Last lullaby

Lily shook as the door downstairs, in their once thought impenetrable cottage, burst open and tears streaked down her face, as she heard the incantation that finished her beloved James. She buries her face in baby Harry's face...her firstborn...her son...her boy...she held him close, to convince him everything was alright, though she knew it wasn't. She sang, in a shaking voice

"As the owls of the night flow, their wings fly with the wind
Sleep and remember, as the owls fly through rain or snow"

She hummed the soft tune, and the song escapes her lips. A tiny tear leaks out of her eyes, reflecting her pain and sorrow. She couldn't protect her family. But she'll be the final martyr. She continues, hoping her baby's last memory of his mother, will be her song.

"That though people you love, will sometimes be gone
You'll remember them, with this song"

She would give anything to be, to stay alive, to take care of her baby. He needed her, and yet this man was taking them away from him

"My dear baby, sleep and rest
Please, my love you'll never forget"

She holds him close, his emerald green eyes so like hers, and yet his appearance like her love. The two most important boys in her world were so close to being taken from her. One already has been taken. She won't let the second one move on. Not when he is so young

"As the owls fly, and the moonlight glows, remember this message wherever you go"

She sings, tears streaming down her face

"You are loved more then you'll ever know"

That's it! I have no clue where it came from...