Hi! So, how did you like The Mark of Athena? Incredible, right? And the ending…woah.

Well, here is the House of Hades, book number 4!

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Chapter I


The way Jason saw it, one of the worst things in life were the emotions. Jason felt like cursing the day Pandora was ever born, and opened that ridiculous pithos and unleashed all the troubles we suffered today.

Emotions were weighing Jason down. Some of the emotions were good, like the love that was ever-growing for his girlfriend Piper, or the pride he felt in his friends and accomplishments.

But for the most part, guilt weighed him down. Guilt seemed to be the worst feeling in the world.

Percy Jackson and his girlfriend Annabeth Chase had fallen into the depths of Tartarus, without complaint. And no matter how many times Piper and the others tried to convince him otherwise, he still couldn't help but feel like it was his own fault.

He, Jason Grace, praetor to the First Legion, was supposed to be the leader of the seven demigods of the Prophecy of Seven. But when he lost two of the most powerful of them all, he felt so ashamed in himself. He felt like he had failed.

Nico had insisted, of course, that Percy and Annabeth were alive. So had Nico's sister, Hazel. And they were children of Pluto. If they said that two kids were alive, then it was true.

But still…what kind of life was it if you had to live in the neverending darkness of Tartarus?

Nico was the only other one of their group who had ever been in Tartarus, and he was extremely pale and nearly mad. Jason had seen Nico one other time, briefly, at Camp Half-Blood, and the kid had already been pale and thin and ghostly, but now Nico seemed less scary, if anything.

He just seemed sad.

And that was another thing. Everybody except him seemed to have the worst of it. Leo was the one whose mother had died, in a fire he had accidentally caused. Hazel was the one who could accidentally summon cursed jewels and treasure. Piper was the one whose father had been kidnapped and nearly driven mad. Nico went into Tartarus and practically lived in the Underworld (if that made any sense). Percy and Annabeth had held up the sky and too had fallen into Tartarus. And Frank's life ,dash it all, depended on a burnt up stick!

It seemed that everybody had the worst end of the bargain. Except Jason.

An inside voice told himself that he was the leader, he had to be strong and healthy and a good role model. But another voice told him that he wasn't a true leader, not if he couldn't even take one for the team.

What would his father, the almighty Jupiter think of him?

"Jason." A voice said behind him. Jason spun around.

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