Okay, I decided to write this because I know most of my regulars are waiting for me to update my Boondock Saints story. I promise I will get to that later this week when I'm off for Fall Break. But for now, let me give you something to keep our heads above water before Season 3 of this amazing series begins! :D

Btw, I know there aren't any guarantees whether Lori's baby will be a girl or not, but I'm assuming it will follow the comic and have it be a daughter named Judith… If it doesn't turn out that way, oh well. And this scene takes place inside the prison after everyone settles in.

Judith's POV:

I suck in my first breath of air as a pair of big hands pull me out of my Mommy. Weird sounds come out of my mouth as I start to cry in a loud voice. Another hand takes me away from the ones holding me and wraps me in something soft. It must be a warm blankie…

Something else slides under me and holds me close. I hear a sobbing voice laughing in joy above me. Is it my Mommy holding me? This place is really cold and dark… I don't like it.

"She's beautiful, Rick. Take a look at her." My Mommy tells someone next to her.

"Is she warm enough? Let me see her." This voice I hear is deeper than Mommy's. It kinda makes me scared. I start to cry again, hungry for milk.

"Hush, little girl. Its okay. You're in a safe place." Mommy soothes me.

"Here, give her to me, Lori." The big voice tells her as his hands take a hold of me. They feel rough and worn out, not soft and nice like Mommy's.

My eyes open up and I see who's holding me. A big man with dark hair and fuzz on his face. His eyes look blue and I don't feel afraid of them. His mouth pulls up in a smile as he looks at me. Is this my Daddy? I try to ask who he is, but all that comes out is an "Oooo" sound.

"She's perfect, Lori. The one lovely thing we've got in this hellish world." The man looks down at me as the words come out of his mouth, words I don't get, but I can still hear them. I notice that he kinda talks funny, too.

I feel myself smile as I close my eyes again, feeling safe in Daddy's arms. Why did Mommy and Daddy sound so sad when they talked? Did I do something bad? All I did was cry because I was hungry.

Mommy holds me close to her so she can feed me her milk. I hear Daddy walking around us, like he's trying to keep something bad from finding me and my Mommy. I hope there are not any monsters out there. I used to hear them growling outside sometimes when I was growing in Mommy's tummy. And these loud quick booming sounds that made the monsters quit the scary noises.

After I'm full, I close my eyes again and feel Daddy's rough fingers pet my head. And I hear his voice again as I go to sleep. "Judith, you'll be just as strong as your Biblical namesake."

Just in case you didn't know, the name Judith is Hebrew for ''He will be praised" and the namesake Rick refers to the wife of Esau in the Old Testament and in the Apocryphal Book of Judith… Please review! It'd make me so happy if you did

And I know the phrasing in this story is real basic and elementary, but since its from a baby's POV, I figured it'd make sense to use simpler words. Just thought I'd give you that if you were curious…