AU! BAMF!Stiles and teamwork between the two humans. Lydia is a werewolf in this story, and I'm still contemplating on adding Danny to the bad ass and making it a trio. Also, I apologize I'm currently writing the next (and maybe last) chapter for Self Sacrificed but I had inspiration for this fic. So, yeah I couldn't not write it. Please, don't hate me.

"Did you just?" Allison gawked at Stiles- her mouth hanging open.

Stiles shrugged and placed the slingshot down on the table. He avoided the huntresses' gaze and tried to draw her attention towards a different topic.

"Did you know a cat has thirty-two muscles in each ear? Those damn cats. No wonder they can hear so well. Do you think our precious werewolves have more muscles in their ears than regular humans do? Do humans even have muscles in their ears?" he babbled.


"Well, that's a stupid question. Of course humans have muscles in their ears."


"I wonder how many we have. Don't you?"


"What?" he asked finally turning to look at her.

Allison had her slender arms folded across her chest and a bright smile across her face. Her brown eyes were filled with awe and amusement. She raised an eyebrow at him and he could feel heat rising to his face.

"I didn't know you had perfect aim," she said gesturing towards the broken bottles.

"I. I- uh don't know what you're talking about," he tried.

"Mhmm right. So you expect me to believe that all these bottles magically broke a hole through themselves," she teased.

"Well, Allison would that really be so hard to believe? I mean come on. Werewolves," he laughed.

"Right and the person who was shooting them down one by one, wasn't you. It was just a shape shifter that took your form, right?"

"Wow, and here I thought you wouldn't believe me. Now, that we got all this cleared I'm going to go," Stiles shuffled towards the door only to be stopped by a gentle but firm hand on his shoulder.

Allison appeared in front of him and looked up at him innocently. She gave him one of her perfect Disney princess smiles and said his name again- no more like purred his name.

Stiles sighed, "Ugh. Okay, okay! You got me. I surprisingly have amazing aim and can shoot anything even if it's in motion. There. Happy?" he muttered.

"I knew the whole I'm-terribly-clumsy-and-can-trip-on-flat-surfaces was just an act! You have been holding out on me! On Scott! On the entire pack!" she said gleefully. She began doing a cute little dance and then stopped abruptly. "Am I the only one who knows?" she asked.

"No, my dad knows and my mom. She- she was the one who began teaching me. She persuaded my dad into getting me all these fake guns and play guns and even a crossbow. It was-," he couldn't finish.

Allison nodded in understanding and didn't pressure him to say more. She gave him a tight hug and even though she so badly wanted to ask why he hid this talent, she didn't. She did ask one thing though.

"Wait, you said crossbow. You can shoot with a bow and arrow?"

"Well, not as good as you probably," he began.

"Stiles! That is not okay! Oh my gosh. You can shoot! Like me! Why didn't you tell me this sooner?" she was basically squishing Stiles to death, but he didn't protest.

"I'm sorry. I didn't tell anyone, and Scott promised not to tell anyone either so," he was interrupted once again.

"Scott knows too? I thought you said only your parents knew!"

"Okay, I forgot to mention Scott. He actually took lessons with me, but do I really need to explain? It's Scott," he let out another laugh.

Allison laughed along with him still wrapped tightly around his arms. He felt her laugh rumble through her body and smiled into her curly black hair. They stood like that for a while, neither of them wanting to move.

"Stiles, how long has it been since you shot a gun or bow?" she asked quietly.

"I haven't picked up a weapon- save the time I grabbed your bow- since my mom died," he responded just as quiet.

Allison held him tighter and ignored the slight drops of water she felt on her shoulders. She absently rubbed his back that was surprisingly very hard and toned. She gave a little gasp and ran her hands down his arms, feeling the muscles in his arms. She took a step back and examined the boy who everyone thought was fragile and skinny. Her eyes widened and she slowly ran a finger down his stomach. She could feel the rock-hard abs through the light layers of clothing.

Everything she thought about Stiles had been wrong. He wasn't frail and skinny, he was built and toned. He wasn't clumsy as he made out to be. Allison already knew he was genius, but she didn't know that he was strong and capable of defending himself. Heck, she bet he could kick some serious ass.

So why didn't he?

"Scott knows about this," Stiles gestured down at his figure, "and he seriously just earned bonus points for keeping it a secret." He smiled down at her then and she quickly closed her mouth.

"Why do you pass yourself off as the exact opposite then?" she asked. Her thoughts were jumbled and she realized after she said it that her question didn't really make sense. He gave a little chuckle and ran his hand through his buzzed-cut hair.

"I don't know. I guess for the same reason I keep my hair short," he answered. Allison waited for him to clarify but when he didn't she moved on.

"Well, this is going to change. The pack needs to realize how much of a bad ass you really are," she grinned.

Stiles looked down and shook his head. He then peered up at her with his Bambi eyes and pouted his lips, "I don't really care, so let's just forget this whole thing."

A howl erupted from outside and before Allison could say anything else- Stiles was out the door and running towards his jeep. She followed after him quickly, but her mind raced.

Stiles was really underappreciated and it didn't help that he passed himself off as a weak-link. The pack didn't respect him and they often teased him, except for Scott obviously. Anger filled through her body and she gasped at the suddenness. She's always had a soft spot for her boyfriend's best friend and always stood up for him like Scott did, but she planned for things to change.

The pack- especially Derek- should learn to respect Stiles and treat him the way he deserves to be treated. If they won't respect him, then they will learn to fear him.

A wicked grin spread across her face. It was time Stiles started acting more like himself, and if he wouldn't do it alone. Then she will have to help him.

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