" Raven, we you please stop pacing?!"

The Dark One was very nervous. He paced across the small room from one end to the other. He was getting married today. But he was excited, happy, anxious and terrified beyond belief.

" Shut up Fahrenheit!" He snapped.

" Hey!!" Van cried.

" Calm down Raven. I'm sure that everything will be fine." Irvine said.

" What if it isn't?" He asked; stopping.

" I don't think anything can go wrong." Van said.

" What if she doesn't show up? What if she doesn't love me? What if she only wants me for my organoid?" Raven said quickly.

" What if the cake blows up? What if the preacher is packing? Raven, you worry too much." Irvine said.

" Yeah, besides, she has no need for an organoid. We know she loves you and so do you. She's already here and she can't want you for your money, because, you don't have any." Van said.

" You! Don't even talk to me! You're the reason I'm at my wedding with a hangover! Wind Colony tradition my organoid." He said swaying slightly and holding his head.

" It's your own fault for going shot for shot with him." Irvine said.

" I didn't put those shot glasses to his mouth and make him drink it!!" Van said defending himself.

" Might as well!! C"mon Raven! I bet you can't finish this bottle of Tequila!" Raven said imitating Van.

" Don't you know it's tacky to bring up the past?" He said.

Raven made move to strangle Van, but he ducked behind a chair while Irvine grabbed hold of him.

" You're lucky we're in a church and I swore off killing!!" He said; struggling to get out of Irvine's grip.

" C'mon Raven! You don't want to get blood all over your tux now do you?" Van said nervously.

" Depends on if it's your blood!" He said.


Moonbay was in almost the same situation. She was nervous and scared. But she wasn't pacing. She couldn't even stand up without getting dizzy. 2 months along, she was glad that she wasn't showing yet.

The decision about her dress was a bit of a debate between her, Fiona and her big sister from metalworker's colony just a few ways from the Wind Colony, Aphrodite.

" I can't wear white, I'm not a virgin." She argued.

" Hush Baybay, they don't know that." Aphrodite said.

" I can't believe you've come all this way just to see me get married Aphrodite. Won't the tribe miss you?" Moonbay asked.

" Eh. What choice do they have? I come and go as I d**n well please. We're the daughters of the tribal leader. Besides, mom and dad are staying, I can't miss my little sister's wedding day. I can't believe you got married before me. To Raven no less." She said sitting beside her.

" I didn't exactly plan for this either. But it happened. I'm getting married to Raven the Dark." She said.

" I guess that makes you Mrs. Dark One." Fiona said.

" I guess so." She said; before bursting into laughter.

*Knock* *Knock*

" Yes?" Moonbay said.

" Are you ready Miss Moonbay?" Thomas said from the other side of the door.

" Thomas, you don't have to call me that. Just Moonbay is fine." She said.

" Okay Miss Moonbay." He said.

" Well girls, I guess it's showtime." Moonbay said looking at both of them.

" You're a beautiful bride Moonbay. Mom and Dad are proud of you." Aphrodite said hugging her.

" Thank you. Well, it's time for me to become Mrs. Dark One." She said standing up.


Raven fidgeted as the music started. He couldn't keep still from all the eyes on him. Van and Irvine stood on either side of him trying to keep it from being obvious that he was scared.

" Stop fidgeting." Irvine said.

" I can't help it! I'm nervous. I don't wanna do this. I'm going to go jump off a cliff." He said going for the back door.

However, Shadow stood in the way and would not move. He growled and snapped at his hand when he tried to reach for the doorknob.

" Traitor." Raven said holding his hand.

Shadow pushed him back towards the alter. Raven didn't want to go through with it. Not that he didn't want to marry Moonbay, but this thing seemed a lot less scary from the shop windows.

" Don't worry Raven. This is going to be great and you'll love marriage." Van said.

" I hate you Van." He said.


Aphrodite and Fiona were standing on the other side of them. They could see how nervous Raven was and how much he was shaking. They had to hide their giggles behind their bouquets.

" Raven looks really scared." Fiona said.

" I imagine that he's very nervous. He's going to marry one of the toughest girls in the wasteland. I hope he knows what he's getting into." Aphrodite said.

" I think so. Raven loves Moonbay!" She said happily.


As the music started, everyone turned to look at the back of the church. It was time. The wedding was about to begin. The three males at the alter held their breath as they waited to see their transporter in her wedding dress.

Moonbay was having seconds thoughts as well. She paced across the lobby in her off-white dress and shoes. She had elected Colonel Shubaltz to give her away. Well, it was more her ordering and him fearing for his life if he said no.

" What if he doesn't love me? What if he doesn't want me?" She asked.

" Oh please. Raven was willing to give himself up for you. You say he saved your life 4 times." Karl said.

" Yeah, but-"

" No buts, let's go!" He said taking her arm and pulling her through the door.


Raven's breathe caught in his throat as he saw Moonbay walk in. Actually she stumbled and tried to keep up with Karl as he led her down the aisle. She looked so beautiful in her dress. She shot him a nervous smile when her gaze caught his. He returned it. He was just as scared as he was.

