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Bella has noticed that Edward has been distant since they have returned from Volterra. What happens when Edward tries to tell her that he is leaving again? Will Bella be able to pull through it again or will she take matters into her own hands?


Bella looked out the window and sighed. It had been two days since they had come back from Volterra and Edward had been different. As soon as they got back he brought her home and then left. She wondered if he had been mad at her but then realized that something was upsetting him. Lying on her bed she wondered if she had done something that upset him. Just the thought of losing him again would kill her.

When she heard a tap on her window she smiled when she saw Edward. Bella rushed to the window and opened it. It had been windy so she had closed it. She stepped back and let him enter as soon as she opened the window. Bella could tell that something was bothering him because of the fact that his back was still to her.

Frowning Bella stepped towards Edward with her arm stretched out. "Edward?" She called to him yet he still did not turn around.

However when he did she was frozen in place. The look in his eyes was the exact same as the one when he left her the first time. She shook her head and took a step back.

"No no no no no." She repeated as she held her hands over her breaking heart. "No you... you just cant leave me again." She cried.

Edward sighed as he took a step forward. "It's for your own good." His eyes were cold as stone. "I am no good for you Bella. You are in danger when you are around me and my family."

Tears were falling down her eyes unchecked. "H-how can you say that?" She yelled anger over riding her common sense. "I went to Italy to save you and tell you that its ok only for you to tell me that you do love me THEN you bring me back to leave me again!"

"Bella I'm so..."


With that she rushed pass Edward and ran out the door with her keys to her truck in her hand. Even though her vision was blurry she would not stay in the house with the man she loved and wanted to give her soul to only to be turned away once again. Bella didn't want to hear what his excuse was this time because she knew it was a lie.

As she peeled out of the drive way she saw Edward running out of the house and stare at her as she sped down the slick road towards the reservation. Bella knew that Jacob would be her rock. She knew that she would have the wolves behind her.


Edward went back to the house to see a very upset family waiting for him. He didn't say anything as he went to his room. He turned on his music and let the words blare in his ear. Down stairs he could hear them talking but he blocked them out because he didn't want to hear any of them.

He had closed his eyes when he saw the vision that Alice just received. His eyes snapped opened and he ran down the stairs into the living room. Alice had just came out of her vision and was dry sobbing. Jasper was in front of Alice trying to get her to calm down.

"Alice what did you see?" Jasper asked shaking her gently.

Alice brought her glassy eyes to the family. "We need to get to Bella." She looked at Jasper. "When she left the house she headed to the reservation but I don't think she will make it."

Emmett was the first on his feet. "Well then lets go!" He ran out the door with Rose right behind him.

Carlisle looked at Edward and shook his head. "I will deal with you later." With that Esme and Carlisle were gone.

"I just hope that we make it to her before she drives over the cliff." Alice whispered as she ran out the door with Jasper on her heels.

Edward stood there staring at the room where his family had just been sitting. They were all upset with him for wanting to leave Bella again but he was certain that it was the only way to keep her safe.


Bella didn't see Laurent standing in the middle of the road because of her vision being blurry from crying. As her truck flipped she felt the front windshield shatter from the impact. Her truck finally stopped spinning as it landed on its top. Bella could feel her bones broken along with blood seeping from wounds on her arms.

Suddenly she fell from her seat when someone cut the seat belt. She whimpered as she was drug out of the wrecked truck. When she was able to open her eyes she saw red eyes of Laurent. She trembled in fear of him killing her but then she realized that her body was slowly getting weaker.

"Isabella?" Laurent called to her as he picked her up. "Can you hear me?" His eyes were trained on hers.

Bella tried to speak but she was unable so she nodded her head. Laurent smiled. "That is good." He looked around for a moment then turned his eyes back to her. "You know that you are dying."

Bella's eyes widen in shock. "N... N-No." She pushed out.

"I have heard from your talk with Edward that you wish for this life." Laurent kept his eyes locked on hers. "Is this true?"

Bella didn't know what was going on but if she could live even if she died, she would take it. Nodding her head she let her determination fill her mind. Laurent grinned down at Bella.

"Then I shall give you what you desire." He tilted his head to the side. "However during your burning we will be taking a trip. You will need to be trained once you awaken. Is this alright?"

