It was a clear night with no clouds. A girl, her name was Risa, was walking along the cobblestone path. She looked up at the sky to check the moon. It wasn't full, but not a crest either. Just a normal moon. She's a farmer, Risa, she bought the little farm at the far north of the village when she saw an ad in the newspaper. Apparently the last farmer had died and left no heir. Risa decided it wouldn't and couldn't hurt to try her hand at farming. Why not? Just something to add to her pool of 'things-I've-done'.

She had met all the people living in the village. A while ago, actually. It was the middle of summertime now. She had gotten the hand of farming. Granted, the first few days she had no idea what she was doing, but that was part of the adventure. Another farmer, a woman named Vesta, had come with a young woman named Celia and man named Marlin and offered her advice and help. Risa just waved them off. She didn't want any help, she'd figure out how to do it by herself. And she did. It probably took longer but she felt more satisfied having solved the problem alone.

But Vesta, Marlin, and Celia turned out to be nice people. Risa got along with Vesta the best. Celia was nice but so polite and Marlin was just angry all the time. Risa knew people like that, they just liked being upset. It was fun for them, like a sport.

Risa looked around. The path had taken her almost in front of Lumina's mansion. If she walked a couple more steps she'd be in their courtyard. They were nice, she guessed. They were all so polite and stereotypically rich.

Risa shrugged and walked into the courtyard, not at all caring if they would mind. She paused and stared at the fountain for a second. Why, she thought, why would you even have a fountain? She had a strong urge to jump in it, the water sparkled in the moonlight.

She heard footsteps and focused her eyes past the fountain on what looked like a person. As he got closer she could see, it was a man, about her age. He dressed differently than everyone else in the village. He had purple pants and a grey leopard print shirt. And silver hair.

Huh. That's some pretty flashy stuff right there.

She went back to studying the fountain but the man had already seen her and walked up to her with a smirk.

"Hehe, hello beautiful, walking alone at night?"

That was fairly creepy, and a very poor attempt at flirting in her opinion. She raised an eyebrow at him and smiled, amused.

"Hehe. I'm quite the ladies' man, and a prince of the stars."

Her smile widened and her eyes sparkled. He was so funny.

A light flicked on in one of the top rooms in the mansion and a scream could be heard all the way from outside. It sounded like Lumina. "A theif! I've been robbed!"

Risa's eyes moved from the window to stare directly into the strange man's with a blank expression on her face. "Oh, that sounds like you. You should get going."

The mans expression turned shocked and confused for a fraction of a second before he smoothed it back out into a sly smirk. "You don't mind that I am a theif?"

Risa laughed, "I don't care." She stared straight into his eyes again, the man thought it was a bit unnerving, this time with another amused smile, "But you're gonna get caught if you don't go, dude."

Just then the door opened and Lumina came out, stalking towards them.

"Too late." Risa said with a chuckle as Lumina approached.

"Hey!" She called, "Aren't you that famous thief that warns his victims ahead of time?"

Risa raised an eyebrow. That was different. She looked off towards the trees. It was kind of interesting the silhouettes they made in the dark. Could you tell they were trees?

Lumina came to a stop in front of them, looking furious.

"Hehe." The man chuckled, "Sorry, but I'm a bit pressed for time. I'm about to jet out."

He walked backwards a couple paces, snapping Risa's attention back to him from the trees.

"Hehe. Call me Phantom Skye." He said, widening his smirk and preparing to run.

Lumina walked forward, "Wait right there!"

Skye chuckled again, "Hehe. Hold up, beautiful. Don't let such raw anger steal away your beauty."

Risa almost laughed, but she felt the scene in front of her might break if she did and this was too amusing. She just raised her eyebrows instead. Skye's gaze flickered to her for a second, but it was too quick for Lumina to notice.

He looked at them both again and winked, which did cause Risa to laugh, and gave them a mini salute. "I have a feeling we'll meet again." He said, "It's in the stars."

With that, he turned and ran.

Lumina just stood there with her hands on her cheeks and a blush covering her face. "Phantom Skye... what a smooth talker..."

"He stole your stuff." Risa said bluntly.

Lumina pouted, "It's not my fault he got away! You should have gone after him!"

Risa shrugged.

"Well, whatever." Lumina snapped, "I''m going back to bed. I need my beauty rest." She stalked off towards the mansion.

Risa turned and started walking back towards her farm, folding her hands behind her head and looking up at the sky.

"Huh." She said, scrunching her eyebrows, "All I see is Cetus and Orion. Where's the sign that we'll meet again?" She laughed.