A little girl stood by a small pond. A bridge arched over the water, birds perched in the trees above. A little boy ran up behind the girl. "Hey, I knew you'd come." the boy said. The girl didn't answer. "Something is wrong with this boy." thought the little girl. She looked at the top of the boy's head to discover strange figures, she looked closer. She saw fur, they were cat ears. It was the same with the boy's tail. The little girl shrieked and her foot slipped. She almost fell into the water, but the boy pushed her out of the way. Into the pond the boy fell, the little girl watched, as the little boy never surfaced. Chibi woke up. "What's with that dream?"

Later that day, the bell for the final class rang, Chibi rushed to her seat, seconds before the teacher entered the classroom. Chibi breathed a sigh of relief. She daydreamed while the teacher gave his lecture. When the dismissal bell rang, Chibi gathered her things to leave. Out of the corner of her eye, a strange shadowy figure darted past the window.

"What was that?" Chibi asked.

"What was what, Chibi?" asked Juliette, a childhood friend of Chibi's, otherwise known as Julie.

"Oh nothing just thought I saw something." Chibi looked back and rubbed her eyes. She decided to cast the thought away.

"So what're you doing after school?" Julie asked.

"I'm going to cook dinner and watch anime. What about you?" Chibi replied.

"Mason is coming over this afternoon. I'm so excited!" Julie squealed. Mason was Julie's boyfriend. He was the same age as them and was popular amongst everyone.

Their conversation rambled on as Chibi looked out the passing windows. "What was that thing that I saw?" Chibi thought. As she said goodbye to Julie, she made her way down to the student parking lot. Chibi rode her bike to and from school. Her parents were always busy with work, so Chibi was alone a lot. But she had Julie, and Chibi was satisfied with that. "But it would be nice to have a boyfriend…" Chibi imagined her perfect boyfriend as she made her way home.

A few minutes later, Chibi was within feet of her house, when she quickly spotted a cloaked figure leaning against a lamp post. She turned to rush inside the protection of her home until Chibi noticed blood was running down the stranger's arm.

Chibi put her hand to her mouth, "Oh my goodness." She rushed to the stranger's side. The cloak covered the stranger's face. She shook the stranger's shoulder. "Mister, mister, you must wake up!" There was no response for a few seconds. The stranger stirred, and then struggled to get up. Chibi put the stranger's arm over her shoulders and led him inside her home.

Inside, she sat the unexpected guest down on the living room couch. "Stay here while I get the First Aid kit." With that, Chibi disappeared to the back of the house.

"She doesn't remember me?" whispered the stranger, unable to speak clearly.

The stranger put their hands to their face and sighed. "It's alright. I'll make her remember me, no matter what!" the stranger said, clenching their fist.

Chibi reappeared and knelt beside the stranger. She took gauze and disinfectant spray from the kit. "I'm sorry but you'll need to take off the cloak to for me to put this on you." Chibi said. Suddenly, the stranger stood up immediately. It made them weak but they managed to look fine.

"I cannot do as you say. I'm sorry but please excuse my intrusion." The stranger grabbed the bandages and left the house.

"Wait!" Chibi ran after the stranger, but when she got outside, there was no sign of the strange guest. Chibi was worried, but she didn't know who it was so she put that thought to rest.

Later that evening, Chibi cooked salmon and rice for dinner. After she ate, she ran the bath and afterwards, dried her hair. Chibi now lay in bed, and she dialed Julie's number.

"Hey Chibi, what's up?" Julie answered.

"Nothing, I just wanted to check up with you. How'd it go with Mason?" Chibi asked.

"Great, oh my gosh, that boy is so dreamy." Chibi heard Julie sigh.

For the rest of the night, the two girls rambled on about boys, anime, and girl stuff, the usual. But the whole time Chibi sat in her room, talking on the phone, she felt like she was being watched. Chibi's eyes wandered about, focusing mostly on the window. She got off the bed and went to the window. She couldn't believe what she saw. It was the stranger again, only this time, the stranger had fully collapsed on the ground. Still on the phone, Chibi interrupted her friend's boyfriend fun-facts. "Julie, I need your help. Get to my house, ASAP." Without a response, Chibi hung up the phone. Julie would get here soon; she didn't live that far away. Grabbing a flashlight, she darted outside. Looking around, Chibi proceeded towards the stranger. "It doesn't feel as if he'll do anything, at least, not in this state. " Chibi thought. Just then, Julie ran into the light of the lamp post.

"Gah, you scared me Julie!" Chibi whined.

"Hehe, sorry Chibi. I didn't mean to." Julie rubbed the back of her head. She looked at the unconscious stranger. "Chibi, I'm your loyal best friend to a certain point, but rape is definitely not a line I will cross."

