This poem was originally written when I was joking with a friend. After I had written it, and presented it to my friend, I thought that it would fit perfectly into a fan fiction pairing. DracoxHermione. It can be taken as either person speaking, but i prefer to think that it is Draco's point of view. Please review, and I would love it if you happened to enjoy reading it.

Unrequited Love

It doth freeze my heart
The cold indifference harbored in thy eyes of my love
My soul reaches for its twin
Though the gap be too wide to breach
My soul doth not know it
Even as my soul aches
My heart breaks for the love that is unrequited by the twin of my soul
My heart has broken
The shards never to be whole once again
I cry for the love not understood nor returned
I am sorry my love, I cannot survive without you
Nor survive with you any longer
Fare thee well my love