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Hinata, the Shinigami.

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You beilieve in myths know those stories that your friends tell you, just to scare you out of your pants. Well have youheard the story of Shinigami shoujo?, you know when you log into your computer and go to , and it says when you type the name of the person you hate most, Shinigami girl comes to your bedroom and takes that person away.

Well this is my story...and how meeting Shinigami soujo changed my entire life. My name you ask, it's Naruto Uzumaki.


I stared at the small box in my computer, that had titled 'Enter the name of your most hated person...' I'm not even sure why i'm doing friends taught me into the idea saying that it's true and all. Well before i jump into any more carziness, let me introduce myself...My name's Naruto Uzumaki, and i'm seventeen years old. I attend Konoha high school.

I live with my parents, my mom is the most beautifulliest woman i have ever seen, she's the vice president of her company. My dad is super cool!, he has blonde hair like me, blue eyes also like me...and he 's involved with the police force. As for me i'm not quite sure what i want to be yet...all i know is i want to be well-known throughout the hole village.

Now back to what i was complaining earlier...the guys in school have been talking about Shinigami shoujo and how she's real, I on the other hand don't believe in all that myth stuff, It's just somthing they use to scare wimpy guys out of their pants.

So now he i am, starring at the box, waiting for me to type in my response. To be honest there isn't really a person that i hate, I mean i do know people that i consider weird, or creepy but not to the extent that i could hate them. After getting tired of waiting i decided to turn off my computer and go to bed.

"Well so much for that..." i say to myself, after that everything went black.






I was in a very peacefull dream, until i heard the sound of my alarm clock go sometimes i wonder why i even brought that clock, either way i opened my eyes and sat up and streached my arms apart. I then got up and walked over towards my window and opened it. I looked out towards the village.

I grinned happily as i took my head out. "Good Morning Konoha leaf!" i yelled joyfully.

After that I ran towards the bathroom and got ready...After a while I ran downstairs and made my way towards the kitchen, once I arrived i saw my dad in the table reading the paper and my mom fixing breakfest; my mom turned towards me and smiled. "Hello Naruto, have a seat."

"Good morning mom, dad." I said as sat down on the table. Mom walked over and put the plates on the table...honestly i prefear ramen...but mom is very strict on what i eat, she allows me to eat ramen for lunch, and sometimes dinner depending on her mood.

"Now everyone let's eat..." Mom says. We three clapp our hands and we say "Itakimasu!" we then start to eat...we chat while we eat...i really love talking with my parents like this. I know that i will want to have a big family one day...i'm an only child so i get lonely sometimes.

"So Naruto, ready for school?" My dad asks.

"You bet, dattebayo!" I say while i grinn, my dad also grinns back at me.

I then bid farewell to my parents as i leave the house and start heading towards my school. As i walk i hear someof the students talk about Shinigami shoujo...really how pathetic can they get.

"So...did you see her?" said a voice that i know well. I turned next to me to see Kiba, he is a friend of mine, i knew him since i was small. He has tanned-like skin and brown hair, don't even ask me about the red marks along the side of his's kinda like me and my whiskers only...girls find mines more cuter then Kiba's.

" wouldn't work anyway." I tell him, Kiba sighed as i saw him put a hand against his forehead. "Man...Naruto, what's it gonna take for you to beileve it..." I chuckled. "Sorry i just don't believe in myths."

"Well whatever you say..." Kiba said. I knew that he wasn't going to give up so easily...that's Kiba for you always perrsistent.

As we walked to our class we were stopped when we jeard both our names being called. "Naruto-kun!, Kiba-kun!" we both turned to see our friends Sakura and Sasuke , along with Ino and Sai. Sauske or Teme as i call him, his considered to be my best friend, he's almost like a brother. He has dark blue hair, black eyes, and very pale skin. He may be serious and sometimes a jerk, but he's a good guy. Now Sakura, she is very pretty...she has emrald eyes, and pink hair. I used to have a major crush on her...but not so anymore since I knew she had a crush on Teme.

Now Ino is really pretty...if she wasn't dating Sai i would date her, she has blue eyes and blonde hair. While Sai is an ok guy...he has black hair and black eyes. His only problem is that he can say some of the strangest things...

"Hey Saku-chan!, Teme!" I greet them back. "So dope did you do it?" Teme says i already knew what he was talking well as Saku-chan and the others. I sighed...i was getting ticked off at all of this hole Shinigami Shoujo crap...