"I don't wanna rape him!" Chibi exclaimed, "I wanna help him." Chibi's face went solemn. Julie smiled.

"Alright, then let's not keep him in the cold like this." Julie said.

Chibi smiled. They put the stranger's arms on their shoulders and carried him inside. They set him on the sofa once again and Chibi went to fetch the First Aid kit, again. Julie pulled back the hood. Her eyes widened.

"I got the First Aid kit Julie." Chibi stopped, "What's wrong?" Julie signaled for her friend to come closer. With the stranger's face revealed, they were in a trance. The guest had a handsome face, but they had features that of a girl. "Is it a girl or a boy?" Chibi asked.

"…I don't know. Let's check!" Julie pulled the stranger's pants to their ankles. Chibi flushed red and hid in the corner. "You big baby, it's a," Julie paused. "It's a girl." Julie smirked and redressed the stranger. Chibi returned to her friend's side, still blushing. "Bandages," Julie said, opening her hand. Chibi handed her the bandages. As they wrapped the wound, the stranger stirred. After the wound was covered, Julie bent over the stranger and poked her face. The stranger slowly opened her eyes. They widened as the settled on the scene in front of her. Julie's breasts were in her face.

"Ah! Get off!" The stranger leaned against the wall like a trapped animal. Her hair was black, with a little tint of purple.

"What's wrong? We were only trying to help you." Julie said, folding her arms over her chest. Chibi peered out from behind her. The stranger stopped at the sight of Chibi.

"What?" asked Chibi.

"It's nothing. Thanks for everything. I'll be going now." The stranger grabbed her cloak and headed for the door. Chibi ran and grabbed her wrist.

"What's your name?"

The strange girl smirked. "The name is Neko, Neko Fushita."

"Will we see you again sometime?" asked Maddie.

"Yes, and very soon too." answered Neko, and with that, Neko vanished into the night.

"That was so weird." Chibi said.

"I agree…well, goodnight Chibi. I'm going home, got to get up early to make my sweetie pie a bento." Julie pranced out the door with a little wave. Chibi giggled and got ready for bed. That night she had the same dream, with the same boy and girl, and the same pond. It was always the same. But she could never remember anything from the age of nine and under. She didn't know why, but it made no difference to her.

The next day, Chibi headed to school as usual, only this time the strange girl, Neko, was all she could think about. Chibi headed to homeroom and sat down at her desk. Julie and Mason were in her homeroom as well. They all chatted until the bell rang. The students rushed to their seats. The teacher walked in with her earrings swinging to and fro. She was smiling extra widely today. "I wonder why that is…new student maybe?" Chibi thought.

She motioned with her hand at the door. The door opened and in walked Neko and another extraordinarily beautiful student. But something struck Chibi. "If Neko is a girl," Chibi whispered to Julie across the row, "Then why is she wearing a boy's uniform?!" Julie shrugged and giggled.

"These are your new classmates. This is Neko Fushita, and this is Momiji Suzumiya. Treat them well class." The teacher bowed and motioned for them to speak. Neko spoke first.

"It's nice to meet you all. I can't wait to get to know you." Neko's friend, arms crossed, face angry, spoke next, "Yeah, what Neko said." Some people in the class giggled. Momiji, on the other hand, wasn't amused. "All of you shut the hell up!" Momiji yelled. No one could've guessed what would've happened next.

"Momiji, calm down, you're becoming a burden." Neko said. Momiji shut her mouth. A hush came over the class. The teacher proceeded as if nothing had happened.

"If you please, Momiji and Neko, you two can sit in the back two seats. I figured you two might want to sit together." The two walked obediently towards their seats and sat down.

After class, Julie and Chibi rushed towards Neko and Momiji, with Mason close behind. "Hey it's you!" exclaimed Julie, pointing at Neko.

"You know them?" asked Momiji, glaring at Neko. "You broke the rules."

Neko cowered, "Hey, c'mon. I got hurt and you weren't there, and these lovely ladies helped me." Neko noticed Chibi was blushing. Neko smirked.

"You little," Momiji grabbed Neko by the collar. Julie, Mason, and Chibi watched in silence as Neko was dragged from the classroom. "OW Momiji, that hurts! See you later!" said Neko as she waved goodbye.

"Hey how do you know those two?" asked Mason.

"We only know Neko, well, vaguely. You see Mason, last night, we found Neko unconscious on the ground. So we patched her up and she left right after." Chibi explained. Mason nodded. They looked out the window to see Momiji and Neko fighting like brothers.

"They sure are rough, you sure they're girls?" asked Mason.

"We're sure!" said both Chibi and Julie. They looked at each other and laughed. Mason was so confused at this point.