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"Do you find something funny Darlin?" Jasper asked walking towards her.

"As a matter of fact I do." Izzy purred as he got closer. "I think its funny that my mate, the Major, just thinks I will lay down and let him have me with out any problems." She smirked when she saw the fire in his eyes spark to life.

Jasper growled as he launched at her. He was rather surprised when she was gone when he landed. Snarling he turned to see her on the other side leaning back on her hands on the ground. Her legs were stretched out in front of her. He could tell that she was watching him so he started to walk slowly towards her. He would use a tactic that he used when he was training newborns. As soon as he got about 6 ft from her he jumped but yet again he missed. He was about to turn when he found himself frozen to the spot with two thin arms wrapped around his arms and chest.

"What's the matter Major?" Izzy purred into his ear. "You cant even get a hold of your mate." She taunted then she was gone.


Izzy and Jasper were heading back to the house when they heard fighting as soon as they were near. It was Dyne and someone else. Izzy looked at Jasper then took off. No one hurt her brother without her near by to interfere. Dyne wouldn't hold back and neither would Life. Just because his name meant life didn't mean he always let his enemies live when they pissed him off. She had to push herself harder when she felt the air cool around her. Jasper was at her side as she ran as fast as she could back to the house.

When they came into the clearing around the house she could see Dyne standing between Alice and Carlisle. Izzy could tell that Life was out because of the thin layer of ice that was covering his hands that were clenched to his side. Alice didn't want to touch him but couldn't move. Izzy looked over at Jasper and cut her eyes to Alice. Jasper nodded knowing what she wanted. As he made his way to Alice's side Izzy ran to Dyne's. Her eyes gave the others a warning to back away slowly. The flames that Death had in her eyes were there because she was now in the forefront of her mind.

Death looked at Life who now had icy blue flames in his eyes. Life was alive and well. Death moved around in front of him and placed her hands on his shoulders. She locked eyes with his as she brought her flames forward. She knew that the others would back away. She could see in her side vision that Jane and Alec were backing everyone away from the two of them. Jasper and Alice were standing the closest because of the need to be close to their mates but the others were far enough away that none of them felt either the heat or cold.

"Life, look at me." Death said in her stern tone. "If you don't stop I will have to stop you. You know that will hurt not only you but me as well." She knew that she was getting into his mind but there was no way that he could rein in his powers now.

"D-Do i-it." Life gritted out through his clenched teeth.

Death looked to Alec and Jane and lowered her head. They both knew that they needed to leave the area. Because they would get a view of the Death twins true power. Death looked at Jasper and smiled sadly.

"Take Alice and get her away from here." She ordered. "I don't know what happened but what ever it was I will deal with it when this is over." Her voice hard as she looked at Alice.

Alice whimpered at the thought of leaving her mate but nodded anyway. Both Jasper and Alice took off towards the others. As soon as they were far enough away Death looked back at Life and nodded.

-o0A Mile Away0o-

Jasper and Alice came to a clearing where everyone was located. As soon as they arrived beside Jane and Alec a loud sound sounded behind them. Everyone whirled around to see a glowing light that was close to the house. Jasper didn't wait and neither did Alice as they ran back towards the house. They knew that something had happened.

Jasper was the first to arrive back at the house and he froze with what he saw. Alice stopped next to him and held her breath as she kept her eyes locked on Izzy and Dyne. The others arrived lead by Jane and Alec. Jane walked up to Jasper and placed a hand on his shoulder. Alec was beside Alice and had a hand on her shoulder. Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Carmen, Kate, Tanya and Eleazar were all shocked at what they were seeing.

In the place of Izzy and Dyne was a pillar of ice with them in the center. Alice tried to move but Alec would not let her go to them. Jasper had his hands clenched at his sides from going to his mate. He could feel their emotions and knew that they were alright. In no more than a second the block of ice was starting to glow. Alec and Jane took Jasper and Alice and pulled them back into the wooded area.

As soon as they were in the woods the air around them became heated. Jasper looked at Alice who had wide eyes. Turning his eyes to Jane and Alec he could see that they were only bored not worried. However when he spotted Eleazar the vampire was shocked, worried and frightened. Jasper smirked knowing that they were afraid of his mate as well as Alice's. In no more than a few minutes Jane and Alec headed back towards the house. The others followed behind them. Jasper and Alice were the third and fourth person to enter the clearing.

Alice ran to Dyne while Jasper headed to Izzy. Dyne was smiling at Alice but Izzy was passed out. Jasper scooped her up and took her in the house. The others were standing there watching Dyne. Jane and Alec were standing back watching the others. Carlisle moved to Dyne along with Emmett.

"Are you alright?" Carlisle asked squatting down to look in Dyne's eyes.

Dyne narrowed his gaze and nodded. "I am fine." He looked around the burnt patch around him. "Where is Izzy?" His eyes grew wide in fear. He tried to stand but was unable.

Jane and Alec moved to his side. "He needs to feed." Jane announced as she looked at Carlisle. "Do you have human blood on hand?"

Carlisle pursed his lips but nodded. "I'll go get them." He took of into the house to where he had the blood stored.

Dyne looked at Alice and took her in his arms. "I am so sorry for going off like that." He mummer-ed.

Alice shook her head. "No it was my fault." She whispered. "I know that you have a strong power and need human blood at least once a week to keep up your strength." She looked up at him. "I should have been behind you." There was venom building in her eyes.