"No...i didn't, it's fake...besides there isn't anyone that i hate..." I tell tem, as we started to head towards our class.

"What do you mean you don't hate anyone?" Ino tells me.

"Yea, i mean there has to be someone you can't stand..." Saku-chan adds. I nodd.

"No there isn't anyone.." I tell them hoping they would drop the subject already...and for once they did.

We sit in tables in our class, I sit with Kiba, Teme, Saku-chan, and Ino. We have other friends that sit in the table next to us...

"I just want this day to be over with..." Ino admits. Ino and Saku-chan don't really like school that much...i like school, why because you meet all sorts of different people. "I agree...i just want to get home and watch my show operas..." Saku-chan adds.

"C'mon...there must be something you like about school." Said a female voice we turn to see Tenten, along with our other friends. Lee, Neji, Shino, and Shikamaru. Now Tenten...she has brown hair which she always keeps in bun...i won't lie when i say she's pretty as well. But i can tell that she has a small crush on Neji, now Neji has black hair and white weird is that? how can he even see correctly... anyway he's very serious, but he's alright.

Next is Lee, he's very hyper, and always can he be soo loud in the mornings. Not only that he looks alot like our Gym teacher Guy-sensei...i sometimes wonder if their father and son. But we care for him. Shino...he's a mystery, he's always wearing sunglassess and is very smart. The only time he talks is when someone is asking him a question, other then that he's alright. He and Kiba seem to get along really well. After that is Kiba i knew him and Teme in elementary...he can be lazy and complain but when it comes down to it, he can be really smart...i mean extreamly smart.

"Shikamaru...where's Choji?" Kiba asks. Now Choji and Shikamaru go way back, supposingly their fathers along with Ino's father were best friends when they were ironic is that?

"He didn't feel to well, so he stayed home..." Shikamaru says. Tenten laughed."Well of course only a wierdo will eat 5 hambugers and 3 chiken sandwiches all together. Saku-chan and Ino then looked at the door.

"Speaking of weirdos..." Ino said. I turn and saw her...she is Neji's cousin her name is us Neji also thinks she's weird. For starters she's always carrying that black book with her, next she wears a long black coat to cover her uniform...not only that her bangs are so long that it covers her eyes.

"Neji why is she soo weird?" Ino asks him, Neji shrugs. "That's why her father brought her to live with me...I'm not really sure." I look at him this time. "What do you mean? doesn't she live with you?" Neji sighs.

"She does...she's just always in her room, if you see her room, you wouldn't even want to go in there" He adds. "Do you think she could possibly be emo?" Tenten asks to us.

"I'm not sure i mean it could be possible..." Saku-chan adds.

"Or maybe she's into that voodoo stuff..."Ino now adds. I admit she's weird and all but sometimes i wish the kids in the class wouldn't bully her. Like now she sits in a table all by herself, me and the guys notice the other kids in the table next to her snicker as they look at her. I can't help but feel bad for her.

"Hey, why don't we invite her to sit with us..." I say to them. Everyone looked at me as if i had gone crazy. "Naruto have you lost your mind?" Saku-chan argues.

"Yea i mean look at her, you can smell death all over..." Ino complains.

"Listen...maybe she's nice, it could be that's different." I try to reassure them, however it doesn't seem to be working.

"Naruto, we understand you trying to be nice." Neji says.

"But she's a just a weirdo!" Kiba yells. I stood up and with my both hands on the table i said. "Don't you guys think i know that Hinata's a weirdo!" i said that soo loud that everyone stopped and looked at me. Crap...i messed up big time.

I took a glance at Hinata...only to see that she had closed her book and lowered her head even more. Now i really felt bad..."Smooth...Naruto." Kiba joked i glared at him as i sat back down.

After that Kakashi-sensei walked in and we started our class...i couldn't help but take a small glance at Hinata once in a while...i suddenly felt really bad, i wanted to at least get to know her but there goes that chance.

"Some day this will turn out to be..." i whisper to myself.

School goes by as usuall, and as usuall the guys pursuade me into typing a name in the takemedeath website...I then decided that i might as well...just to prove them worng.

Now my issue is...who should i put.


Once i arrive home, i call my parents...since it's a Thursday, they must be getting ready to go on their date. They do that every's really special and nice, to spent time with someone you care about.

Since I'm all alone i take off my school uniform, head towards the shower, shower, and come out, dry my hair, put my night clothes on, and head downstairs.

