in a tub far more expensive than any I'd seen before and second, there was another person in the room. Washing my hair. To add to my distress, this person just so happened to be male. To say the least, I screamed and pulled away from the hands in shock, bringing my arms up to cover my self. Normally I'd try to kill the pervert, but movements and body functions were against me.

"Please, calm yourself," The same voice ordered from behind me seeing as I refused to face him.

To bad I couldn't answer him or find the strength to bash his head in with something hard. My sudden movements had made my head spin and now consciousness was flying away from me like a dove. I reached my hand out as if I could grab it only to fall back into the tub water, not even touching the dove and falling back into the comforting blackness as I felt the owner of the voice's hands grab my shoulder's and begin to pull me out of the water I had fallen into. What a rough day.

-Sebastian's POV-

I watched her faint and leave consciousness about as fast as she had jumped away from me. She reached her hand out in front of her as if she could grab onto something, but soon fell back into the tub without hurting herself as far as I knew. However, since she was unconscious, I had to reach down and grab her out myself before she drowned down there. I was honestly beginning to believe whoever hired her was drunk. How could someone so klutzy be an assassin?

Once I had finished, I carried her out and sat her back down on the stool, drying her expertly. I wrapped her head in the proper bandages after finishing with drying her hair that seemed to want to cling to every drop of water with no intentions of ever letting go. It was rather frustrating. After draining the water from the tub, I put her in a robe and started to carry her to one of the guest rooms, as my master had ordered. Of course, I had three tails that decided to follow me.

"Well ain't she a pretty thing," Bard commented, making it obvious he and the other three hadn't heard what had transpired between Ciel and I about her reason for being here so late at night.

"Looks a little troubled in her sleep, she does," Mei-Rin sighed.

"I think she looks like a flower," Finny said, as airy as ever.

I shook my head, rather annoyed at their usual, nosy antics. I would tell them that she was supposed to be an assassin, but that wouldn't be any fun for me, now would it? I would let them fawn over her for awhile. Maybe that way they wouldn't ask any more questions.

"Mei-Rin, could you open the door for me?" I asked as we reached the guest room.

"Of course Sebastian, sir!" Mei-Rin said as she promptly stepped past me to open the door and step aside once more.

I put her on a chair by the bed and went about preparing the room. It would have gone by faster in the other three had left, but alas they were thick-skulled and stayed, talking amongst themselves about her. This only proved to annoy me further.

"Oi, what happened to her head Sebastian?" Bard asked as I was finishing the bed.

"She fell and landed on the only lone stone in the lawn," I responded narrowing my eyes at Finnian.

"Oh, the poor dear," Mei-Rin pouted a bit.

"Alright, all three of you, out," I commanded, gesturing for them to leave. It was already bad enough I had to deal with them during the day, I wasn't about to deal with them any longer tonight.

"Yes Sebastian!" They all saluted to me before running out, closing the door.

I sighed at the unconscious girl, blindfolding myself again and slipping her into a nightgown that I had found in the wardrobe. Thankfully, for the most part, it fit. I laid her in the bed and pulled the covers to her chin, much like I would for my young master. It was amusing to watch her sigh and snuggle deeper into the blankets, as if completely unaware of what had happened tonight. I doubt she'd remember in the morning. I left as soon as I thought she'd settled and went straight to my master's room to check on him.

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