Bella could feel the darkness coming for her so she quickly nodded. "Qu-Quick... quickly." She told him. She knew that he would know she was dying but she wanted to live even if it meant being a vampire.

Laurent smiled and nodded. "It shall hurt my child but that is only part of it. Keep every memory you wish to keep inside you mind during the change. It will keep your mind off the pain of burning."

Bella nodded once more as she let her eyes drift shut. Laurent wasted no time bending his head and biting her on her neck then wrist and ankles then finally over her heart. He needed to get more venom in her system that normal if he wished to change her. Bella had lost to much blood. When he knew that he had enough venom in her system Laurent stood and headed towards the east. He would run all the way to Italy if he could but he knew that the only way would fly over the water.

Smiling he hurried. He did not wish to leave Irina but he would not let Victoria get to this unique woman. He knew that the mind reader, Edward, could not read her mind. Glancing down at Bella, Laurent was rather surprised that Bella was quiet as she burned. Most transforming humans screamed til the pain knocked them out or they screamed themselves horse. Pushing himself harder Laurent knew that he needed to get to Volterra before the others found out what happened.


Alice was the first to the scene beside Emmett. She fell to her knees as she looked at the truck that Bella had been driving. Alice jumped when she felt hands on her shoulders but as she turned her head she saw that it was Esme. Turning into Esme's shoulder Alice dry sobbed for the sister that had been taken.

Carlisle and Jasper along with Rose walked around the truck until the noticed that there was blood, lots and lots of blood. "Can you smell anything?" Carlisle asked as he turned to the others.

Emmett nodded. "Yes it seems that one of the three nomads were here." He looked at Jasper. "It cant be James we killed him in the ballet studio."

Jasper walked up by Emmett and took a sniff of the air around the large pool of blood. "It's Laurent." He looked at Carlisle. "You need to call the Denali's."

"Then lets head back to the house. I hear sirens coming this way and I also smell the wolves coming. We don't need to be caught here." Carlisle took off towards the house.

The others followed behind him. Alice and Esme were the last to leave. Alice felt the pain of Edward trying to leave Bella again. She had felt it during the vision. Shaking her head she grabbed Esme's hand and took off towards home. Alice prayed that Laurent helped Bella instead of killed her.


Jasper followed closely to Emmett and Carlisle. Rose was running by her mate as the headed to the house. Jasper didn't say anything but he could feel the residue of Bella's feelings that were saturated in the blood and air. Hurt, abandonment, anger, fear, worry and finally acceptance. He did not understand why Bella would be accepting anything unless Laurent planned to kill her.

As soon as they arrived to the house he told Carlisle that he needed to hunt to try and figure out what was going on. Frowning he came to the one spot that was quiet and peaceful. As Jasper sat there he remembered the first time he had scented Bella's blood. He did not lunge at Bella but at Edward for hurting Bella. Jasper knew at that moment that Bella was his mate and not Edwards.

He had kept his thoughts hidden in with the memories of the newborn wars that he had fought in. Edward hated the memories in his head and tried desperately to stay out of it. Of course it helped when he thought about Bella and wondered what she would think if she found out that Edward only wished to drain her. Thus the reason he kept leaving. Yet this time he was the only one leaving Bella. The family had decided that they would stay.

Jasper jumped and turned when he heard a twig snap behind him. He smiled when he saw his wife and best friend. He went to her and wrapped her in his arms. He knew that his time with Alice was coming to an end but he still felt sad that he would have to leave. When he pulled back Alice gave him the brightest smile she could give him.

"It's time Jasper." She told him as she cupped his cheek with her right hand. "We need to tell the family that we were never true mates." There was sadness in her voice.

"I know Darlin'." Jasper kissed her head. "I also know that you pulled me out of the darkness and brought me back into the light. You are my best friend Ali." He pulled back and smiled.

Alice nodded. "Just because I know it's time doesn't make it any easier." She pouted with her arms crossed.

Jasper chuckled. "You will find your love don't worry." He gave her a quick kiss. "Come on lets go tell the family."

"Alright Jazzy." She placed her hand in his as the ran back to the house.

They had found each other because they were both lost. Jasper was thankful for Alice because of her brightness during his darkest time. Alice cared for Jasper because he had been her rock when things were hard with her visions. Now that their paths separating they were sad to see it end.


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