Chapter 2

When I woke up I was in the same room as I was last night. Only this time I was hungover and there was a large buffet table and a door. On the table there was an assortment of food and what looked like tequila and all of the good stuff. On everything there were tags that said "Eat Me" or "Drink Me".

"Damn. If there's one thing that helps a hangover, it's more drunk."

I quickly grabbed one of the coloured bottles and chugged it. The room started to shrink along with my clothes. By the time everything stopped shrinking my baggy jeans felt like ultra-skinny jeans and my shirt looked demented.

"Oh my Mickey! Everything is so fucking small! It's like I just walked into China!" I said in awe.

My stomach rumbled.

Fuck. When was the last time I had something to eat?

I grabbed one of the cakes off the huge table. I shoved the flimsy thing into my mouth.

That's when I noticed a familiar door. Though like everything else it was small as hell.

I bent down and tried to open the door.


"Motherfucker!" I exclaimed as my pants started to rip.

I tripped over the shredded remains of my jeans and fell backwards into the table. I knocked over the table causing all of the glass dishes and bottles to crash onto the floor.

When I'm about 2 inches high a wave of alcohol sweeps me off of my feet and pushs me towards the now normal sized door.

I try to open it but there's no doorknob. Though there is one of those retarded doorknockers that the socs always have on their doors with their names carved in fancy letters.

This one says "Wonderland" and surprise surprise has a fucking Mickey Mouse head.

"Fucking Christ. I am officially crazy," I said to myself as I turned around and started to walk back over to my pants.

"Nice panties Twoshit," I heard someone or should I say something say.

I jump up startled then turn around. Believe it or not nothing was there.

"Fucking crazy..." I trail off.


"Now who's the crazy stalker?"

"Ouch. I may be clinically insane but I ain't a stalker."

"Am I crazy?"

"I don't know are you? I'm busy right now can I ignore you later?"

"And I thought you were suppose to be nice..."

"Pardon me, but you've obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn. Like I said before I'm busy doing nothing

right now piss off."

"Well Then Mr. Grumpy-Pants,"

"If you're gonna' be like that I guess I don't gotta' let you in."

"Just open up the goddamn door!"

"What are the magic words?"

"Well I dunno'. Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse?"

"Well the magic words are actually open sesame, but I guess because you're that annoying I'll let you in anyways."

"Just shut the hell up and let me in already."

"But I'm not sure if I want to."

I run up to the door and on a whim lick it.

"Still not opening."

I go to grab m switchblade but then I notice a flock of ducks.

"Imma' start to throw ducks at you!"

"Go ahead motherfucker."

I start launching baby ducklings at the fucked up door.

The door starts to splitting in half.

"Poor me."

"Poor ducks!"

I kick down the remainder of the door and pull down my boxers and start to shit on it.


"The purple pixies told me too."

"The fuck you been doing?"


"We're late! We're Late! We're late for tea!" Someone who sounded like Johnny said.

I turned around. Johnny wasn't Johnny anymore. Instead Johnny looked like like the Easter Bunny. He started to run away.

"Huh? Johnny cakes! Wait up! Since when did yo like to drink tea?!"

A/N – Sorry I forgot to post this on the first chapter. I would like you all to know that this is a collab between me and my best-friend Mia (Candie Winston). This fanfic was made as an inside joke to some people we used to RP with so sorry if you don't understand some things in here. For example the purple pixies. Just ask us in a review or something if you'd like us to explain something in particular. Other then that, R&R!

Yours truly

Candie Winston and Alycesaundra Mathews