Dyne gave her a sad smile. "How about we compromise." He grinned. "I will become a veg only if I am able to drink human blood once a week." Dyne took her face in his hands. "You are my world and I felt bad making you upset."

Alice nodded as she kissed him. "I'm sorry too." She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his neck.


Jasper and Izzy were sitting in his study while he looked her over. There was nothing wrong with her except that she still hadn't woken up. When his study door opened he jumped and turned hissing at the intruder. As Carlisle entered with a blood bag he dropped his head in a peaceful manner. Jasper eased back on his stance and turned back to Izzy.

"I brought some blood for Izzy." Carlisle told him as he walked slowly over to Jasper and Izzy.

Jasper nodded. "Leave it on the desk." He didn't move his eyes from Izzy. "She still hasn't woken up. Can you ask Alice when she will?"

"In a few minutes Jazz!" Alice yelled into him. Jasper smirked as he shook his head.

Carlisle nodded before he turned and headed down to deliver the blood to Dyne. Their power had taken a lot out of both of them and they would need more blood after they drank their blood bags. Carlisle felt awful because it was his fault for demanding that Dyne stick strictly to animal blood.

Of course he could understand why Dyne and Izzy needed human blood. It was something he never thought of. The more powerful of a gift the more you need to feed. Carlisle frowned wondering if that was why Jasper had so many slips during their time together.

Jasper was glad when Izzy's emotional state became aware. He rushed to get the blood bag then returned to Izzy's side. He had heard what Dyne and Alice had been talking about. If he had taken human blood at least once a month then maybe he could stick to the animal diet better than he had before. When Izzy jumped up and turned to him he could see that her thirst was high on her priorities. Holding out the blood bag Izzy snatched it and sunk her teeth into the plastic bag.

Jasper watched as Izzy closed her eyes and purred as she warm liquid flowed down her throat. When she opened her eyes she trained them on Jasper. She tossed the bag into the garbage then strolled over to him. Wrapping her arms around his neck she pulled him to her and kissed him with all she was worth.

"I love you." She whispered to him as she pulled back licking her lips.

Jasper growled nipping at her bottom lip. "And I love you." He grinned as he pulled her to him and he buried his face into her neck to inhale her scent. "I was worried."

"I'm sorry." Izzy told him. "I should have told you what would happen but there was no time. Dyne was losing control and the only ones who could have stayed we didn't want to. It was to horrific for us to experience but for our mates to see us like that." She trailed off as she tightened her grip on him.

Jasper pulled back and kissed her on the head. "Come on lets go see what the fight was about." He grinned pulling her to the door.

Izzy grinned as she followed behind her mate. She had a feeling what was wrong but if her suspicions were correct. Dyne and Carlisle came to an understanding. Dyne had told her that the only one that would have a problem with drinking human blood would be his mate and Carlisle. Izzy knew they would work it out.

After all they were family...

-o0Epilogue: Three years later0o-

Izzy smiled at Jasper as they walked through the streets of Volterra. They had just arrived back from the US. Izzy and Jasper decided that they would stay with the Cullens for a little while then return home. Even though Aro, Marcus and Caius were rather upset about her staying away from home they understood that her mate wished to stay with their family. Jane and Alec had returned soon after while Dyne and Izzy stayed behind with their mates.

Izzy turned to Jasper and smiled. "Lets head to the castle." She grinned. "Father and the others do not know we are here as of yet."

Jasper nodded and kissed the back of her hand that he was holding. "That is a perfect idea." He pulled her towards the castle with a smile in place. Even he had missed Volterra which in itself is a feat.

It took them no time to arrive at the front gate. No one was on duty which was only normal because guest know not to go through these doors they are for family only. Of course only a vampire could open the door because of its weight. Many have tried yet none have succeeded.

Izzy ran ahead of Jasper as they neared the throne room door. She didn't even wait for someone to open it as she ran into the throne room. Luckily there was no one in there besides Aro, Marcus, Jane, Alec and Caius. Izzy launched herself at the witch twins immediately.

"I missed you guys." She fake dry sobbed against them. "I couldn't cause any trouble around the Cullen family." She pulled back with a evil grin in place.

The three brothers just laughed. "You haven't changed." Caius smirked as he watched her turn around. "Still a newborn even if you are over three years." There was a twinkle in his eyes that showed he missed her.

"Oh really Uncle Caius." Izzy playfully snapped. "We'll just have to see about that."

Caius knew only to well what she was up to so he headed out the doors into the back court yard. Marcus grinned while Aro clapped his hands together and turned to Jasper.

"Would you like to show me?" Aro mused as he held his hands out.

Jasper chuckled and nodded stepping forward and taking a hold of Aro's hand. Aro closed his eyes and read the thoughts that were in Jasper's head. It showed that Dyne and Alice were getting along great along with the rest of the Cullens. Carlisle has let Alice and Jasper go with drinking from donated human blood to keep their powers strong but they still are unable to kill a human.

Sam and the other wolves were reluctant to show any thing for Dyne and Izzy but finally came to an understanding about only drinking from criminals. Peter and Charlotte showed up and stuck around for about a year to just get on Alice's nerves. Finally Alice ripped Peter's hands off and hid them. No one would help him find them neither would Charlotte. He whined enough til Alice finally gave in when he decided to burn all her new clothes.

Life was finally the way it was suppose to be. Everyone got their happy ever after.

Except poor Edward!


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