I make myself some ramen...if i didn't mention this before I LOVE RAMEN!...all sorts of ramen, but my favorite is Miso ramen. Anyway i take it upstairs to my room...i sit it next to my computer. I then honerly clapp my hands and then dig i slurp on my one and only ramen. I go ahead and turn on my computer which takes me to the website. I enter the 'Go in' button and once again i find myself staring at the small box.

Ok i have to pick someone...hmmm, how about Hinata. I mean after hearing what i said i bet she hates my guts by now. I quickly shook my head. "No way...she may hate my guts but i certainly don't hate her." I reassure myself.

I sit in silence, eating my ramen for about...i don't know 30 minutes or so. Not only that i was getting sick of staring at that same page...

"URGGG WHY IS THIS SOO HARD!?" I yell to myself, until my arm suddenly hit my cup of ramen...and it fell to the floor. I panic as i see the water of the ramen start to run under my bed. "Oh no, oh no, mom's gonna kill me..." I say as i hurry to the kitchen and grab the mop, but what's wierd is when i entered my room, the ramen was gone.

"What the?" i dropped the mop and look at floor closely to make sure i'm not blind or anything. And the ramen was gone, that's when i look up and see it ontop of the table where i first left it. I cautiosly take the mop, along with my cup of ramen and head downstairs.

After washing my chopsticks and throwing away the cup, i start to look around the house to make sure no intruder was in here..."Hello?" i say. no answer.

"Anyone there?" i say again.

I finally decided that it must have been my imagination, so i head back into my room. But once i arrive i see my computer screen blinking...what's going on now! Not only that but the lights in my room are blinking as well..."The news didn't say anyting about a storm comming along..." I say as i look out of my window, and it appears as if only my house is the one having these technical problems..

"Naruto..." said a voice, i quickly look around to see no one there.

"That's weird i could've sworn that i hear someone...-" I was inturrpted once i heard the voice again.

"Naruto..." That voice sounded like a girl, it was soft, and very gentle.

"Who's there!?" I say now ready to fight. Until everything went black and the computer screen turn with and started to flash on and off.

"" I felt my body suddenly go tense...i slowly turn around, and big red eyes are looking into mine.

"AHH!" I yell as i fall back, now i was creeped out. I could grasp out that this person was a girl and she...looks..very familiar...

"W-Who are you?" I say calmly...The girl stood there until the computer light stayed white. My eyes widened when i finally got a good glance at her.
"Y-Your Hinata!" I say.

The hair, the black coat, and the book...that explained it, it was Hinata. Why is she here? I stood up. "What the hell are you doing in my house, you freak!" I say angrily...i do admit that was uncalled for, but come on she nearly scared me to death.

I suddenly found myself starring at the pint of a eyes went wide, this blade was a sycthe...Why does she have a sycthe? Unless she', she can't be...

"Hinata...don't tell me that your..." I start to say, afraid if a say anything else she's slice my head off.

"Naruto...Uzumaki your wanted dead." She tells me. Dead? who would want to kill me? I never done anything wrong.

"M-Me? why! how come!" I ask her.

"I don't not know the answer to that, all i know is that someone wants you dead...and i'm here to fullfil that persons request." So it is true Hinata really is Shinigami shoujo...not only that but then the myth is really true?

"No...please don't take me...i beg you. I-I'm sorry if i hurt your feelings today! I didn't mean it please don't kill me!" I pleaded her, with tears in my eyes as well. I stare into her red eyes...after a few seconds she pulls her sycthe away from my neck and sighs.

"Alright...Naruto, i shall spare your life." she tells me, i was soo full of joy that I got up and held her in my arms. "Arigato...Arigato, arigato Hinata." I thanked her. Her body stiffened at my sudden action.

"" She says softly. I then realized that she was correct and quickly let go.

"Hehehe sorry about that." I tell her. she nodded her head. Her sycthe then faded away and her book closed. she looked at me and for once i saw her true eyes...they were nothing like Neji' was lavender and sparkly.

"I decided to spare your life...because your the first person to ever apologize for hurting me." And then she smiled, i felt my face warm up she had a very beautiful smile. "Thank you...Naruto."

I gave her my grinn. "No problem. Hinata."

"Well...good bye." she tells me and right in front of me she fades away. i stand there confused at what just hppened. "I guess i better head to bed."

Thanks for reading, see you in ch.2