" How do you feel Raven?" Van whispered.

" Gorgeous." He whispered; not really conscious of Van's question.

" Huh?" Van said confused.

" He's too far gone Van. He'll be lucky if he can say 'I do'." Irvine said.

" If I ever act like that, feel free to slap me." He said.

" Can I get that in writing?" He asked smirking.

" Wise guy." Van said narrowing his eyes at him.

" Shut it twin simpletons. She's coming." Raven snapped.


Moonbay was indeed reaching the end of the aisle. She was depending on Karl to keep her from falling over. She was too scared to completely walk straight. Her sister, Aphrodite, shot her a confident smile; and Karl a flirtatious wink. He tried to hide his embarrassment and pulled his hat over his face some more.

" I think she likes you Colonel." Moonbay teased.

" Is she always like that?" He asked; his cheeks slightly glowing.

" No. Some times she's flirty." She said.

" Oh boy." He sighed.


Raven released a breath of air he didn't know he was holding. He couldn't believe all this was happening to him. I mean, he was Raven the Dark One. He wasn't supposed to get married; he should have been in a jail cell or dead somewhere. But here he was, getting married and to his beautiful transporter. And her vow was almost making him cry.

" I, Moonbay, choose you, Raven, as my soulmate and companion. Through the good and the bad, I want you to always know that I will be by your side. In sickness, I will nurse you back to health. In health, I will encourage you on your path. In sadness, I will help you remember. In happiness, I will be there to make memories with you. In poverty, I will do all that I can to make our love rich. And in wealth, I will never let our love grow poor. This is my promise to you."


Moonbay meant every word of what she said to him. She didn't know where it all came from, but she meant it. Everything just flowed from her lips as she expressed what a few of her friends could understand. Now it was his turn.

" I, Raven, choose you, Moonbay, as my best friend for life. Together our love will grow into a bond too strong to break. Though life may not always be as perfect as it is at this moment, I vow to always keep my love as pure as it is today. I promise to be there for you in your laughter and your tears, in your sickness and your health, in your comfort and your fears, in your poverty and your wealth. I know that our love is heaven sent, and I promise to be there for you for all your life, come what may."


After the vows were said, the preacher pronounced them man and wife. Raven did not have to be told twice to kiss the bride. He took her into his arms and captured her lips with his own.

After that, Thomas and Karl ordered the soldiers of the Imperial army to raise their swords. Raven was the newest edition to the Air Force. His codename: Kuroi Tenshi or in English: Black Angel. (OGE: Courtesy of my muse Yotan!!) They ran through the canopy of swords laughing to themselves in pure paradise.


At the reception, Moonbay and Raven split up to talk to everyone. Fiona, Aphrodite and even Viola were talking to Moonbay over what had just happened. They wanted to know exactly how she met Raven and fell in love.

Said Dark One was standing off to the side with Van, Irvine and Thomas. His shakes were gone, and he was not so nervous now. He kept a close eye on Moonbay even though she was only 25ft. away from him.

" Well Raven, how does it feel to be married?" Van asked.

" Feels great." He said smiling.

" Wonder who's next." Thomas asked.

All their eyes went to him.

" What?! Me?" He asked.

" Maybe. Or maybe it's you Van." Raven said.

" None for me thanks." He said sipping the champagne in his glass.

" Excuse me guys, can I borrow him for a minute?" Moonbay asked; taking hold of Raven's arm.

" Have fun." Van said.

" Hey!" Raven cried being dragged away.

" Bye Raven!" They all said waving.


It was time for dancing. Moonbay and Raven were so close together you'd think they were joined at the hips. It was their second dance since Jubilation City and both were enjoying it.

" Are you enjoying your wedding day Dark One?" Moonbay asked; without removing her head from his chest.

" Very much so, Mrs. Dark One." He said.

Moonbay smiled warmly and slightly sighed. When she opened her eyes to look at the other couples dancing, she had to smother a laugh.

" Raven, look." She said.

He looked in the direction she was indicating. Aphrodite had caught Karl and was dancing with him. It seemed the Colonel's cheeks had been stained crimson. The site was quite amusing; Karl being so nervous and Aphrodite being so comfortable against him.

" You transporter's are special people." Raven said.

" Thank you. You're very special too. I love you." She whispered.

" I love you too." He said.


Raven was so happy. He couldn't be any happier. He was married to his transporter. He didn't have to kill anymore. His days as a berserker were done. He was no longer a criminal and he planned to live happily ever after in Guygalos City with Moonbay and his soon-to-be son, Seifer. He had more friends and less enemies than he thought he would ever have. Or so he thought.....

A/N: There you go. And who was that who asked if the sequel could be about Van and Fiona?! Did the story just go *Whoose* over your head?! Anyway, those vows aren't mine, I found them on this site somewhere or another. Oh, and the sequel is in the making. Au revior!