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Aleksandra Kozlovskaya jumped down from the building and into the deserted alley. With a quick look around to make sure no one saw her, she walked out of the alleyway to continue her search for the Innocence.

"Something near that area has been causing massive weather changes….it's most likely Innocence." Komui Lee's voice rang through her head.

By 'that area', he meant a small town in Germany, Leipzig. Aleksandra sighed and looked up at the sky. Scoffing, she looked away and thought, 'Why would you send a Russian to Germany?'

An explosion to her left snapped her out of her thoughts. Sprinting to the site, she saw a Level 1 Akuma. Sliding her ring off her right thumb, she yelled, "Innocence, Activate!"

With a flash of green, her ring glowed and a pole formed from the ring. A black scythe appeared and Aleksandra jumped up and easily cut the Akuma in half. With an explosion from behind her, Aleksandra landed on the sidewalk.

As she turned around, she deactivated her Innocence and saw a green light emitting from the shop the Akuma had shot at. Tossing aside the destroyed door, Aleksandra saw the Innocence. Aleksandra plucked it up and placed it in the bag hung on her shoulder.

Looking up at the sky as she walked away from the rubble, she sighed and allowed a rare smile to grace her beautiful face.

"Mission accomplished."

~14 hours later, at Headquarters, England~

Exhausted. That was how Aleksandra Kozlovskaya felt. Her long black hair felt greasy and she was sure she had bags under her brown eyes. Her Exorcist coat hung from her forearm and her crisp white shirt was disheveled.

The first thing she was greeted with was the Science Department huddled together in a room, watching a hologram. Raising an eyebrow, Aleksandra cleared her throat. Komui Lee jumped and whirled around. Seeing Aleksandra, he relaxed and flew to her.

"Oh, my~! Welcome back, Alek~! Did you find the Innocence?"

"Yeah." she said as she reached into her bag. After giving the Innocence to an ecstatic Komui, Alek walked to stand next to Lenalee Lee.

Lenalee turned to her and smile sweetly. "Welcome back, Alek! How was the mission?"

Alek grunted and crossed her arms as she watched the screen in front of her. "Good. What's going on?"

Lenalee sighed and shook her head. "I don't know. This guy walked up and the Gatekeeper screamed he was an Akuma. Kanda's out there, as you can see, handling the situation."

Aleksandra sighed and face palmed. Turning, she said, "I'm going to sleep."

With a wave, Lenalee replied, "Night~!"

Alek walked down the halls and paused. She was curious to see how things played out between Kanda and the Akuma. Sighing in defeat, Aleksandra turned and walked to a window. Jumping out and landing on her feet, she bit back a chuckle at what she saw. The Akuma was still in its human form and had a metal hand, with what looked like Innocence coming off his shoulder.

'Poor, confused Kanda.'

Frowning, Kanda put the side of his sword on his right hand. "What's with that arm?"

The Akuma raised the arm in front of him and said, "It's an anti-demon weapon. I'm an Exorcist."

Kanda's eyes widened and he said, "What?"

His eyes looked behind him and Kanda yelled, "Gatekeeper!"

The Gatekeeper screamed and tried to explain, "But, you see, I really did see the pentacle! Of course he's an Akuma!"

The Akuma ran up to the Gatekeeper and hit it with its fists. "I'm a human! I might be a little cursed, but I'm still human!"

The Gatekeeper screamed and wailed, "Aaaah, don't touch me!"

Kanda's sword glowed yellow and he said, "Vey well, then." Getting into his fighting stance, Kanda glared at the Akuma and continued, "I'll believe it when I see your guts!"

Having seen enough to know the Akuma was actually a human, Alek stepped out of the shadows and said, "Kanda, the kid is telling the truth."

Kanda ignored her and said, "This illusion will slice you in two."

The boy stuck out his, now normal but maroon, hand and said, "Wait! No, wait! Listen to that girl! I'm really not your enemy! There should be a letter of recommendation from General Cross!"

