Bellossom and Delcatty groaned as they woke up, shaking their heads as they looked around to see where they are. The two were in a dark holding cell, with spiraling sand above them as the ceiling, making the place feel unsettling.

"Delcatty, I'm scared..." Bellossom whimpered as she gulped, trembling with fright.

Delcatty patted Bellossom on the head with her front right paw. "There there, Bel. Stay strong, we'll get out of this situation in one piece."

"Ha!" Laughed a snarky male Quilfish, who approached the two female Pokemon, holding a wooden sword with his tiny left fin. "You'll be lucky to see the light of day ever again! You bloomin' trespassers!"

Delcatty and Bellossom exchanged glances with each other, then turned back to the Quilfish.

"Hold on. What's a water type like you doing here underneath a desert?" Delcatty asked, tilting her head to the left.

Quilfish scoffed as he poked his sword into Delcatty's face. "Wouldn't ye like to know, would ye? We're a secret organization using the sand to create perfect water!" He turned around, moving away from the cell. "The water found deep within here has no taste, so we use the spiraling sand to create an odd taste to blend in with the water, making it salty!" He boastfully laughed. "And to think, we nearly got busted by a buncha nobodies!"

"Hey! I am not a nobody!" Bellossom exclaimed as she grabbed the bars, trying to break it apart.

The Quilfish turned around, spitting as he scoffed. "Pfft, don't bother, grassy. Those bars are solid steel." He laughed as he headed northward. "You're more likely to drown in the sand! Har har har!"

Bellossom and Delcatty both growled as Bellossom still attempted to pull the bars apart. Delcatty got an idea, pushing Bellossom aside.

"Wait, Dely, what are you doing?" Bellossom asked, placing her stubby hands on her hips. "You know it's hard to break through this!"

Delcatty shook her head. "Oh Bell, there's so much more to me than you could possibly imagine." She then fired off a Thunderbolt on the bars, following it off with a powerful Wake Up Slap, using her tail to break the bars through.

Bellossom dropped her mouth in disbelief, in awe as she was unspeakable. Delcatty approached Bellossom, putting her right front paw on Bellossom's left shoulder. Bellossom then smiled as she nodded, thankful to finally be free.

"Come on," Delcatty insisted, looking towards the north, "Let's go find this suspicious water underneath this desert..."