Never had the team seen him so frantic before. Actually, the team had never really seen the blue haired boy show very much emotion at all. Of course they had taken notice though, that their cute cheerleading puppy was missing recently. It had been about a week, and there was no sight of the infamous 'Tetsuya #2'. The primary caretaker of that little guy was of course, none other then, Tetsuya #1. It had been decided when he stubbled upon the dog, that he would be the one in charge of it, and now he was in quite the panic.

"Yo, Kuroko, relax. It's just a dog. I'm sure it'll come back when it's hungry or something."

"'s been a week. I'm sure it's gotten hungry by now."

"Guys! You're being insensitive! Shut up already!"

The bickering continued, and the large cloud of what was turning into fury was growing around the kid. It was the whistle, blown by Coach Riko that finally caught the teams attention.

"Enough! I'm sorry, Kuroko, but we need to be focusing on practice. I know you're upset about Tetsuya #2 but this comes first."

It seemed the words flew right past the male, as he simply stepped forward and let those baby blues land on none other than his light. There was something brewing in those eyes, and it was something the red head knew he didn't want to get involved in. Of course, he couldn't escape even if he got down on his knees and begged.


It sent a jolt through the taller male, and he was instantly on edge. Cocking an eyebrow as he eyed the other, he let himself become completely aware of the situation, and that he wasn't getting out of it.


"Help me find Tetsuya #2."

While Junpei focused on holding back their coach from killing the two of them, the taller of the two stood from the bench and threw the towel that was resting on his shoulder at his teammate. Grunting, he walked past the other, toward the gymnasium doors.

"Hurry up before he can't hold her off, idiot."