Kanda's eyes widened and the tip of Mugen barely stopped from impaling the boy's forehead. The yellow vanished from the sword and Kanda and Alek asked in unison, "A letter of recommendation from the General?"

"Yes…it must have been delivered here."

They all waited for Komui to find the letter. Kanda still held Mugen to the boy's head and Aleksandra had moved to stand next to the 'Akuma'.

"Kanda! Stop your attack! Stop it, dammit!" came Reever's voice from the golem.

"O-opening!" the Gatekeeper stuttered, the doors on each side of him pulling up slowly.

"Permission to enter is granted, Mr. Allen Walker."

Kanda and Alek looked at the golem and asked, "Komui? What's the meaning of this?"

They both glared at each other and waited for an answer. "Sorry, I spoke a little too soon. He was General Cross' apprentice. The fact that Timcanpy is with him is proof enough for me."

Komui paused and then said, "He's our friend."

Allen nodded his head and stuttered, "T-t-t-t-that's right!"

Kanda stared at him until a clipboard hit his head. Lenalee scowled at Kanda and said, "Really…we told you to stop! Even Alek did! Get in quick or the gate will shut."

Kanda glared at Lenalee and put his hand to the part of his head where Lenalee hit him. When no one moved, Lenalee pointed to the gate and repeated, "Get in."

After they were all in, the gate slammed shut behind them. As they walked in, Lenalee looked at Allen.

"I'm Lenalee, the Supervisor's assistant, nice to meet you."

When Kanda turned to separate from them, Allen called out, "Kanda!"

Kanda stopped and Alek muttered under her breath, "This is gonna be good."

When Kanda's head turned to look at him, Allen started sweating. "That was your name, right?" Allen put his suitcase down and held out his right hand. "Nice to meet you."

Kanda glared at him and replied, "I will not shake hands with a cursed one." And then he turned and walked away.

Allen's hand twitched and Alek suppressed a laugh. Lenalee smiled and said, "Sorry about him. He just came back from a mission, so he's a little on edge."

Alek looked at Lenalee and said, "So did I, but I'm not being a jerk."

Lenalee playfully hit Alek on the head and scolded, "Don't say that in front of him!"

Allen looked at Alek and held out his hand. "I'm Allen Walker. Thank you for trying to save me."

Alek's mouth twitched upwards and she grasped his hand with her own. "Don't mention it. I'm Aleksandra Kozlovskaya, but I know 'Aleksandra' is a mouth full, so just call me Alek."

Allen smiled and, as they shook hands, replied, "Of course!"

Aleksandra allowed a small smile to show and apologetically said, "It was nice meeting you, Allen. If you can't find Lenalee and you need something, don't hesitate to ask me. My room number is 134. Knock on it when you need help with anything and I'll try my best to help." She winked and turned on heel.

As she walked to her door, she allowed her steps to slow down some. Running a hand through her long black hair, she stopped and opened her door. Her room consisted of a bed, dresser, shower and bookcase. No pictures or anything that showed she had a life before coming here.

Alek walked up her mirror and looked at her reflection. Staring back at her was a 17 year old teenage girl who had black hair that stopped at the back of her knees. She had gold eyes that never lost that glint of suspicion and was slightly pale. Her body was all curves and her figure even outmatched Lenalee's.

She was 5'7 and weighed 120 lbs. Her hair looked and felt greasy and, judging by her eyes, she needed sleep. Going to her bathroom, Alek turned on the shower and stripped. Stepping into the growing warm water, Aleksandra sighed in happiness. She picked up a bottle of shampoo, squeezed it on her hand and ran it through her hair.

After she finished her shower, Alek slipped into her pj's that consisted of a black tank top and white short shorts.

Closing her eyes, Aleksandra's last thought before she slipped into unconsciousness, was, 'I better not have another mission tomorrow….'

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