Hey, it's a new story! Vince is stubborn when he's sick.

Un-beta'ed, so quibble away.

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Cure for the Common Cold

Vince Faraday was not an easy customer on the best of days. Most of the people who could attest to that fact knew him better as the masked vigilante, the Cape, though. They knew he was hard to deal with on his good days. On the bad days, they could only pray he left their legs intact so they could walk to the nearest emergency room or off-the-books doctor.

And then one day, they realized that, no matter how scary he was, even a vigilante had the right to a day off.

It started with sneezing. Given how dusty the hideout was on a regular basis, neither he nor Orwell really thought anything of it. Vince didn't mention his headache as he popped six Tylenol into his mouth and washed it down with several mouthfuls of lukewarm coffee. His day usually began at ten PM at night, so the coffee was understandable. Orwell just rolled her eyes and rubbed the edges of the pot with an alcohol wipe to get rid of Vince's mouth germs.

The second symptom was a persistent cough that refused to go away. Orwell, at that point, left the hideout for nearly an hour. She came back, loaded with antibiotics, orange juice, and protein bars. Vince had ignored the antibiotics and chugged the OJ straight from the carton. Orwell threw the box of protein bars at his head, and suggested that he take the night off, seeing as he was getting sick.

Vince, stubborn idiot that he was, went out on patrol. Half an hour later, Orwell was heading out in her car to get him from the alley he'd collapsed in. The hacker wasn't sure how badly he'd react to the fact that she'd put an alert beacon in his headset (just in case), but decided she could handle it.

Dragging him back to the carnival's hide-out was the best option she had. What surprised the hacker the most was that Ruvi stopped being so…Ruvi and stepped in to help.

Vince opened one eye to see Ruvi standing over him with a worried expression and cracked a weak grin.

"I'm really sick, aren't I?" he croaked.

Getting Vince to admit that he was sick, everyone decided, should not take so long.

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